Franks Loses Three Races

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ fingerprints haven’t been identified in any of the April 4th contests, but there are three contests where he lost.

The first was in his hometown of Marengo.

Republican Precinct Committee and Mayor Don Lockhart, who endorses Franks last fall, was not re-elected.

Secondly, while his ally Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager won re-election, that meant that McHenry County Bord member Michael Rein lost.

And that means that one of Franks’ most articulate County Board critics will be staying on the Board.

The third loss also involves the loss of a local race by a County Board members.

Had Donna Kurtz won a seat on the Crystal Lake High School Board, she would have stepped down from the County Board.

She also is an articulate critic of the way Franks is trying to run County business without input from the County Board.


Franks Loses Three Races — 21 Comments

  1. This is a silver lining.

    Both Kurtz and Rein are on the HR Committee.

    The fact that they are both staying on will greatly complicate WeaselNumberOne’s plans to keep his patronage employees.

  2. And one Marengo RINO down.

    Looking good!

    Now for the Primaries.

  3. Time to start researching the candidates who need to be booted off the County Board.

  4. @ BadaBing:

    That research isn’t difficult at all.

    (1.) Who’s supporting the illegal patronage hires that ‘Lying’ Jack Franks made.

    (2.) Who is being appointed to most of the ‘Ad Hoc” committees Franks is using to go around historic board practices.

    (3.) Who voted to maintain the Valley Hi Levy when they have over 40 million of you tax dollars in the bank.

    Anybody that’s on two or more of those lists must go!

  5. Hahahahahahahaha
    What a joke. The election must be over because Cal is back to his main crush: Jack Franks. What a skeez.

    Cal, by the above logic, how many of your misfits lost?

    The answer is zero because you little bloggy is inconsequential.

  6. That Busch makes Rosa even dumber than usual.

    Comment doesn’t even make any sense.

    She just proved Cal’s worthiness by what she said. LMFAO

  7. Bahahahahahah I missed you Cindy, btw, I’ve narrowed you down to three potential people based on all the BS you spew.

    Keep on commenting: It just gets me closer to figuring out who you are, pumpkin.

  8. The election must be over since Jack Franks’ biggest supporter, the person whose mission is to discredit the blog, is back.

  9. I’m still waiting for moderate to provide his/her name as a part of an ‘agreement’ he/she volunteered to a few days ago as soon as I reveal my real name. Good deal!

    Haven’t changed my name in the last few days, same as before.

    Have a good night, I’m going to church and pray, so sad about Syria.

    Gary Christ

  10. Modarate is Rosa K. Z.

    The big lyin’ loser.

    Who cares what they say?

  11. One Kurtz on the school board is enough.

    Hope the other does her job on county board.

  12. Articulate? Are you unhinged?

    Rein never stood a chance.

    Safer has been a great steward of Woodstock and the voters reinforced that.

    Kurtz lost in spectacular fashion.

    High name recognition… and her “reputation” was dismissed as out of touch.

    This vote was a clear message.

    Despite the irresponsible and legally questionable use of Algonquin Republucan funds to support that slate they lost to political novices.

    The “union” argument got no traction in its attempt to smear.

    People want good schools.

    They want people with solutions.

  13. Pray against the demonic gang stalker wanna-be, Gary. Ephesians 6:12

  14. Response to Inish commentat 08:03 yesterday:

    All that was proven in the race for the Crystal Lake High School Board is that ACTIVE voters with a vested interest in the continuation of the current Illinois public sector pension idiocy outnumbered the ACTIVE voters who will have to pay for those pensions.

    You will see a continuation of the departure of the private sector money earners from Illinois (mostly conservatives).

    You will see a continuation in the growth of the public sector pension “tax teat suckers” in this state.

    Illinois, yet again, ranks at the top of the heap in UNFUNDED public sector pensions – tied with Kentucky.

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

    Having Public Sector pensions start after 20 years of employment is NOT SUSTAINABLE!

    I know that word ‘sustainable’ is associated with the UN etc. but it applies to the Illinois Public Sector Pension guarantee.

    We have literally thousands of public sector beneficiaries who have worked for 20 years (or in many cases less) on two jobs and will now collect two pensions – guaranteed by the voters.

    Start work when you are 23 – retire at 63 – draw pensions for the next 27 years on average.

    Just ask the guy who just won another term as Mayor of Woodstock!

  15. You are correct moderate, it was stand4truth that said they would reveal their real name if I did so.

    I see my error, thanks for the correction.

    BTW I do not know ANY commenters real names that use ‘handles’

    Have a great day!

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