Turnout at 11.7% at 5:25, 12.8% at 6:25

Apparently every time someone votes it is recorded in Woodstock.

Here are the 5:25 results:

Here’s 5:55 PM:

The turnout at 5:55 PM.

Here is 6:25 PM:

Voter turnout at 6:25 PM

What a pathetic turnout.

Four years ago, when township officers were last on the ballot, 32,963 voted. That was 16.15% of the electorate.

Two years ago, 22,512 people voted, 10.92% of those registered.


Turnout at 11.7% at 5:25, 12.8% at 6:25 — 10 Comments

  1. And the folks wonder why taxes are high and nothing ever changes.

    11.7% turnout.

    Get a grip folks!

  2. Anyone else think this is a little strange?

    I am using the 2013 and 2009 elections because the 2015 elections were for different types of offices.

    204,062 Registered in the 2013 election
    32,963 Ballots cast in the 2013 election

    200,853 Registered in the 2009 election
    31,659 Ballots cast in the 2009 election

    I just checked what the County Clerk has cued at Clarity elections for tonight’s count.

    That site shows we have 221,003 registered voters for this election.

    When I say something looks weird, I refer to the county losing population but the number registered voters has jumped by 20,000? Weird.

  3. We went at 4pm to vote and were told we were the 85th voter there.


    Although my daughter voted for the first time today.

    She was very excited.

  4. Based on the 2015 Property tax bills, voters today decided who will oversee the spending of $716,799,862.80
    If voters keep showing up between now and 07:00 pm at the same rate they have been showing up all day, each voter today represented $23,390 in property tax.

    If you ever need a reason to vote – just think about that number.

  5. I would guess more registered voters means a more politically active populace.

  6. Best comment of the year:


    We need to put that on a billboard.

  7. Looks like all the Hillary voters just gave up and remained home knitting pink hats.

    Let’s hope they stay right where they are. LOL. 😂

  8. None of this was on their teevee; so they didn’t even know there was election!

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