The Woodstock School District Tax Protest Suit

Taxpayers in the Woodstock School District, including District 200 Board candidate Susan Handelsman.

This suit is aimed at taxes to be collected in 2017.

Because she is one of many plaintiffs in the suit, she states that she will recuse herself from any action the Board takes on it, should she be elected to the Board.

Here are the links to articles, published around Christmas last year:


The Woodstock School District Tax Protest Suit — 3 Comments

  1. To be more accurate, the lawsuit is an action against many different taxing bodies (county, township, municipalities, road district,, conservation district, schools, etc) challenging, in the most part, the illegal accumulation of money with no reasonable expectation that the money is dedicated to a particular expenditure.

    The best example is the $40 million Valley Hi nursing home has ratted away.

    Most other districts have done the same and unless someone files a lawsuit they will continue to accumulate more than they need for their “rainy day” fund.

  2. It’s great that some brave people are willing to join those lawsuits.

    It is taxpayers’ only recourse since discussion does not seem to change the actions of these brazen over taxing board members.

    The D200 lawsuit and the Valley Hi surplus are excellent examples of overtaxing by both Democrats and Republicans.

  3. Taxpayers filing lawsuits against government bodies should never be considered extreme.

    It is considered extreme by the pro government Democrats that seem to have an opinion now that Jack Franks is flexing his campaign cash locally.

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