Women Lead in MCC Race

The two women on the ballot for McHenry County College Board members are leading as of 8:25.

Linda Liddell, who has the advantage of being first on the ballot and an incumbent, and former McHenry County Board member Diane Evertsen are ahead in the contest to sit on the McHenry County College Board for the next six years.


Women Lead in MCC Race — 2 Comments

  1. Does the current Clerk of this County not like being a Clerk?

    Low voter turnout should have given Election Judges a lot of free time to prepare for a speedy close.

    I am not at the County building. If anyone is, let us know if she has created another huge cluster f.

    McHenry has not yet completed one precinct but Kane is 90 percent done.

  2. I have results faster in a race in Wisconsin

    I am watching and the polls closed there at 8!!!

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