CL Park District Wants More Real Estate

When the Crytal Lake Park District bought the Christ farm at the intersection of Route 176 and Briarwood, Mrs. Christ did not sell her home and surrounding six acres.

Son Gary has lived there since his mother died.


CL Park District Wants More Real Estate — 6 Comments

  1. Following the example set by MCD?

    Just pain another $ million plus for a property!

    Buy more land!

    Taxpayers can afford it!

    They need it for Hackmatack!!

  2. When it comes to politicians and the power to tax and spend,
    more is NEVER enough.

  3. The CL park district wants to add a workout center and a water park long term. Getting the property would fit their plans.

    They almost purchased property off of Ackman road for this, but the sale fell through.

    The thing is the water park/ workout center would run a tab of $30 mil to $40 mil, and they would need a public approved bond issue to get that through.

    Would have a hard time with that…

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