Here is a comment from an owner of an establishment allowed to serve alcohol:

I was busted.

And they use an older looking kid they use others to distract you asking multiple questions.

I thought the guy was a drug user or homeless when all 4 walked in they were wearing really old baggy clothes looked mangy.

It’s completely intrapment when 4 actors dress up for a part I really thought it was an old man and I’m 30.

It doesn’t make much sense to me that it’s a Law that minors attempt to buy liquor but not if an officer is watching and aiding it.

A Law broken for a citation?

When they all say down then after awhile of browsing our menus they all needed to rush three money down asked for a quick cold one and I was eager to get them to leave because of how they were acting and how they were all dressed I knew something didn’t feel right.

I was right just for different reasons and outcome.

But I definitely felt like I was going to robbed not like it was a an I’d sting.

One of the underage girls was of to the side hiding behind my register and didn’t say a word the entire time.

Everyone at my work was happy I was ok.

After some of them witnessed how crazy the scene was one offered help when they all came in.


Entrapment? — 8 Comments

  1. Oh yes.

    More Revenue enhancing activity here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  2. Of course the nitwit progressive totally misses the point here. SHAME on them! Shame on them for their crooked entrapment procedures. Where are these peoples’ scruples that think this is a game? Just part of the new agenda outrageous junk they want you to accept. I am outraged that anyone lets them get away with such underhanded baloney tactics just so that they can feel important and secure in their nefarious jobs. Who is the real evil-doer here? Feel that boot on your face, yet?

  3. Have your accountant begin adjusting your Sales Tax Payable account in your books.

    Less money Government has, the less mischief they get into.

  4. Yet another example of “soft fascism” perpetrated by money hungry local governments,
    who waste the time and rescores paid for by the already overtaxed citizens.
    Does this business owner have video surveillance of the premises ?
    If so, it would be most interesting to see some pics of the incident,
    put it on YouTube for all to see.
    BTW, don’t count on any of the local media to investigate this matter,
    we all no that ain’t gonna happen.

  5. Next they’ll use Hollywood special effects/make up to ‘age’ 20 and a half year olds to appear as mid-thirty year olds.

    The States Atty needs to watch these crooked cops.

    Entrapment is no way to run these stings.

    Why aren’t the cops going after all the illegals who perpetrate real crimes!

    Oh, right, there’s no $ to be has w/ those, just a lot of paperwork.

  6. What a disgrace.

    I’m glad the worker spoke up and is supported by his own fellow workers.

    Cities are punishing their own taxpaying citizens and wondering why no-one trusts government or the police.

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