Bob Miller Sends Letter Seeking Support for County Board Appointment

This letter from former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller was sent to McHenry County Board members this week:

Miller, who is husband to former McHenry County Board member Anna May Miller, seeks to fill out the final part of Andrew Gasser’s term.

Gasser defeated Miller for Highway Commissioner and played a key role in defeating his wife for re-election to the County Board last year.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks will make the appointment, which is subject to ratification by the McHenry County Board.

Franks has attended Miller’s fundraisers.

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Bob Miller Sends Letter Seeking Support for County Board Appointment — 22 Comments

  1. I’m Also good at hiring my family for $90,000 a year and cost the tax payers $400,000 a year.

    What a tool!!!

  2. All I can say to the County Board is go ahead and do it and you’ll fall out of your chairs like dandruff from a bad head of hair in the springtime.

    This year Primary season could be some new kind of interesting.

  3. Jesus Bob your done let it go your grand kids will be proud enough ……not

  4. I think Bob would be a great addition to the Board, I hope he is chosen.

  5. There is no shame to this liar.

    What a nerve he has to even think about this after what he just did to everyone in this county.

  6. Fred, are you serious?

    A nepotistic, union hog, opportunist would be good on the county board?

    You must be the wine OR cheese vendor he uses when he’s trying to fundraiser!

    Any self-respecting taxpaying citizen would never say they hope he gets on the board unless there’s something in it for them!

  7. I think Fred supplied the cheese to boobies fund raisers.

    Ain’t that tight Fred???

  8. And he only cut the levy by 10% because Gasser was running against him. Such a liar that guy is.

  9. The ony truth in this whole letter is when he says he has enjoyed the relationships he made politically.




  10. To all the County Board members that read this blog:

    DO NOT put Bob Miller on the board!

    The taxpaying citizens of District 1 and Algonquin Township voted out BOTH Anna May and Bob Miller.
    You all can be voted out, too.


    Your constituents have spoken.


    Are you listening?

    Mr. Franks are you listening?

    Ms. Barnes, Mr. Nowak, Mr. Wilbeck – NO Millers!

    District 2-6 are you listening?

    NO MILLERS in any elected or appointed positions anymore.

    They have been voted OUT.

  11. Yes, he will do a great job – of hiring all of his relatives.

    No thanks.

  12. It is not logical to expect human behavior to deviate from well documented past performance.

    Now that Township government is no longer more efficient and economical than County government we may assume that Townships will be done away with.

    Local history, as evidenced by McHenry County’s highest-in-nation mean/median/mode property tax rate of 3.7% of fair market value, indicates that County consolidation of power will result in corrupt waste and efficiency.

    Rather than waste time bemoaning that sorrow or begging/demanding that entrenched positions change, we might look for practical solutions given realities..

    1. Unincorporated areas are vulnerable to taxation for services by either corrupt (mandating charges for services far in excess of fair market private industry competitors’ rates) or inefficient (mandating charges for services far in excess of fair market value private industry competitors’ rates) public service provision by government bodies.

    2. If unincorporated property owners are too lazy and stupid to act in our own self defense, this is a deserved fate. Property tax capitalization acts like reverse compound interest: property values drop at alarming rates relative to all other property values in America. Property values here will predictably drop to the point at which all property ownership can be subsumed by local ministers, at which point they may predictably relax taxation to a point to favor their own positions.

    3. Solutions: neighborhoods form and hire (through competitive private bidding) snow plowing, road maintenance, and so forth on our own.

    4. Solutions II: neighborhoods incorporate as municipalities and contract with adjacent municipalities for services or hire privately without prevailing wage requirements.
    Bonus: TIF districts may be formed in which all property owners may be reimbursed incremental property taxation due to inflation for the next 35 years.

    5. Solutions III : neighborhoods opt out of any services provided by government. Define ‘worst possible case scenario”. Leave street unplowed, ,unmowed, potholes unoatched?… Will State forces be brought to bear? Maybe ‘somebody else’ can be made to pay for road clearing at local levels.

    “Looking out for number one and number one’s immediate intimates” seems to be the lesson we taxpayer idiots should learn from this experience.

    Time to let go of naive notions that organisms like those which have brought our County to this state will change.

    Time to let go of naive notions that new organisms elected to replace old organisms will be free of human motivations greed and fear, and behave differently.

    The only relevant question we now face, in my opinion is:

    What unemotional, systematic solution will enable each individual homeowner to survive another decade here?


  13. @Susan,

    I read and appreciate your posts, very intelligent to say the least.

    The question at the end of your fine post is answered by the first
    line of your post:

    “It is not logical to expect human behavior to deviate from well documented past performance”.

    All one need do is apply this sentence to
    Illinois politicians, primarily the Democrat party, and therein is your answer … and
    the problem.

  14. Susan have you missed the fact that there is a county NDR program?

  15. None Dedicated Road program is a county driven deal to get those roads townships maintained.
    $8 mil to start with my conservative est it will cost over $50 mil before completely done.
    That will effect what you proposed to a degree.

  16. this family cant let it go!!!!!

    you guy’s have been exposed as crooks, manipulators , and liars.

    Cant we move on????, your entire family are pathetic narcissists.

    People are talking about the sons in-law needing work, these guys took jobs from our families , took money from our kids, now they cry foul???


    Enjoy the Frankenstein’s you have created, and stop your crying

  17. You are all Self Serving Idiots.

    It’s Easy to Figure out who you really are.

    Most of you have several stage names Mark/Nancy and others.

    What a pitiful joke this blog is!

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