Chuck Wheeler Sets Fundraiser

Chuck Wheeler

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler is planning a $60 per person fundraiser for May 5th from 5-7 at Stucky’s Bar & Grill near Angelo’s (next to the Raymond Bowl).

The address is 4000 N. Johnsburg Road, in Johnsburg.

The details are below:

Chuck Wheeler’s fundraising invitation.

Republican Precinct Committeemen, plus a guest, will get in for $30.


Chuck Wheeler Sets Fundraiser — 11 Comments

  1. Will the “round mound” attend?

    Will supporters of the “round mound” attend?

  2. One of the few true CONSERVATIVE Republicans in County politics, has voted consistently as a friend of all taxpayers.

  3. Voters of District 4 beware voters should reject Chuck Wheeler because of his record of playing politics instead of serving his constituents.

    Chuck Wheeler regularly holds up meetings, votes against common sense reforms all of which costs hardworking people dearly.

    Failing to listen to the people you serve will not be tolerated or rewarded. In January, Chuck Wheeler refused to give us residents the chance to vote on a property tax freeze referendum, but supported raising taxes just the month before.

    Chuck Wheeler will be on the ballot again in less than a year in Republican primaries trying for another disastrous term on the County Board.

    The voters should reject him.

  4. If Knowledgeable is so ‘knowledgeable’ can he / she can advise details of those “common sense reforms “?

    OR is he / she just another ‘shill’ for the “round mound”?

  5. Trolls are out in force on the blog.

    Chuck is a true conservative !!!

  6. Love it when Jacko’s supporters rip on Republicans for following county board processes.

    The tax freeze was tabled because Jacko was trying to ram it through.

    Had Jack followed the correct process, I’m sure the tax freeze resolution would have passed.

  7. Lynin’ Jack Franks supporters who are Progressives, have a group called “Indivisible” and they have a quota of how many ‘letters to the editor’ they must produce per month.

    That’s why you’ll see so many far out crazy LTE’s and posts on blogs and FB like Knowledgable’s.

    Fear not, our County Board member Chuck Wheeler is a Conservative and a true friend to the Taxpayers!

  8. Like Gasser, who’s been living off Tax dollars and never worked a real job in his Life?
    Your Sad Idea of a Tax Fighter Doesn’t even Pay Taxes So Where is His Real Vested Interest??
    It’s Obvious Most of you Have Never been to a county board meeting or you would hold elected officials accountable!
    And they let you have Kids?

  9. You should check your facts…Wheeler broke with other republicans on the board and voted to put that referendum on the ballot knowledgeable voter.

  10. Wheeler is a reasonable, intelligent fellow w/ the right instincts … T


  11. Great event, Chuck!

    Was never there til your fundraiser.

    Will take the family there.

    Keep us posted!

    You are stellar on the board.

    Keep up the good work!

    We need you there!

    Vote Chuck Wheeler.

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