Attorney General Public Access Division Asks County Government to Justify Lack of Response to Freedom of Information Request

Oliver Serafini’s McHenry County employee identification card showing he works for the Department of Transportation as well as for the County Board Chairman.

After the Illinois Attorney General’s Office confirmed that McHenry County Blog was a member of the “news media” under the Freedom of Information Act, I filed a request with McHenry County.

I asked for “copies of all work product for the McHenry County Department of Transportation produced by Oliver Serafini during the month of March.”

That was on Good Friday.

After fourteen days, I filed an appeal that the apparent denial of the requested information with the Attorney General’s office.

As of today, there still has been no response.

Arriving today, however, was the following letter from the Public Access Division to McHenry County:

The Public Access Bureau has received a Request for Review under section 9.5(a) of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) [FN1] alleging that McHenry County ( County) has not responded to the FOIA request listed above.

Copies of Mr. Skinner’ s FOIA request and his Request for Review by this office are enclosed.

As required by section 9. 5( c) of FOIA,[FN2] please advise this office within seven (7) business days whether you have received and responded to this FOIA request. Ifthe County has responded to Mr. Skinner’s April 14, 2017, FOIA request, please explain the timeliness of the County’s response indicating when the request was received, what date a response was issued to Mr. Skinner, and whether there were any extensions.

If you have not yet responded to this request, please respond to the requester and provide a copy of your response to this office.

A proper response under section 3 (d) of FOIA [FN3] may resolve this matter.

To the extent that the request is denied, however, the requester may file a new Request for Review challenging that denial.

= = = = =
FN1 5 ILCS 140/ 9. 5( a) ( West 2014). 25

FN2 ILCS 140/ 9. 5( c) ( West 2014). Section 3( d) of FOIA (

FN3 5 ILCS 140/ 3( d) (West 2014)) requires a public body to ” promptly, either comply with or deny a request for public records within 5 business days after its receipt of the request, unless the time for response is properly extended under subsection ( e) of this Section.”


Attorney General Public Access Division Asks County Government to Justify Lack of Response to Freedom of Information Request — 19 Comments

  1. Isn’t it obvious that the “Paranoid Prince” want to keep McHenry County in the dark about everything on his agenda? Thank God we have a few board members with some backbone that stand for truth, justice and the American way.

  2. So ironic! I was just wondering when Cal was going to comply with the investigation behind death threats made against the Chairman?

  3. How soon until Mark spams this post with plagiarized information? I give the under 2 hours.

  4. How can something be considered a death threat if the person’s name is never mentioned in the “threat”?

  5. Bada? Someone self-indentified with the word weasel. It’s a complete joke!

  6. So, you are questioning your States Attorney and Sheriff for looking into a death threat of a public official?

  7. Are the SA & Sheriff investigating a death threat made to Peter Austin? Are they guarding his home an family?

  8. Not sure Badabong,

    Even if they are guarding Austin, you fail to address the argument that Cal is deliberately withholding information from a States Attorney and Sheriff investigation.

  9. Cal was quick to provide names about Fukuoku – the rogue commenter who claimed that Lou Bianchi was corrupt – when the states attorney asked…

    Funny how the tune changes.

  10. How does “Moderate” know that Cal is “withholding information”?

  11. Jacko “The Lyin’ Jackal’ Franks might well be the same fake “Moderate” who, almost daily, displays his lamebrain biases and Saul Alinskyesque techniques.

    The Lyin’ Jackal hisses whenever he’s exposed:

    Here’s a semi-rare picture of palmier days for the Lyin’ Jackal, circa 2002, when he was a mere understudy of Mike ‘The Hyena’ Madigan … learning how to ‘catch’ carrion and other dainty dishes ….

  12. None of us know whether any investigators have even asked Cal for ip information about the so called ‘threats’ against Franks.

    They can obtain the information very easily if they want it.

    Bianchi obtained the real identity of Fukoku Kyohei through a lawsuit that he filed in US District Court.

  13. Ur right Billy Bob – I don’t have evidence to Cal witholding information beyond what was publicized in the paper: that our elected States Attorney and Sheriff we’re looking into the credibility of a threat.

    Is it really a leap of faith to conclude that after the Herald runs an article that the States Attorney and Sheriff are looking into the credibility of a threat they would ask Cal for information identifying the individual theatening elected officials for a $5k – $10k price tag?

    If the answer is, no, then the States Attorney and Sheriff are complicit in deliberately stalling this process, and I don’t think that you, Billy Bob, are accusing Bil Prim’s office of misleading the taxpayers to think there is an investigation where there is none.

    Therefore, Cal is withholding information and accusing Franks of doing the same.

  14. How can something be considered a death threat if the person never mentioned an actual threat like “I’m gonna kill or maim you, him or whatever”?

  15. @Moderate

    Investigators usually prefer to get their information straight from the host, not the person who runs the blog.

    There’s a lot more information available than a simple ip address, which is easy to fake in any case.

    Given the context, I can’t believe that any reasonable person would consider the two posts in question to be a credible threat.

    Jacko is either angling for sympathy or else he’s angling for a county car with driver.

  16. “Credible threats” sounds a lot like Todd Akin’s “legitimate rapes.”

    Had klaatu made a credible threat, the county would have shut that down!

    Where is klaatu anyway?

    He’s been oddly quiet since he made a not credible threat!

  17. You’re really, really grasping at straws.

    It’s crossed over into the comical stage, because I don’t believe that even you are that clueless.

  18. Looks like I triggered Billy Bob.

    Billy Bob, it’s a joke! Relax! I absolutely crossed into the comical stage!

    You sound like a whiney liberal.

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