Algonquin Township Road District Workers Join Local 150 of Operating Engineers

When public officials lose their election, things change.

Bob Miller

Andrew Gasser

In the case of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s loss to McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser, not only was there a lot of publicity and statewide shock at the Township Officials of Illinois President’s having lost his political base, but there were insecure employees.

The reason is probably that Miller hired them all and they didn’t know what successor Gasser would do.

On March 16, a majority of the employees filed a “Majority Interest” petition with the Illinois Labor Relations Board asking for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 to represent them.

Such a petition requires a request from a majority of the proposed bargaining unit’s employees.

Local 150 attorney Brian Diemer is listed as the union representative.

Eleven employees–foreman, highway workers, laborers and mechanics–are listed in the bargaining unit.

Ten seem to have signed cards or trying to sign a card; one did not.

Who voted how is a secret.

On April 10th, the Illinois Labor Relations Board certified the bargaining unit.

The only employees who will not be part of the bargaining unit are those, if any, who do not have one of the following job titles:

  • foreman
  • highway worker
  • laborer
  • mechanic

When asked for a reaction incoming Road Commissioner Gasser said he thought is was inapproprate to comment at this time.


Algonquin Township Road District Workers Join Local 150 of Operating Engineers — 48 Comments

  1. The Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB) Case Number for the majority interest representation certification petitions is S-RC-17-051.

    Illinois labor law allows two methods to determine whether the employees wish to organize into a bargaining unit.

    Method #1: election (requires approval by 30% or more of the employees).

    Method #2: card check (requires approval by over 50% of the employees).

    Card check is where employees are presented with a:

    – petition;

    – dues deduction authorization card; or

    – document

    which they can sign if they agree to create a bargaining unit.

    The union then presents the cards to the Illinois Labor Relations Board for certification.

    Card Check was created with House Bill 3396 (HB 3396) signed into law as Public Act 93-0444 (PA 93-0444) on August 5, 2003 by Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    Votes by state legislators representing McHenry County votes for HB 3396:

    26th District State Senator Republican William Peterson – No

    32nd District State Senator Republican Pam Althoff – No

    52nd District State Representative Mark Beaubien – No

    63rd District State Representative Democrat Jack Franks – Yes

    64th District State Representative Republican Rosemary Kurtz – No

    and another noteworthy vote

    13th District State Senator Barack Obama – Yes


    An example of a card check document for educational employees (there are two public sector worker labor relation boards in Illinois – one for educational employees and another for non-educational employees) is here:

    Not sure what if any changes are present in a non educational employee card check.

    The above URL leads one to:

    Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR)

    Administrative Code

    Title 80: Public Officials and Employees

    Subtitle C: Labor Relations

    Chapter III: Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board

    Part 1110 Representation Procedures

    Section 1110. Appendix A Model Authorization Card


    There was another recent public sector union bargaining unit certification at the County level.

    Case Number: S-RC-17-020, majority interest

    Employer: Chief Judge of the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court (McHenry County Probation and Court Services)

    Labor Organization: AFSCME Council 31 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees)

    Date Certified: December 9, 2016

    Prevailing Party: AFSCME

    Number of Employees: 40

    Unit Description:

    – Administrative Specialist III

    – Court Services Assistant

    – Legal Administrative Specialist

    – Probation Officer I

    – Probation Officer II

    – Probation Officer III


    McHenry County Probation and Court Services is the 11th union bargaining unit at the county level, plus there are two additional bargaining units in the Conservation District.

  2. Did Local 150 and the employees of Alg. Road District just secure Gasser’s political future?

  3. The Bob Miller legacy: A unionized Township Road District

    And some County Board members are seriously considering this wasteful taxpayer dollar spender to become a County Board member?

    Check for Local 150 contributions to current County Board members (including “round mound”).

  4. Ref: “they didn’t know what successor Gasser would do.”

    This blog, McHenry Times, NWH, Facebook, and etc:

    Drain the Swamp!

    Cut staff by two?(While saying no cuts in services?)

