Conservation District Budget – Part 15 Cost Reduction Initiatives — 3 Comments

  1. Imagine if there were 579 taxpayer watchdogs averaging 12,540 hours per year.

    1,920 hours is a good year of working hours in private industry (48 weeks x 40 hours per week).

    Obviously some work more, some work less.

    12,540 conservation district volunteer hours / 1,920 hours = 6.5 watchdogs.

    Teachers have about the lowest hours per year, if they only work what is in the collective bargaining agreement (some work more).

    180 days x 8 hours per day (that’s more than what is in just about any teacher collective bargaining agreement) = 1,440 hours.


    158 deer were taken from McHenry County Conservation District property in 2016 at a cost of $300 per deer by USDA sharpshooters, totaling $47,400.

    The revenue in the hunting program of $41,875 was mostly from hunting permits?

    Some of those paying for a hunting permit, but not getting a deer, are probably not to happy about sharpshooters getting paid $300 per deer cull.

    Wonder how many deer kills resulted from the hunting permit program?

    Wonder how many of those sharpshooter deer were killed on hunting permit grounds (no idea what percentage of sharpshooter deer if any were taken on non hunting permit Conservation District property).

  2. For McHenry County residents the hunting fees range from $100 – $400.

    Non resident fees are double.

    Let’s take the lowest number.

    $41,875 / $100 = 418 permits.

    That would be a maximum 418 deer kills.

    Probably were a lot less as the countywide preliminary county was 938 for the 2016 – 2017 deer hunting season.

    10% were LW/CWD.

    CWD = Chronic Wasting Disease.

    What’s LW?


    The document says approved April 20, 2017, even though the URL lists a year of 2014.

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