McHenry’s “Real” Republican’s Palm Card

Besides making mailings, the Republican candidates are distributing the following door-to-door:

“Tax Revolt” is the theme of the Republican candidates for McHenry Township office.

The candidates’ names are on the other side of the McHenry Township Republican palm card.


McHenry’s “Real” Republican’s Palm Card — 11 Comments

  1. This one truly cracks me up.

    Was driving through McHenry yesterday and saw these neon signs.

    I thought how misinformed McHenry residents must be when 99% of elected positions regardless of the independence of Consolidated Elections, are Republicans.

    Since McHenry along with their neighbor Lake have the dubious distinction of the highest property taxes in the nation.

    Thank you REPUBLICANS!

    A TAX REVOLT with Vote Republican is an oxymoron.

  2. You are truly missing the point, DMAC.

    Just because someone says they are something it doesn’t mean much of anything.

    People lie all the time.

    Do your own sleuthing and find out who is reliable; and stop using the dem/rep paradigm.

    It doesn’t hold any water.

    Just because someone stands under a banner, it doesn’t mean anything about their values.

    Hasn’t the last national election taught you anything?

  3. Maybe DMAC57 did not read about how the current so-called Republicans have separated from the Republican Party and are running as independents?

  4. A vote for these guys will drain the swamp of Republicans (in name only).

    Hard to say whether we should give all ‘Republicans a smell test) and.

    It’s only for those who fit with the conservative Republican platform OR start a new party in this State.

  5. What DMAC57 fails to mention is the biggest portion of high property taxes is from school districts.

    How many conservatives are on local school boards that scrutinize costs and present their findings to the public in a transparent easy to understand manner on a regular basis?

    Scott Coffey (Cary Elementary District and Chris Jenner (McHenry County College) are a few local board members whom scrutinize costs and advocate on behalf of the taxpayer.

    Susand Handelsman and Barb Gessert are candidates for tomorrow’s April 4, 2017 Woodstock School Board election.

    But for the most parts school boards are dominated by teacher union promoted candidates.

    Teacher unions are far from conservative.

    Most in leadership positions in the teacher unions constantly promote more spending for public schools.

    The majority of labor in a school district is union.


    Another big cause of high taxes is road construction.

    There are Federal and State prevailing wage laws regarding the price paid to labor for road construction.

    Prevailing wage monitors employed by the the Indiana Illinois Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC), a IUOE Local 150 (labor union) subsidiary, monitors construction projects (road, public buildings, etc.) to ensure prevailing wage is paid to contractors and subcontractors.

    Democrat John Bartman, a friend of Democrat Jack Franks who replaced Jack Franks as the Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative on the November 8, 2016 ballot, is a prevailing wage monitor for IIIFFC.

    IIIFFC uses the title of Construction Analyst to identify their prevailing wage monitors.

    The majority of labor on road construction projects is union (counties and townships don’t construct roads, they maintain them).


    Another big driver of taxes is pensions.

    Pension law is largely the result of union lobbying to hike benefits.

  6. The McHenry Township ballot on the April 4, 2017 features reform Republicans running as Republicans,
    incumbent Republicans (mostly appointed) running as Independents, and Democrats.


    Democrat McHenry resident Jeffery Lichte ran as a Republican on the March 15, 2016 ballot for 63rd District State Representative, opposing Steve Reick.

    Steve Reick previaled.

    Unopposed was the Democrat candidate, Jack Franks.

    Jeffery Lichte is a Jack Franks supporter.

    There is (or was) a picture on Google Maps of a Jack Franks campaign sign on Jeffery Lichte’s lawn.

    Jeffery Lichte was pictured wearing a Jack Franks campaign hat, driving a vehicle supporting Jack Franks, in the July 24, 2016 McHenry Fiesta Days Parade.

    A Jack Franks fundraiser flyer included Jeffery Lichte as a supporter.

    Election records indicated Jeffery Lichte voted Democrat.

    Other than Jeffery Lichte himself, the petition passers to get Jeffery Lichte on the ballot were all from outside McHenry County.

    An Independent Expenditure (IE) committee named “Government for the People” was registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) to support Jeffery Lichte and oppose Steve Reick.

    That committee was created March 8, 2016, only seven days prior to the March 15th election.

    The Illinois Education Association (IEA) teacher union contributed $12,500 to the then home address of the top Michael Madigan political operative (Chicago Tribune gave him that title) named Shaw Decremer….IEA then retracted that address and substituted another alleging a mistake was made).

    The Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) teacher union contributed $5,000 to Government for the People PAC.

    The larges contribution to the Government for the People PAC, $15,000, was from the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (Jack Franks is a trial lawyer).

    The alleged chairman of the Government for the People PAC forgot incorrectly spelled his own name on one line of the form filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE).

    Other than unions and trial lawyers, the major contributors to the Government for the People PAC were healthcare entities (healthcare centers, rehab centers, nursing centers)….what legislation or actions are planned which would benefit them?

    Anyways there is a summary of a political action in McHenry County by Democrats.

  7. Anderson is so smart that he got caught stealing anti tax revolt signs. What a joke that guy is vote independent tomorrow or remember I told you so.

  8. Good one Machone!

    Those signs were put up against Illinois code.

    Shows how low incumbents will go.

    Guess the tax revolters got them and their followers nervous!

  9. The high property taxes are a function of the cost of Public Education and the low amount of state tax dollars sent back to the affluent counties.

    The cost of local Public Education is determined by elected School Boards, chosen in non-partisan elections.

    The low amounts of education dollars that we receive back is a function of the school aid formula sending disproportionate amounts of state money to the Chicago Public Schools, to keep their school taxes much lower than ours.

    Elect school boards in even numbered years and make the school aid formula equal for each child.

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