Newly-Elected Algonquin Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow Selects Ryan Provenzano as Assiatant

Ryan Provenzano explaining Bruce Rauner’s 2014 campaign to Grafton Township Republicans.

Ryan Provenzano has been selected by Algonquin Township Supervisor-elect Chuck Lutzow to be his assistant.

Dianne Klemm, retiring Supervisor, has allowed him to work for her before Lutzow takes office on May 15th in order to learn the ropes.

Provenzano played a key role in the McHenry County polical operation for Governor Bruce Rauner.

He also managed the campaign for newly-elected McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett.

Jett received 66.8% of the vote to former Mayor Steve Cuda’s 33.2%.

Provenzano will be paid $13 per hour and will not receive health benefits.

He is replacing a woman earning $55 per hour.

He will participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, a requirement for all township officials who are not eleceted, according to Lutzow.


Newly-Elected Algonquin Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow Selects Ryan Provenzano as Assiatant — 13 Comments

  1. Abuses of taxpayer money such as displayed by some Townships will force politicians to put an end to all Townships.

  2. On one hand I’m disgusted that a son of the political elite is the recipient of a patronage gig.

    On the other hand, it’s $26,000 a year, which is about what that imbecile is worth.

    I’ll conflicted.

  3. Can’t any one in the Provenzano get a job legitimately on their own?!?

  4. Amazing!!!

    Why does a highly paid irrelevant public servant need an assistant?

  5. Why is no one outraged that we HAD been paying someone FIFTY-FIVE dollars an hour?

  6. I agree with Cindy; outrage is an understatement!

    Is this the position held by a 34 year, entrenched employee?, a FOIA of payroll might show wages calculated a la carte $ for every little task.

    Never would fly in the private sector. Does this person hold several job titles?

    Add them all together =?? $$$

  7. The post did not provide a litany on unreadable statistics, so I was immediately suspicious it wasn’t you Mark. Thank you for the clarification.

  8. Judith M. Kreklow: Open Books 2016 wages = $74,133.00

    She worked a 35 hour week and took minutes at the board meetings.

    That works out closer to $40.73

    Not sure what her starting rate was, but after all the years worked, normal cost of living could get wages to that rate.

    Ryan starting rate is a political game played by Chuck.

    Let’s see what it is in 3 month, 6 months, and 1 years.

    The rumored number is $28.00 and hour in the near future.

    Provenzano patronage at it’s finest.

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