Huntley and Harvard School Problems

From the Huntley Police Department:

April 3, 2017 A 15 year old boy from Huntley, IL was charged with battery stemming from an incident at Huntley High School. The boy was released to his mother and will attend peer jury.

April 7, 2017 A 15 year old boy from Huntley, IL was charged with possession of a controlled substance relating to an incident that occurred at Huntley High School. The boy was released to his mother and will be petitioned into McHenry County juvenile court.

Huntley crime issue4d April 19, 2017.

Find Huntley crime map details here.

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 04-17-2017 two Harvard Residents (m/13 yoa and m/14 yoa) were issued fighting citations after they were observed by school administration fighting in the hallway of the Harvard Junior High. Both students were released to parents.


Huntley and Harvard School Problems — 15 Comments

  1. WOW – Those rowdy teens sure are taxing the abilities of the HPD !
    I hope the HPD has enough time and manpower to solve all the burglaries
    and robberies, not to mention the all important “revenue enhancement” activities
    that take precedence over all else.

  2. Harvard school district 50 is reporting drug and violence incidents to the Illinois State Board of Education’s Student Incident Reporting System.

    Huntley school district 158 is not reporting those incidents to the ISBE.

    Huntley District 158 is not being transparent about such incidents to the ISBE.

    The legislators and Governor could pass a law mandating that all school districts report such incidents to the ISBE Student Incident Reporting system.

    But they have not.


    Sex crimes are not specified in the ISBE Student Incident Reporting system, for students or employees (the system is for students not employees.

    Every year public school employees lose their educator licenses, resign, or are fired due to sex crimes.

    If a sex crime is suspected, go to the police station, not the Illinois State Board of Education, not the school district, not the principal, not the Superintendent, not the School board, not the school counselor, not the school psychologist, not the school social worker, not another teacher, and not the dean.


    Some of the past sex crimes can be viewed on the ISBE website for Educator Quality.

    If there is a sexual complaint against an educator, don’t file it on that ISBE website in their “Educator Misconduct Complaint Form.”

    Go to the police.

    The police are best trained to investigate sex crimes.

  3. When you admit the Third World into your home, don’t cry about inevitable Third World problems and declines in living standards.

    DIEversity! Ain’t it grand! Sweden, like Harvard, used to be a nice place, too

  4. A wonderful lesson on world history and Christian values only available here in our beloved sunshine blog. Have you heard the term “American exceptionalism?” What this really means is “American supremacy.” 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock

  5. Which, is precisely why you need to pull your children out of the public schools. They get nothing there but indoctrination into the progressive agendas.

  6. Dear conservative friends: Have you thought about the concept of teacher choice (as opposed to school choice)? Perhaps that will make you happy. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Teachers already have choice of where they can teach.

    Parents and students don’t have a true choice (their tax dollars go to public schools even if their child goes to private schools, save for a small tax credit).

    Is Mr. Llavona not concerned about student violence and drugs in the schools….why does Mr. Llavona and his fellow teachers advocate the Student Incident Reporting System be implemented in all public schools?

  8. typo.

    Why does Mr. Llavona and his fellow teachers not advocate the Student Incident Reporting System be implemented in all public schools?

  9. Incorrect interpretation. If there are conservative teachers, please ask the school administration that your kids are taught by those conservative teachers and prevent your kids from the liberal indoctrination agenda. Let me know how far you get on that one. Parents and students do have a choice. It is called freedom of home. Families choose where to buy a residence to live and they can move at any time. Or not? Their kids attend the local public schools of their area. If property values are out of reach financially, then you should work harder, as my conservative friends would reply. Many families evaluate their home purchasing decision on the local public schools. Furthermore, if the families decide to send their kids to a private school, that is precisely the choice they make, not the other way around. My conservative friends and their obsession with saving taxes. People opposed to the global empire of the industrial military complex do not have a choice on having 58 cents of every tax dollar they pay to finance war. Or do they? With regards to being concerned about violence and drugs in schools, flip a coin for your answer, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Angel, every time you post, you continue to ruin the reputation of any good teachers . . . your example is what is wrong with Education.

  11. I don’t understand that post, Angel. If you think that is sarcasm – it is NOT.

  12. Regurgitation of Agitation @ Teachers union ? Bla,blah,bla,blah…

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