Woodstock School District Election Results

Below is a display of the method of voting for each candidate:

The numbers with four to be elected follow:

  • John Parisi – 1,980
  • Carl Gilmore – 1,590
  • Bruce Farris – 1,574
  • Jacob Homuth – !,558
  • Barbara Gessert – !,521
  • William Nattress – 1,521
  • Susan Handelsman – 1,415
  • Susan Schroeder – 826
  • Pat Ferrarini – 755

Because of a non-one man-one vote formula that applies to the Woodstock Unit District I am not sure who the winners are.


Woodstock School District Election Results — 11 Comments

  1. Parisi, Gilmore, Harris, and Homuth would be the winners.

    I’m doing a little election coverage too.

  2. Woodstock rejects tea party across the board, awesome!

    I love this town!

  3. Woodstock residents like high taxation, they must all have a tumor.

  4. I think Susan did a great job this cycle demonstrating the need for property tax relief.

    I think Susan did a bad job at making a case for what she would want to accomplish as a member of the school board. She didn’t answer questions directly on the candidate questionaire about her qualifications. At meetings, she was abrupt, terse and came off cold. It’s easy to simply rattle off statistics and be against spending; it’s harder to be for something. Susan was the former.

    The candidates that won believe in building better schools. By having better schools, that makes Woodstock more desirable to live in. If Woodstock is more desirable, more people will want to move here. If more people move here, home values increase. If home values increase, this will lead to a decrease in the EVA by comparison to tax levy.

    Susan’s approach of cutting taxes is a short-term win for a long-term loss.
    If you cut taxes, you crowd schools. If you crowd schools, this decreases the quality of education. If you decrease the quality of education, single families will not want to move to here.

    It’s easy for someone who has no kids in education or in the education system to want to cut funding/access to quality education because it doesn’t impact their kids!

    More importantly, I think this also proves that the McHenry County Blog is not a reliable source for information. The blog is a popcan wherein voices reverberate in a small space – everyone agrees with everyone. However, this approach to courting voters doesn’t work. Look at people like Paul Serwatka who actually went out and did the work instead of relying on Cal and his lackies to win office. Nice win Paul. You don’t need some hapless has-been for help. On to State Rep with you!

  5. Why was the Jack Franks bully pulpit not supporting Susan Handlesman and Barbara Gessert?

    All three of them are advocating to cut property taxes.

    Jack Franks’ approach of cutting taxes is a short-term win for a long-term loss?

    Maybe the problem Moderate has is the blog is the single biggest source of information for what’s happening with politics in McHenry County.

    And the blog reports information that is not reported elsewhere.


    What’s happening in the Woodstock school district is similar to what’s happening in many school districts in Illinois.

    Enrollment is flat, but costs keep going up.

    The teacher union endorsed candidates typically win elections.

    Teacher unions almost always advocate for more spending for public schools.

    Since that translates into salary hikes, benefit hikes, new schools in which to work (bond referendums), etc.

  6. I’m not Jack Franks ding dong and can support whoever I want.

  7. And Mark, why wouldn’t you and Cal support Jack Franks as well as Susan Handelsman?

    They both want to cut taxes.

  8. Jack Franks has a well deserved reputation for telling people what they want to hear, and then not delivering.


    “‘What I’m trying to do is reduce our property taxes in McHenry County and make it livable so people don’t leave,’ Franks said.

    ‘I can can promise you I am not running for county chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.'”


    Northwest Herald

    Franks Asks County For 2 Advisory Referendums

    June 6, 2014

    by Kevin Craver



    “Enough is enough.

    I’m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes levy by 10% across the board.

    This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our County.

    We can finally give relief to local property taxpayers if we eliminate government waste and raud and more efficiently manage our tax dollars.

    Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.

    And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your new McHenry County Board Chairman.

    – Jack Franks.”


    CutMcHenryTaxes.com home page during the November 8, 2016 election cycle


    Where is the plan?

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