Rachael Lawrence’s Palm Card — 15 Comments

  1. She’s a Joe Walsh Tea Party activist out to destroy all townships!

    Just Like Bruce Rauner did.

    Rachael Lawrence is Just another Gas Bag Minion who will do whatever Gas Bag wants.

  2. Proposing Township resources for at risk youth and mental health issues?

    Is that the responsibility of Township Government?

    A worthy cause but not for Townships to manage

  3. State statute authorizes townships to establish a Committee on Youth and/or Mental Health. Many townships in Illinois already have successful youth centers, including Aurora and Warren townships.

    If we can explore bringing county resources to the most populous areas of our township for little to no cost, why wouldn’t we?

  4. Township should run everything.

    Nobody farther out can help you when they are that far removed from your neighborhood.

    The Mrs. would be happier if there was huge removed government that doesn’t have anything to do with the people that actually have to live by their governing.

  5. Joe Walsh vets his candidates and so what if they’re Tea Party Candidates.

    Do you even know what that means?

    That would be a fiscally positive thing.

    And she wouldn’t run for a township she was setting out to destroy.

    You’re the one with destructive behavior, Stand4(anything but the)Truth.

    I Like Joe Walsh too! He was a member of Congress who stood up for the Constitution and the people.

  6. Cindy now an expert on what makes me happy, p.s. wrong again!

    Good luck with your idea of a youth center, Rachael

  7. Adding a service eventually will mean more property taxes will be needed to support them.

    Counting on other gov agency to finance isn’t reality.

    Cindy has touched on a direction that makes some sense.

    Prehaps all welfare type programs should be handled by Twhs instead of county, state, and fed.

    Easier to see the cheats when the live so close.

    There would be some savings if county and state rds were maintained by a village or twh as that would lower driving time and labor costs.

    There are few ways to lower costs, Rachael if elected should look into various options but get the numbers and fact together first so a real plan can be considered.

    The last consolation deal was a joke not worth repeating.

    Good luck Rachael, we’ll be watching if you win.

  8. bringing county resources to the most populous areas of our township for little to no cost,”

    What county resources are we talking?

    Presumably tax dollars… I hope that’s not what you meant.

    Using “free county money” to benefit your township wouldn’t exactly be an example of fiscal Conservatism.

    Please tell me that’s not what you meant.

  9. I never used the words “free county money.”

    For example, we have several meeting spaces available in our existing township building for free public rental.

    These spaces could potentially be utilized for classes, support groups, family/parenting education, counseling, etc.

    I have many zero-cost (and potentially even revenue-generating) ideas that could benefit the entire community.

  10. Zero-Cost isn’t a realistic talking point as there is always a tax payer cost if a gov agency is involved.

    Revenue-Generating means competing which private businesses, is that idea?

  11. Like I said Nob, I have many ideas to research, and detailed plans will have to be created before I make any proposals.

    My starting point has been in contacting officials from other townships with successful Committees on Youth, and I plan to explore it further if elected (and probably even if not elected, to be honest).

  12. @Mrs. Really!!!! you didn’t have a problem using funds to support your families crazy antics

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