McConchie Aims to Make Tax Rate Cutting Easier

Language that State Senator Dan McConchie has introduced will be a good litmus test as to whether Springfield legislators are more concerned about taxpayers than tax eaters.

He proposes in Senate Bill 1075 allowing taxpayers to put a tax cut referendum on the ballot with “only” five percent of the citizens signing a petition, rather than the currently required 10%.

Here is McConchie’s press release on the subject:

Legislation makes it easier for voters to reduce their property tax rate

A bumper sticker produced by GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick.

Springfield, IL… Taxpayers should be able to more easily reduce their property tax burden, said State Sen. Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods), which is why he has filed an amendment to Senate Bill 1075 that would make it easier for taxpayers to rein in their property taxes.

Dan McConchie

“The number one complaint I hear from my constituents is about their outrageous property taxes,” said Sen. McConchie.

“Illinois has the highest property tax rates in the country, which is why I am proposing legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to regain control of their taxes and make their tax obligations more manageable.”

Under current law, anyone can petition to lower the tax rate of a taxing district.

However, they must obtain signatures from ten percent of the legal voters within that taxing district in order for the question to be placed on the ballot.

McConchie’s legislation would change that number to five percent, making it more plausible to pursue a reduction of their tax rate.

“Current law, which few people seem to know exists, gives people the power to put limitations on how much a government can tax.

“However, the number of signatures currently required to place a property tax question on the ballot is unreasonable,” said McConchie.

“Lowering the threshold from ten percent of voters in the taxing district, to five percent, will make this requirement more obtainable.”

McConchie’s proposal retains certain provisions in current law, specifically requiring the petition to specify the proposed tax rate and requiring any petition to be filed six months prior to the election during which the question would be considered by the voters.


McConchie Aims to Make Tax Rate Cutting Easier — 4 Comments

  1. And just how will this fix the public pension guarantee?

    Petition all you want – as long as we have the public pension guarantee in the Constitution, the courts will continue to rule that those pensions must be paid even if the roads are returned to gravel and all other public services are eliminated!

  2. WHAT? Taxes are high?

    OMG, why didn’t anyone tell me?

    How about instead of stating the obvious and what we all know, McConchie actually DO something about it?

    Can we please stop trotting out the well worn if all of these pandering politicians keep telling us how much we hate taxes.

  3. And just what do those taxes support?

    Absurd public sector pensions guaranteed by the voters!

    AND Highest salaries in the country for police, firemen and oh yes! those librarians!!

    AND tax breaks for the buddies of the Democrats!!

    State highway trucks are disintegrating as you read this but we keep guaranteeing Prevailing wages!!

  4. A small step, but like Questioning says, what about the pension mess and constant borrowing by the state?

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