Franks’ Two Patronage Workers Rejected for Second Time by HR Committee

Oliver Serafini’s McHenry County employee identification card showing he works for the Department of Transportation as well as for the County Board Chairman.

The McHenry County Board’s Human Resources Committee voted 4-2 to reject the approval of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ two patronage employees at its meeting Wednesday morning.

Those voting against approving the hiring were

  • Jim Heisler
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Michael Rein
  • Mike Walkup

In opposition were

  • Michele Aavang
  • Kay Bates

Aavang said, “The Chairman has said he already has the authority, that he has consulted with the State’s Attorney.”

Bridgett Geenen’s McHenry County employee identification card.

She also mentioned having received about two dozen post cards talking about the need for Board “efficiency.”

“This is something we need to put behind us.”

Bates stated the “Chairman came in and he felt he needed two additional people to do his job.”

She pointed out that the two new jobs were at reduced benefits and salaries.

“I’m a business person.  I hire who I need.”

Yvonne Barnes made a vigorous rebuttal to the claim that money would be saved.


Franks’ Two Patronage Workers Rejected for Second Time by HR Committee — 15 Comments

  1. RealityCheck, yes we should see the postcards that Ms. Aavang has.

    ould it be Jackie wants others around to take the heat for his being Jack, he has a hard time answering questions.

  2. Wondering if Aavang will have a primary challenge?

    My guess is YES!

  3. If you voted for Aavang or Bates , you bought a “pig in a poke”.

    They ran as a Republicans.

    Republicans believe in smaller government.

    Remember when Aavang runs for office again she said: “This is something we need to put behind us.”

    She is correct – remove the two ‘patronage’ hires from the County payroll and take what they were paid out of the Chairman’s salary!!

    Aavang placed the ‘wants’ of the “round mound” over the ‘wants’ of her chosen political party.

    The voters voted against an Executive form of government but did vote for a Chairman to be elected at large.

    The “round mound” wants in the worst way to be an Executive!

    Send a post card to your Board members to demand dismissal of his ‘patronage’ hires.

  4. Aavang and Bates are placing the “wants” of Franks over the “wants” of taxpayers.

    We want honest government.

  5. I don’t want government by Kelly; she is only looking for a government paycheck.

  6. Kay Bates, you are over your head!

    You don’t hire people if it’s not in your budget or if you work for the people!

    Jack Franks is tripling the cost of his elected office!!!!!

    Everyone else in govt. should cut spending but HIM!?!?!?

    Bates you need to start working for the people that put you in that seat, and not Franks!

    Aavang is just a stupid go along to get along.

    Again-not representing the people in her district by caving to Franks.

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