NorWest Republicans Endorse MCC Candidates David Schenk & Diane Evertsen

Here is an endorsement from the NorWest Republican Party organization:

The NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee urges you to vote on Tuesday, April 4th.

These local elections directly impact your property tax bill, meaning your decision to vote – and for whom – is of greater financial consequence than any other election.

Please join us in voting for fiscally responsible candidates.

The easy choice in a partisan race is to vote for the Republican candidate.

However, most races you will be voting on April 4th are among independent and/or non-partisan candidates.

Please take a few minutes to research those candidates to ensure fiscal accountability is their top priority.

Diane Evertsen

David Schenk

You can find your precinct’s sample ballot on the McHenry County Clerk’s website.

NorWest has officially endorsed two specific candidates for the McHenry County College board, as this race affects all twelve of the NorWest townships.

DIANE EVERTSEN and DAVID SCHENK will work to improve success rates of students while reducing costs, thus reducing your taxes.

5,000 robo calls were made to folks living in the area from Riley to Burton Township.


NorWest Republicans Endorse MCC Candidates David Schenk & Diane Evertsen — 3 Comments

  1. Good!

    Jenner and Tirio need commonsense backing on that board’s votes.

    With the spending habits and Wishlist of some of the others, you can bet a lot more teachers will lose their jobs
    because the college will be forced to pay for all the goodies instead of keeping the college reasonable and working.

  2. A former teacher economist with a PhD and a Proven fiscally accountable, totally self-funding, former County Board member.

    What a great combination.

  3. Lets get common sense back into McHenry county

    Vote Evertsen/ Schenk for MCC Board

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