Dems Wiped Out in Township Races

McHenry County Democrats won no new races as Democrats in township races that were partisan.

They held onto the McHenry Township Assessor’s seat.

Neither the McHenry Township Republican Party nor the ex-Republicans running as Independents fielded a candidate.

So, it seems appropriate to play “Wipe Out.”


Dems Wiped Out in Township Races — 7 Comments

  1. The challenge will be to get the “Republicans” to behave like conservatives.

  2. Wizard?

    I don’t think that was a dem.

    I think you are talking to the communist, Angel.

    And, you are right. He does have a tic problem. (He’s supposedly a teacher and cannot spell tick correctly!)

  3. @ Cindy

    You’re 100% right.

    I was speaking to our favorite communist (if there can ever be such a thing).

    I know he’s lurking here somewhere. How’s your tic toc working?

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