Josh Nobilio Named South High School Principal

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155:

D155 Board Approves New Crystal Lake South Principal

Crystal Lake – The D155 Board of Education approved Josh Nobilio as the new principal at Crystal Lake South High School, effective July 1.

Scott Shepard was appointed as the district’s assistant superintendent of educational services for the 2017-18 school year.

Josh Nobilio has served as Crystal Lake South High School’s student services coordinator for the past six years.

He has collaborated with a team to create and implement student supports to increase student achievement at South.

Josh has co-facilitated a parent advisory committee to re-design student services across D155 and helped Crystal Lake South achieve national RAMP certification.

In February, Josh was a recipient of the College Board’s Guidance and Admissions Assembly Award.

He has also served D155 as a social worker for three years and a special education teacher for three years.

Josh Nobilio

“I am part of a great team at Crystal Lake South High School, and I enjoy being part of the gator community.

“I am honored to serve as South’s next principal.

“I look forward to working with students and collaborating with staff to ensure all students succeed and continuing to encouraging an inclusive school culture,” said Nobilio.

He received his bachelors in special education from Illinois State University, and a masters of social work from Loyola University. He completed his Type 75 administrative certificate from Northern Illinois University and earned a Type 75 director of special education certification from Aurora University.

Johnnie Thomas

“Josh’s experience working with staff and students at Crystal Lake South will allow him to continue strong traditions while supporting innovative instruction and develop programs designed to help students pursue their future aspirations,” said Dr. Johnnie Thomas, superintendent. “We had 55 well-qualified candidates apply for the open principal positions, and we involved people at every level of the organization in the interview process.”

Josh Nobilio will begin his role as principal on July 1. He will work with Scott Shepard and the rest of our administrative teams to ensure a smooth transition. The district is working to plan a meet and greet event for parents and students, and will share that information soon.


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  1. Josh Nobilio

    2015 – $105,974 – 10th year as an educator

    2014 – $102,775 – 9th year as an educator


    Scott H Shepard

    2015 – $168,128 – 18th year as an educator

    2014 – $157,418 – 17th year as an educator (11 years out of state, 5 years at Marengo High School)


    Dr. Johnnie Thomas

    2015 – $233,510 – 15th year as an educator

    2014 – $211,921 – 14th year as an educator


    Sources: Open the Books Widget; ISBE TSR

  2. “Scott Shepard was appointed as the district’s assistant superintendent of educational services for the 2017-18 school year.”


    The current Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for CHSD 155 is Dr. Corey Tafoya.

    2015 – $182,751 – CHSD 155

    2014 – $181,113 – Woodstock CUSD 200 – 21st year as an educator, 12 of those years taught out of state.


    Dr. Corey Tafoya will become the new Superintendent of Harvard CUSD 50.


    The current Superintendent of Harvard CUSD 50, Lauri Tobias, is retiring this year.

    2015 – $183,903 – 32nd year as an educator

    2014 – $181,150 – 31st year as an educator

    Her starting pension is roughly estimated to be at least around $129K and will increase 3% annually.

    A 3% annual returns results in the pension doubling after 24 years.

    Lifetime employee contributions are typically recouped within the first 2 years of retirement.

    A pension starting at $129K, with 3% COLA, after 24 years will payout a cumulative $4,574,245.

    In which case $258,000 in career employee pension contributions would have returned $4,574,245 in pension payout.

    $258,000 is 5.6% of $4,574,245.

    The exact lifetime employee pension contributions, 4 years of pensionable income used to determine final average salary, any exchange of unused sick days for years of service credit, years of service used in calculating the pension, and how the starting pension was calculated, can be obtained via FOIA request to the pension system, TRS, for any existing pension.

    The above figures are a ballpark estimate.

  3. As expected, the only basis for the analysis is the amount of money that teachers and administrators make and the pension system. Wouldn’t be great if educators worked for free? Absolutely no interest or concern in the educational philosophy, curriculum initiatives, school-community relations, or anything else related to the job of a school administrator. Did you thank your sunshine blogger today? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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