Ex-Teacher Union Official Loans McHenry High School Board Campaign $5,000

Arne Waltmire leaving the Democrats’ secret caucus at which Ray Flavin was picked to replace Jim Harrison for McHenry County State’s Attorney.

Here’s the report made by McHenry High School District 156 Board candidate Arnie Waltmire:

$5,000 – Waltmire, Arne, Occupation: Teacher, Employer: Community High School District 155.

Previously Waltmire ran unsuccessfully for McHenry County College Board and the McHenry County Board.

Interestingly, Waltmire has not told the State Board of Elections that he is running for the high school board.

I wouldn’t bet against his success this third time out.

Taxpayer candidates do not seem to be mounting a campaign and McHenry High School teachers are motivated as a result of the strike last year.


Ex-Teacher Union Official Loans McHenry High School Board Campaign $5,000 — 6 Comments

  1. We constantly hear that Illinois doesn’t adequately fund education.

    Yet look at these salary hikes for Mr. Waltmire.

    What would be the result of more funding for education?

    Bigger salaries?

    2015 – $121,243 – 28th year teaching in state, plus taught 2 years out of state.

    2014 – $121,206

    2013 – $121,096

    2012 – $120,538

    2011 – $113,873

    2010 – $107,323

    2009 – $100,679

    2008 – $095,603

    2007 – $090,243

    2006 – $086,370

    2005 – $078,519

    2004 – $071,454

    2003 – $067,974

    2002 – $061,301

    2001 – $055,225

    2000 – $052,373


    Mr. Waltmire was a high ranking leader in the Illinois Education Association (IEA) teacher union.

    He is a former Chair of IEA Region 23, and as such was on the IEA Board of Directors.

    IEA Region 23 is one of over 50 IEA regions.

    It consists of 16 locals with 2,000 members in elementary and high school districts and McHenry County College.

    Members of the IEA Board of Directors attend the IEA Representative Assembly, which is held in late March / early April (this year it was March 30 – April 1, 2017 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel at 301 East Water St, Chicago).


    IEA has 135,000 members.

    NEA has 3,200,000 members.

    The NEA Representative Assembly is held annually over the 4th of July holiday.

    It is a massive event with over 8,000 delegates.

    In 2017 it will be held in Boston.

    There is no effective taxpayer association counter to these organizations.


    The current chair of IEA Region 23 is Tammy Mootz in Crystal Lake Elementary District 47.


    IEA is networked at the local, regional, state, and national level.

    There is no taxpayer counter to the IEA political machine.

    There is no taxpayer lobbyist in Springfield to counter the IEA lobbyists.

    The closest the taxpayers have is the “management alliance” of:

    – IASB (Illinois Association of School Boards)

    – IASA (Illinois Association of School Administrators)

    – IASBO (Illinois Association of School Business Officials)

    – IPA (Illinois Principals Association).


    Mr. Waltmire is a seasoned union political operative.

  2. Awesome pic Cal and congrats.

    You have solved the mystery of the origin, of Mad Magazine cover boy Alfred E. Neuman.

    “What, me worry?”

  3. As more and more teachers, firemen, police, school admins, librarians, and public sector union workers retire, we will continue to see a major increase in beneficiaries of public sector pensions running for office.

    Why? If you need to ask, you are the problem.

  4. Waltmire!!! When I hear that name, I go into a conniption fit!

    When you look up ‘Taxoholic’ in the Websters, it’s that same exact photo!

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