McHenry Township Independents for Supervisor & Road Commissioner Make Mailings

The Friend of McHenry County Blog who sent me images of the following two mailings thought they were for the same candidate before examining them closely.

They are for Craig Adams, Independent candidate for McHenry Township Supervisor, and Jim Condon, Independent candidate for McHenry Township Road Commissioner.

Craig Adams tells of cutting the township budget without cutting services, by cutting health insurance costs, among other savings.

The back of Craig Adams post card is basically a name identification enhancer.

McHenry Township Road Commissioner candidate James Condon stresses he cut the road district’s levy by 10% after being appointed and is saving big money because he is a Civil Engineer..

The back of James Condon’s post card echoes that of running mate Craig Adams.

These are the two highest paying township offices, I believe.


McHenry Township Independents for Supervisor & Road Commissioner Make Mailings — 5 Comments

  1. Here is evidence of nepotism.

    Condon’s son, and Wagner family (senior manager)…less than a year ago. See page 13

    Here is Adams…very careful to say “is not”…not “has not been.”

    Reminiscent of Bill Clinton “it depends on what “IS”…”IS” …and making disparaging attacks against Aylwards honest statements.

    Absolute deception.

    Please folks…post this stuff far and wide

  2. He worked at the township for a summer before going off to college part time.

    This was before Mr. Condon was ever highway commissioner and was a trustee.

    The township has a nepotism rule against hiring any family for full time positions.

    Is that your whole argument Steve?

    If that is all you have thats super weak.

  3. How about Bob Anderson stealing anti tax revolt signs? There are pictures on his facebook of him doing so.

  4. Don’t worry everyone seen the signs before bob the barber took them.

    It pleasered me to drive through wonder lake this morning and see the home made signs made by someone who gets it!

  5. I suppose one being real qualified over the weaker non Engineer isn’t important to discuss.

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