Marilyn Shepit Elected Village President in McCullom Lake

Playing catch-up on election returns, which show a 15% turnout countywide.

This post is about the Village President’s race in McCullom Lake, which was won by Marilyn Shepit.

She tallied 125 votes, while opponent Terry Counley got 93.

McCullom Lake election returns for Village President.



Marilyn Shepit Elected Village President in McCullom Lake — 5 Comments

  1. Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley’s effusive praise in Franks puff piece:

    “I don’t often get the chance to tell you how much I, and the Village of McCullom Lake, appreciate the hard work that you have done for us over the years.

    “Between the brain cancer scare as well as the electric power outages that the village used to have, there was a very large black cloud over the village.

    “When people heard the name McCullom Lake, they ran.

    “Thanks to all the calls you made to the proper people, as well as the several town hall meetings that you had here, the black cloud has lifted. Things are very good here now.

    “You know, I have been bugging you for years to run as Governor, and I understand why you wouldn’t, especially now days.

    “But, we need you here in McHenry County.

    “I think with the way you are relentless with your missions, you would make a great County Board Chairman.

    “The same old stuff is getting very old.

    “We need some new blood with some new ideas and the courage to chase those ideas.

    “We would lose you in Springfield but we need you here in McHenry County more right now”


  2. I still wouldn’t buy a house in McCullom Lake or Ringwood.

    The black cloud is still there.

  3. My first husband died of a brain tumor, (Lived in Brittany Park, right next to Lakeland Park)
    and my sister-in-law has pancreatic cancer and lived just down the street from us in Lakeland Park.

    I wouldn’t live there either.

    Houses should be dirt cheap there and they’re not.

  4. Two lawsuits alleging that the chemicals used in manufacturing plants caused cancer were settled in 2014.

    2014 settlement: Rohm & Haas (div of Dow Chemical), 4925 Barnard Mill Rd, Ringwood.

    2008 settlement: Modine, 4400 Ringwood Rd, Ringwood (that facility has since been closed).

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