Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District Pages 22-24

Thought readers might be interested in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” that outgoing Algonquin Township Road Commissioner signed with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

I’ll run a couple of pages a day.

The comments should be interesting.


Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District Pages 22-24 — 8 Comments

  1. You can get unlimited talk and text for $25/month from AT&T.

    You can do a lot better than that from some of the small prepaid companies.

    For $100/year, you can get a service plan from Tracfone that includes 800 minutes.

    That should be more than enough for a year’s worth of overtime and call-back assignments.

    Why should the road district pay for their employees’ data plans?

  2. Why do average Americans disrespect union workers….

    read the contract….

    work clothes???

    $50 per month for cell phones….


  3. Once the bargaining unit goes below 10, I believe that management can decertify the union.

    Look into it, Andy.

  4. Can’t union employees be fired?

    So, then they would have to fight for their jobs back?

    Then it could take the burden off Gasser if someone else makes him keep “bad” or controversial employees?
    Does it save on payroll during the potentially long process?

    Maybe rids us of questionable employees in the end?

    How else can you go below 10 to lose union status?

    Aren’t there many, many great non-union people seeking jobs unable to apply to a “union shop”?
    Just asking…not versed in union tactics or rules.

  5. The public was never presented with a before and after picture.

    Meaning, before the collective bargaining agreement (cba), here were the employee’s pay, benefits, perks, etc.

    After the cba, here are the employee’s pay, benefits, perks, etc.

    That is true in every case, or almost every case, when a cba is signed, or a new cba is negotiated.

    The system is rigged against the taxpayer.

    The transparency is awful.

    There are many common sense reforms that could be implemented.


    Firing employees without cause is one reason employees want union representation.

    By immediately firing the employees immediately after taking office as elected Highway Commissioner, Mr. Gasser justified in the minds of the employees, one reason for organizing, and gave the union a reason for organizing future bargaining units.

    Maybe he had a legitimate reason, such as he thought the cba was not legitimate or some other reason, but that hasn’t been shared with the public.


    Labor law in Illinois is complex.

    With the addition of a union bargaining unit and cba, it becomes more complex.

    Typically in negotiating a labor agreement and in hiring / firing, a human resources specialist and / or a lawyer specializing in labor law is consulted.

    Depending on the situation, it can sometimes take years for management to terminate an employee for cause covered by a cba.


    One might disagree with some of the laws currently in place, but unless they change, its best to understand and work within the current system.

  6. I recall reading that the lower limit for bargaining unit size was recently dropped to five, but i can’t remember where I saw that. I’ll try to find it when I get some time.

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