The Roskam District Which Clinton Carried

Peter Roskam

In the fall election Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton carried Republican Congressman Peter Roskam’s district.

This is highlighted in the Cook Report’s “Partisan Voting Districts of the 115th Congress.”

The analysis shows “only 35 of 435 districts ‘crossed over’ to vote for presidential and House candidates of opposite parties.

Twenty-three have GOP congressmaen and twelve Democrats.

Clinton pulled seven percentage points more than Roskam.

The 17th District (northwestern Illinois) mirrored those results for Democratic Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

Democrats are already lining up to run against Roskam.

Amanda Howland gained 42% of the vote with this literature in her 2016 campaign against Peter Roskam.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business these are Roskam’s Democratic Party opponents:

  • Amanda Howland, a lawyer and psychologist who got 42 percent of the vote against him in 2016
  • Barrington Hills Planning Commission member Kelly Mazeski, a former state senate hopeful ex-financial consultant [she lost to Dan McConchie 59% to 41%]
  • Carole Cheney, who now works as district chief of staff for neighboring Congressman Bill Foster, D-Geneva
  • Maura Sullivan, a former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran who graduated from Northwestern University, got an MBA from Harvard University, and until recently was a senior public affairs official at the Pentagon (and “reportedly lives in Evanston”

Roskam told Crain’s,

“I did better than John McCain (when he was the GOP presidential nominee) and outdid Obama in Obama’s big year (2008,).

“I know the district and the playbook.”


The Roskam District Which Clinton Carried — 17 Comments

  1. Republicans and Tea Party advocates (conservatives) are leaving this state in droves.

    Should the remaining conservatives desire to stay AND make this a better State, they better get to work!!

    The “Indivisibles” / “communists” with the financial assistance of George Soros and others are well organized and have mounted campaigns which will blow away all Republican campaigns who appear to be sitting back thinking their job is done.

    We need to get conservatives to run against the Rinos for all offices up for election next March.

    Petition circulation will commence in September and parade season has started!

  2. @conservative voter states the obvious and I am in full agreement.

    As of late I have observed more house for sale signs going up aropund my neighborhood
    than in the past several years, it is absolutely astonishing.

    Quite simply, there is nothing left of Illinois worth saving.

    People realize this and are fleeing before the tax and spend DEMOCRATS destroy
    them financially by imposing ever increasing and burdensome property taxes which
    decimate both their savings as well as the value and equity they have in their homes.

    I have noticed the mood of people when out and about and it is not one happiness and

    People are very stressed out just trying to make ends meet and there clearly is no end
    in sight.

    Residents of this once great state have been reduced to existing as political
    prisoners and financial slaves of this DEMOCRAT controlled state.

    Expect the Great Exodus from Illinois to continue unabated, and may God help us all.

  3. It was REPUBLICAN Jim Edgar who signed the pension ramp scheme, er legislation, that screwed us all.

  4. Xout42 you are right, Big Jim Thompson groomed Edgar well.

  5. Hear the wave coming our way. Lean forward. Nancy Pelosi will be speaker again. 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. The State pensions were a scam almost since inception.

    A lousy state pension funding plan passed under Republican Governor Jim Edgar (PA 88-0593, a 50 year plan passed in 1994, the first 15 years being a ramp, the next 35 years being a “level” percent of payroll, to bring the system to 90% funding).

    Governor Jim Thompson proceeded Edgar.

    Thompson had no plan.

    Plus, Edgar was the Governor, but a Governor can’t pass legislation unless it is passed by the House and Senate.

    Democrat Michael Madigan was Speaker of the House in 1994.

    Republican James Pate Philip was President of the Senate in 1994.

    The pensions are a scam because benefits and salaries were continuously hiked while the benefits were already underfunded.

    That happened for decades.

    The practice escalated after the pension sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution.

    The pension sentence was approved by voters along with many other changes to the state constitution at a special election held on December 15, 1970 in which the only question was whether or not to approve the constitutional rewrite that was a result of the state Constitutional Convention.

    In large part because there were so many changes in that constitutional rewrite, the pension sentence did not receive enough scrutiny.

  7. Can you hear the wave? Lean forward as the wave whispers: “Health care for all Americans”. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. There are currently:

    67 State House Democrats

    51 State House Republicans

    118 State House Representatives


    That is a difference of 16.

    So if the State House Republicans pick up 9 seats, they will then be in the majority.


    The difference in the US House is 47.

    If the US House Democrats pick up 24 seats, they will be in the majority.


    The US Democrat party have targeted the 6th Congressional District currently held by Peter Roskam as a seat they believe they can pick up.

    The Democrats were reportedly hiring an organizer to work the 6th Congressional district.


    Chicago Tribune

    Roskam Among Republicans on Tightrope With Constituents Over Trump

    February 4, 2017

    by Katherine Skiba and Marwa Eltagouri

  9. Listen to the whisper: “Health care as a for-profit enterprise is immoral.” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. I’m happy to know that conservatism is dying.

    As the last of “greatest generation” finally croak and the boomers not far behind them the county will quickly move to the left.

    Good riddance conservatism! The same goes for religion.

    3 cheers for the youth of the nation!

  11. Keep sticking your thumbs in God’s eye and we will see who knows what.

  12. It is the quality of care and cost most consumers are most concerned with, not whether the healthcare organizations is for profit or not for profit.

    If non profits exclusively provided the best care at a reasonable price, there would be no for profit healthcare organizations.

    But that is not the case.

    Not to mention Mr. Llavona has demonstrated he doesn’t even know or will not acknowledge the difference between a profit and loss when commenting on the US Treasury investments in the US automotive manufacturers.

  13. What’s going on with Angel’s schtick. Is s/he retarded or something?

  14. Re: “Good riddance conservatism! The same goes for religion.”


    Unfortunately ‘Prairieburner’ is not a student of history or just simply wants to ignore reality.

    Conservatism is not dying, conservatives are leaving Illinois and taking their business (jobs) with them.

    Even the ‘left-leaning’ Metropolitan Planning Commission has published an article along these lines:

    The article refers to white people (which I consider racist) but in fact conservatives of all colors are leaving.

    Insofar as religion dying, good luck with that one.

  15. @ conservative voter – just wishful thinking from another Liberal/Leftist/Progressive/ DEMOCRAT
    who is clearly unhinged from reality.

    Our great institutes of education are cranking them out at record pace, and this state is
    full of them.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today, especially those who are in the teachers unions.

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