Reapportionment the Best Reason to Re-Elect Bruce Rauner

Governor Bruce Rauner is ramping up his campaign for re-election.

TV ads, fly-arounds, visits with local chambers of commerce, tours of factories, etc.

But, why would Republicans want to re-elect him?

Picture taken of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, Govenror Bruce Rauner and State Rep. Jack Franks at the Opera House, the site of the meeting that Local 150 charged that McHenry County Board members broke the Open Meetings Act, which cost McHenry County $25,000.  $25,000 was later (11-1-16) contributed to Jack Franks County Board Chairmanship campaign.

In McHenry County Rauner showed no concern for the Republicans at ground level fighting Democrat Jack Franks’ attempt to take over county government.

He signed the bill that gave more power to Franks–the power to cast a vote in case of ties.

Now, I’ll grants that its sponsorship by State Rep. Mike Tryon and State Senator Pam Althoff, both Republicans, might have confused  his staff.

And Rauner did display signs of bromance with Franks during now-State Rep. Steve Reick’s brave run against Franks in 2014.

But signing the bill certainly gave no reason for McHenry County Republicans to care whether he won in 2018 or not.

However, there is a big “HOWEVER.”

As inept as that bill signing was and as irritating as Rauner’s 2014 patting of Franks on the back was, if Rauner is not re-elected in 2018, Mike Madigan will again decide legislative boundaries.

Peter Michling was set to run against Franks in 2002, but, guess what?

Madigan, undoubtedly as Franks’ suggestion, put his home is another State Rep. district.

(That action could have resulted in Franks being featured in the John Oliver excellent report on reapportionment.  He cites a parallel situation in Brooklyn.)

In 2010, Franks again exercised the prerogative of being one of Mike Madigan’s members by excising the precincts he lost in Spring Grove to John O’Neil in the 2010 election.

Jack Franks 2012 district, redrawn to eliminate areas in Spring Grove where John O’Neill won in 2010.  Franks’ district is the one on the western part of McHenry County.

And those of us in the Crystal Lake area are continually reminded of how our area was carved into three state senate and state rep. districts by Madigan.

Crystal Lake is in three State Rep. and three State Senate districts.  The eastern side of Crystal is represented by State Rep. David McSweeney and State Senator Dan McConchie.  The southern regions have State Rep. Allen Skillicorn and State Senator Karen McConnaughay in Springfield. Starting in my precinct south of Crystal Lake (the lake) going north, the State Senator is Pam Althoff, which the State Rep. is Barb Wheeler.

So, reapportionment counts.

That’s why I shall be supporting Bruce Rauner for re-election.


Reapportionment the Best Reason to Re-Elect Bruce Rauner — 13 Comments

  1. Great piece, Cal.

    Nice use of the word bromance, too (considering the photo).

  2. I’ll vote for Rauner, but even if he reelected it won’t stem the tide
    of people and businesses abandoning Illinois in droves.
    Illinois will still be circling the drain fiscally, it’s only a matter
    of time until total collapse. In the interim, the already overtaxed citizenry
    of the state will continue to be the cash cow for Madigan and his DEMOCRAT pirates.

  3. Never say Never, Prairieburner.

    It all depends on who is running.

    I’d take Rauner over a Progressive/Liberal any day.

  4. Cindy,you should Think before you post, otherwise one could begin to believe you are cal skinner using a pen Name.

  5. That Chimpanzee portrait appears to be Biffing a supporter of extremely high Property Taxes.

  6. It’s the Kiss of death to be seen with these two.

    One is a Dem trying to run as a Republican and
    the other is a Dem trying to tell people he’s republican!

    You can get a more disingenuous duo to take a picture with!

  7. I wouldn’t vote for Bruce Rauner again under any circumstances.

    I vote for REPUBLICAN candidates, not for Billionaire Pro-Abortion Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Patronage-ridden RINOs…

  8. If the best reason to vote for Rauner is redrawing legislative districts in 2022, I think there’s going to be an enthusiasm gap in the next election.

  9. YouTube

    Last Week Tonight channel

    Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

    April 9, 2017

    “Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power.

    That’s unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.”

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