CL Council Incumbents Win — 3 Comments

  1. Only because the Lazy Citizens did not show up to VOTE Sad ….

    they would rather just pack up and move out then change things…

    very very Sad….

  2. Hate them all.

    Don’t know anything about any of them.

    I totally skipped this portion because I was unfamiliar with any of the names.

    This is how they all got their seats in the first place.

    There is no interest at all in anything that has to do with the council; which, is how they get away with being the spendthrift gestapo agents they have become over the last four decades.

    There is no interest in anyone with any integrity running for these seats either.

    It is looked at as a social club that is much like high school days.

    Mayoral races get a little attention – not this. I’m not lazy. I’m totally uninformed.

    Why would you expect anything more from the rest of society, when I’m actually more aware than most of my neighbors?

    (I actually saw many of my neighbors at the polls. I remarked that this must be the block party. When I returned home, I found the other “half” of my neighbors had no idea that this was a voting day!)

    This is the same story as with just about everything these days. “We” are totally uninformed.

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