Republicans Capture McHenry Township Clerk, Trustee Positions

Dan Aylward kept his commanding lead for McHenry Township Clerk, beating incumbent Marsha Nelson by 3,251 to 1,863.

Democrat Judith Gottlieb trailed with 1,635.

The results for McHenry Township Trustee show township opponent Bob Anderson leading the pack.  The top four candidates are Republicans.  The bottom four are Independents.  Those in the middle are Democrats.

Running unopposed, Democrat Mary Mahady won re-election as Township Assessor.


Republicans Capture McHenry Township Clerk, Trustee Positions — 10 Comments

  1. Do we get to see Bob’s well designed plan now to eliminate townships?

  2. I can’t wait to see how Dan lowers taxes as clerk lol.

  3. So sick of this mantra with no plan. Hey, did I miss the elimination of the recorder offer??? No? Yeah, I guess Joe needs to cash a few more checks…..

  4. I’m DELIGHTED Draffkorn was rejected.

    It’s one thing for a never-elected candy-date to lose, but quite another for somebody who did serve for a long time and was pretty well known to be rejected by the voters.

    This defeat makes it twice now (she lost re-election as a County Boarder … and now this)

  5. Innish, the recorder said he’d eliminate the elected position by the end of his first term.

    Do you REALLY want the county clerk we have now, taking the recorders office over?

    I don’t.

    Wait and see who replaces her then merge it.

  6. TJ Samparillo, with the support of the new trustees and people that just don’t complain about the taxes but do something about them It can be done

  7. At the 16:30 point.

    “Road Commissioner Bob Miller just cashed out $47,000 worth of accrued sick pay.

    For 263 days of sick leave he amassed between 1972 & 1993 as an employee of the Algonquin Township Road Department – Highway Department before he was Commissioner.”


    1993 to 1972 is 22 years.

    263 days / 22 years = 12 days per year.

    How many sick days per year was he granted?

    How many days did he actually take as sick days (call in sick)?


    Bob Miller was defeated by Andrew Gasser in the April 4, 2017 election for Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner.


    Bob Anderson was elected to a two year term as a school board member for Harrison Elementary School District 36 (Wonder Lake) on April 7, 2015 (seats are typically 4 years so maybe someone had resigned from the board at some point).

    On April 4, 2017 he was re-elected to a 4 year term on the Harrison SD 36 school board, receiving the most votes of the 12 candidates.

    Four of the seven board seats were up for election on April 4, 2017.

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