    Not cut staff at all?

    I’m not sure till I take over?

    All gov employees a lazy bums.

    I’m bringing with me a great team to help run the road district!(Patronage?)

    Say it loud enough and often enough, they get the point of the game.

    So will McHenry or Nunda be next?

    It was kind of amazing CL.PW held out so long before they went union.

    CL and Alg Twh pay was close to union wages for years prior to unionizing.

    Alg Twh hourly wages were frozen the same time the levy was.

    Consolidation/Elimination just got easier or harder?

  5. Nothing in the NWH yet?

    Almost like not much on the Andrew/Jack cut 10%?

  6. If they were good workers, they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to Unionize.

    This was a political move against the new guy.

    They just proved that things desperately needed to change.

    Millers have done nothing but cost that township.

  7. They’re probably real proud of themselves, thinking they,ve secured their jobs and screwed the taxpayers again.

    Maybe they even set off a few celebratory rounds of shootin’ in the yard and are dancing like fools.

    What Miller’s klan didn’t “cifer in da quashun” is that this just makes the case for Algonquin Township’s abolishment.

    (And paves the way for others to get eliminated as well.)

    Good job, a-holes.

  8. Ref: things desperately needed to change.
    A state law that lets us vote on levies.
    A state law that says Mediator’s can’t agree to raise/force taxation increases to pay for a contract.
    Changes in the State’s Constitution to allow changes in the pension funds as needed.

  9. Yet another reason in the long list of reasons why Illinois is broke and
    property taxpayers are fleeing Illinois in record numbers year after year.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today.

  10. So they really think because your union you can’t be let go?

    Good old Bobbie trying to keep his nepotism going.

    So does this mean everyone know makes $100k like bobs son in laws?

  11. cant believe the same group of people that fought against unionizing in the past has now decided it might be best to do so now, this clearly demonstrates the desperate attempt to continue there theft by deception becareful what you ask for

  12. Now is a great time to get rid of Algonquin Township!

    The big argument was if it went under County they would be under union!

    Now that is gone and the County can take it over and not increase the work force! What a great move for the Millers that said Townships were needed!

    LOL You just committed their fate to the County!

    Now it is time to get rid of the Townships all together!

    I wonder how the other Townships feel knowing the time is coming for them to go!

    Because of the Millers Townships are going to go away!


  13. This is Bob’s giving all the tax’s payers the big middle finger as he walks out that door!

    Thanks for funding all my families lavish lifestyles for all these years.

    I hope Gasser can can all of them!

  14. What are the odds that Miller has a collective bargaining agreement in place by the time he leaves office?

  15. it goes to show , the son in-laws are to stupid to provide for their families on their own , couldn’t find a job , riding the wife’s coat tails , that about the only thing attractive about them is daddy’s money ,

    Sad Sad Sad

  16. Looks like the son in laws can’t pick up there kids from school in township trucks anymore…..

  17. I might be mistaken, but it looks like Andrew Gasser is commenting with different names again.

  18. This is the Miller’s last ditch effort to protect Bob’s nepotism hires, even if it brings down the entire township with them.
    Further proof of their self serving legacy. Congrats on removing all doubt.

    This will be interesting to watch.

  19. Unreal.

    The President of TOI gave exactly two choices to the people of his township.

    Accept higher taxes to cover Union costs or accept abolishing the township.

    Miller laid this minefield by assuring Algonquin Township will be the target of multiple law suits on behalf of the Union should any attempt to install accountability structures on union employees be made.

    The only way to end a union voted into place in to unincorporated the entity unionized and sell its assets entirely.

    Nicely done Mr. Miller. Well played.

  20. If Jack Franks says the sky is blue, better get the date and time of the comment in writing, so he can’t weasel out of those facts.

    And he can have the final budget posted on the County website (the draft budget is still posted, and it is now over 5 months into Fiscal Year 2017 (December 1, 2016 – November 30, 2017).

  21. And, better get the specific location Jack Franks is referring to as blue.

    And, how about the direction Jack Franks is referring to (are there blue skies to the east and cloudy skies to the west?).

