Women Beat Men for McHenry County College Slots

The only two women running for McHenry County College Board

  • Linda Liddell
  • Diane Evertsen

swamped their three male opponents.

Liddell was running for re-election.

Evertsen, who self-term limited herself to two terms on the McHenry County Board, ran first.

McHenry County College Board results in which newcomer Diane Evertsen and current member Linda Liddell won.

Losing were Thomas Allen (who I thought has some really good ideas for training young people for union trades), Ph.D. economist David Schenk and former MCC Board President and McHenry County Board member George Lowe.

The coalition who support Evertsen and Schenk now have elected five of the seven MCC Board members.

Others elected by the coalition include Chris Jenner, Ron Parrish, Karen Tirio and Mike Smith.

Smith betrayed the coalition the night he was sworn in by turning on Ron Parrish, who had served as Chairman of the MCC Board and desired one more term.  When Smith saw he could garner the votes to become Board Chairman in his first term, he did so.

With the coalition now having four of the seven members of the new Board, one can assume that Smith will not be elected Chairman.


Women Beat Men for McHenry County College Slots — 8 Comments

  1. Sorry, Nob. I don’t understand what you are saying.

    (But, then again, that could be said for much of what you post here.)

  2. You have an interesting view of the world Cal.

    Perhaps Mike thought he had the skills to lead, (which he clearly does)

    Many of the people running had not even been in the college in years but were convinced they had the answers.

  3. Inish, Smith begged Parrish to let him run on the same slate and promised Parrish that he’d support him as board chair.

    And on the very day of the meeting at which he betrayed Parrish, he actually told Parrish, “Don’t worry, Ron, I’ve got your back.”

    So literally between the time the election was over and the board seated in 2015, Smith cut a deal with the board liberals.

    As for his ability to lead, name one program initiated by Smith to improve the outcomes for students at MCC.

  4. Steve – get to know the college before you cast judgement. I would say Smith did a tremendous job with ALL recent hiring.

  5. The Illinois Education Association (IEA) teacher union endorsed Tom Allen and Linda Liddell for this election.

  6. Mark, that info is all I needed to vote for Evertsen/Schenk.

    Innish, a college board chairman (or the board) doesn’t do the hiring.

    The college Pres. does.

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