Shift of Power on McHenry County College Board

Linda Liddell and Diane Evertsen are sworn into office for six-year terms.  Ron Parrish and Karen Tirio can be seen in the background.

Chris Jenner

Diane Evertsen replaced Cynthia Kisser on the McHenry County College Board Thursday night.

It was one of the first turnovers resulting from the April 4th elections.

In the election of officers of the newly constituted Board of Trustees, Chris Jenner was elected President and Evertsen was voted into the Vice Chairman post.

The vote for Chairman was unanimous, with Ron Parrish making the motion.

Jenner replaced Mike Smith, who was elected two years ago at the surprise of Parrish, who thought he had Smith’s support for the post of Board President.

Diane Evertsen

For Vice Chairman, Tirio nominated Evertsen after asking her, “Do you want to do it?”

Newly-sworn in Student Trustee Justin Peters nominated Linda Liddell, while Molly Walsh was nominated by Liddell.

Liddel withdrew her name from consideration.

The vote was 4-4 counting the Student Trustee’s vote, but his is merely advisory, so Evertsen won.

The position makes Evertsen, a former Harvard School Board and McHenry County Board member, Chairman of the Committee of the Whole.

Volunteers were requested for a Finance Committee.

Linda Liddell, Mike Smith and Molly Walsh indicated their willingness to serve.

Linda Liddell, Molly Walsh and Mike Smith will serve on the Finance Committee.

The Policy and Evaluation Committee slots were similarly filled by Peters and Jenner with Tirio ending up as Chairman.

Linda Liddel, the Illinois Community Trustees Association liaison and current organization President will continued in that post.  Molly Walsh will continue serving as alternate.

Chris Jenner and Mike Smith switch seats after Jenner was elected McHenry County College Board President.

After taking his seat at the center of the table, Jenner observed,

Things have been farily smooth these last two years.

I intend to continue that.

MCC President Clint Gabbard spoke with new Board President Chris Jenner and Vice Chairman Diane Evertsen.

After the meeting, McHenry County College President Clint Gabbard conferred with the Board’s new leaders.


Shift of Power on McHenry County College Board — 27 Comments

  1. Nothing short of the second coming of our Lord could or should give the taxpayers of the district greater hope for the future of MCC than what has transpired today.

    Today the sun came out.

  2. The Future of our children is at stake here and you think taking away their right to a better future is something to be proud of?
    This obstructionist group of fools stands for Nothing Good!

  3. The sunshine blog at the forefront of transparency and redemption for tax payers. Wait a minute! The second coming of the Lord? I thought Diane Evertsen was the antichrist. Isn’t she a member of the midwest minuteman group (also known as the minuteklan)? 2018, please do not delay. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Dear sunshine blogger: I am glad your camera worked perfectly this time. Perhaps firing socialist teachers from MCC helped. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Diane does not have children nor does Tirio have children what interest do they have in public education. My answer is none rather they are there to stop the children from receiving a solid foundation to be able to better themselves. I think it should be a requirement to be involved in this elected position. We need better people than this.

  6. Wow, there are some really bigoted, short-sighted, stupid people posting here. Not you, Orville. You are the only one that makes sense here.

  7. OOOOPS! Self-sentencing. I rest my case. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Cindy only you resort to name calling. So childish!!!! When your delinquent kid ends up incarcerated therefore putting a bigger burden on taxpayer due to the lack of education we can thank people like Diane and Tirio for putting a bigger strain in the taxpayer. Just look at Chicago getto

  9. New Board President Chris Jenner was part of the group that brought Cary Dist 26 back from the grave of a possible state take over the finances were so bad.

    Even after a referendum a few years back to get Dist 26 finances in order, which passed by just over 2/3, the district school tax rate is still one of the lowest in the county, and turns out some very good students.

  10. If it weren’t for the conservatives on the board, they would have voted in a $76 million expansion to the school (whose enrollment is actually shrinking).

    This would have led to higher taxes (which slows growth in real estate), higher tuition costs (which puts college out of reach to even more people) and perhaps more teacher layoffs.

    They’ve kept the school affordable and focused on their core mission. Diane will be a welcomed addition

  11. Knowledgable, you’re far from knowledgable!

    Diane Evertsen has children! 3 I believe, and a gaggle of grandchildren!

    She also has worked on educational boards in her district.

    Karen Tirio had 3 children when she was my neighbor in Mchenry.

    She also mentored kids in Woodstock and worked with children’s charities in the county.

    Someone better tell these women ‘they have no children!’


    I almost spit my coffee out my nose!

    It would surely be nice if people knew what they were talking about, especially when they misleadingly go by the handle of ‘Knowledgable’

  12. BTW Delinquent kids being incarcerated is not the fault of schools (or the school boards, duh!). Look at the parents, you lummox. (Pointing out another truth!)

  13. That may be a little over the top, Orville, but agreed, this is a good thing.

    Ron Parrish looks very pleased at the board flip.

    If he’s happy, just about everybody should be happy.

    He’s a moderate on the board, a gentleman and a scholar but a man of true grit too.

  14. “Knowledgeable” on notice for not being knowledgeable.

    Mama always said ‘if you have to call yourself ‘knowledgeable’, clearly you aren’t!’

    Furthermore, what does having kids have to do with being able to make thoughtful, fiscally responsible decisions for how a govt institution directs its spending?


    In fact, having kids can show just the opposite.

  15. Stand4truth, such hate directed toward troubled youth…

    What’s your excuse?

    Let’s talk about the delinquents in this county who are adults and should know better?

    Adult delinquents who hold public office?

    Adult delinquents that happen to be county wide politicians who insist on costing the taxpayers for personal financial gain, embedded in Nepotism/Patronage/corruption and more?

    Care to address that?

  16. Rumor has it that Evertsen recently became a great grandmother.

    That said, I agree with Lorna: “what does having kids have to do with being able to make thoughtful, fiscally responsible decisions for how a govt institution directs its spending? “

  17. Let’s talk about how you can educate now or triple the police force later.

    Why don’t you see that cutting the education as Diane and Tirio want to do because without money you have no education.

    Nepotism how is it not county wide nepotism that Karen Tirio is on Mcc and Joe Tirio is the recorder and what about the patronage hire of Sandy Salgado for Bill Prim or the latest hire Ryan Provenzano for running Chuck LutZo campaign in Algonquin Township.

    You republicans out here all have double standards.

    You don’t know what what conservative means nor do you know what a public servant means.

  18. Stand4whatever:
    “without money you have no education” –what does that even mean?

    And what does Karen Tirio on MCC board have to do with Joe being the Recorder?

  19. I agree both Husband and wife like Tirio’s a nepostism problem I agree with you Stand.

    I hear Tirio refused to put the clerk/ recorder consolidation on the ballot last election proclaiming it would cost $40,000 what a joke it does not cost anything to put the referendum on the ballot.

    I also agree with you about the patronage hiring of Prim with Salgado and Lutzo with Provenzano.

    This should not be tolerated as where is the watch dog like Provenzano as always self proclaimed

  20. With taxes so high both parents need to work, multiple jobs at times, to pay them.

    With normalized taxes one parent can work part time or stay at home and raise their kids.

  21. Stand4 truth doesn’t even know what Nepotism means!

    Tirio’s wife is a public servant- no pay, no benefits.

    What a goof.

  22. I think it’s great that Chris Jenner got voted in unanimously.

    Diane as Vice Chair is wonderful, although I’m wondering why
    Karen Tirio didn’t want it?

  23. Wow! So glad to see Diane Evertsen didn’t retire after all. Wish she were still on the County Board but she’s so honorable-she term limited herself.

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