    And, be sure to obtain the Jack Franks definition of blue sky (are a few clouds a blue sky? is a slight haze a blue sky? is partly cloudy a blue sky? etc.).

    When people want to play games, there’s many loopholes.

  22. LOL @ GASBAG GASSER! The dirtiest gasser is getting schooled! GAS BAG GASSER will not be able to gut our township services. Gasser is a looser and needs to fly into outer space.

  23. Looser that beat your boy Bobbie!!! Hahahha!! Don’t worry….those son in laws will be on the streets soon. To bad some think Millers a great guy. His true colors will only bleed through as Tom goes on.

  24. how can they possibly look people in the face anymore , Rebecca is putting her whole career on the line , and dragging her partners down with her , pretty sure they didn’t sign up for this crap.

  25. But Gasser said they wouldn’t form a union, and they did. And now he says he won’t recognize them, but he has to. It sounds like Gasser might have made promises that he really couldn’t keep. Hope it’s limited to the union stuff and he isn’t completely confused on every aspect of the job.

  26. Dear conservative brothers and sisters: Anything wrong with unions? Anything wrong with government? Happy International Workers’ Day! Tic, tock, tic, tock…


  28. Illinois Policy Institute

    Illinois House Passes Bill to Allow Dissolution of Township Road Districts

    May 1, 2017

    by Mindy Ruckman

    “House Bill 607, sponsored by state Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, would allow township boards to submit to voters a referendum to abolish township road districts and for the township to absorb the responsibilities.”


    If the Algonquin Township Road District was abolished, the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner position would be eliminated.

    Who at the Township would then take over those duties?

    The Township would have to hire an employee?

    The road maintenance and snow plow crew (Highway Workers, Laborers, Foremen, Mechanics) would remain; they would just be employed by the Township instead of the Township Road District?

    The IUOE Local 150 union would have to attempt to recertify under Algonquin Township (they are currently certified under the Algonquin Township Road District).


  29. Another option is the Township could sign an agreement with a private contractor(s) to perform the work currently performed by the road district.

    A third option is the Township could sign an intergovernmental agreement with another Township or the County to perform the services.




  31. Just guessing. Based on Bob Miller’s track record he is as smart as they come and doesn’t leave loose ends. If it’s not signed I bet it will get printo

  32. Sounds like Doodie has had a little too much wine and cheese.

  33. The board has to vote whether or not to approve a collective bargaining agreement (cba).

    Which means the topic would be an agenda item on a board agenda, and in the board minutes.

    The next board meeting is May 10, 2017.

    The agenda for that meeting has not yet been posted on the Algonquin Township Clerk’s website.

  34. gas man failed to be on point , never expected this?????? rookie

  35. the miller are criminals, listen to your advisors, aka 65 votes

  36. Hey Mark, wrong on. The highway comes home has sole authority to sign road district contracts. You’ve been out thought available, which wasn’t hard.

    Psychological the wine and cheese is great. gas mouth will serve fried skunk

  37. All Gasser has to do is reduce the bargaining unit below the critical minimum (10?) and there is no more bargaining unit.

    This can be done through attrition, layoffs, or the new Township Board reducing the salaries budget causing a Reduction in Force (RIF).

    No more overtime for the Miller boys.

  38. Cut the numbers and services will be reduced.

    Andrew said no reductions in service.

    Andrew likes keeping all his promises.

  39. I find it hilarious that the Miller bashing posts are all from the same people on here, the same people that cause all this to happen supporting Gasser in the first place.

    Quite frankly most of you have 0 idea about the Algonquin Township until this election all of a sudden everyones a politician.

    Nothing was wrong with the Township before this broke (multiple personal financial bailouts), non property tax paying politician came around.

    People saying the Miller’s ruined the township are the same ones that caused it all to happen, hiding behind the internet.

    Gasser will kick, scream and cry and run away from his problems like he has every single time someone does not agree. Have fun grandma’s boy.

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