Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District Pages 27-31

Thought readers might be interested in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” that outgoing Algonquin Township Road Commissioner signed with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

I’ll run a couple of pages a day.

The comments should be interesting.

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Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District Pages 27-31 — 24 Comments

  1. According to the Northwest Herald, the Illinois Labor Relations Board certified the union membership on April 10th.

    The “Collective Bargaining Agreement” was finalized within fifteen days, on April 25th, by the sole authority of Highway Commissioner Bob Miller. Is that a new world record for the negotiation of a union contract?

    Did Bob Miller have any legal representation to negotiate on behalf of the taxpayers? Is this even a valid document?

    Time will tell, I suppose. And by “time,” I expect it will exceed fifteen days.

  2. The whole things a joke!!!!

    Bob is a snake that finally got its head cut off.

  3. This seems to be a relevant decision.

    Note the statement

    “Further, the PAC held that Section 2(c)(2) of the OMA (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2)) contains its own provision excepting a public body’s internal discussions of collective bargaining negotiations from discussion in open session, but all other requirements of the OMA still apply (i.e., notice, minutes, presence of quorum) during such discussions.”



    “In response to the allegations, the District cited Section 18 of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (115 ICLS 5/18), which exempts collective bargaining negotiations from the provisions of the OMA.

    “The District argued that the discussions that took place on April 1 were a part of the collective bargaining negotiations and therefore exempt from the OMA requirements.

    “The District emphasized that such discussions were essential for the negotiations team to engage in effective collective bargaining with the union.

    “Moreover, requiring compliance with the OMA for all portions of negotiations other than direct talks with the union is impractical.

    “Such a requirement would dramatically hinder a district negotiating team’s ability to prepare for and respond to negotiation events.

    “The PAC disagreed with the District’s arguments and ruled that the April 1 meeting violated the OMA because Section 18 of the IELRA does not expressly refer to discussions concerning collective bargaining negotiations.

    “In the PAC’s view, the only time Section 18 of the IELRA exempts the negotiations team from the requirements of the OMA is when the District is in the same room as the union and engaged in negotiations.

    “Further, the PAC held that Section 2(c)(2) of the OMA (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2)) contains its own provision excepting a public body’s internal discussions of collective bargaining negotiations from discussion in open session, but all other requirements of the OMA still apply (i.e., notice, minutes, presence of quorum) during such discussions.

    “The PAC reasoned that if Section 18 of the IELRA renders OMA inapplicable to discussions related to collective bargaining matters, then Section 2(c)(2) of the OMA would be superfluous.

    “In its decision, the PAC disregards the difference between general board discussions that generally discuss the status of collective bargaining with negotiations team meetings that are necessary to react to, debrief from, and prepare for bargaining sessions with the union.”

  4. Please, someone read Rauner’s executive order and understand that there is no reason to even be in a union. They cannot “get” anything that non-unions workers would also “get”. This makes unions a moot point. Why would anyone pay dues for something that everyone would benefit from? It’s a total con game played by your “such a wonderful guy” ex commissioner. Truth will out every one of these slimey swamp characters.

  5. There is a time limit to file OMA complaint, has any Algonquin citizen done so?

  6. Actually McHenry County Blog was the first to reveal the signing date.

  7. It isn’t on posted minutes or agenda for Algonquin township April or may.

    What is deadline for filing oma complaint?

    How many months?

  8. OMA violation is germane.

    Actions undertaken by a board in violation of OMA may be overturned in civil suit.

  9. So who is going to step out and file a claim?

    (I meant that it is written in the FOIA part. Didn’t think that was germane.)

  10. I recently had a conversation with a current Twp. employee.

    Some facts that you all might want to know CBA follows the already in place employee manual that was in place for many years.

    Wage scale does not come anywhere near prevailing wage.

    In fact it is one of if not the lowest wage scales of any area bargaining unit.

    And quite honestly anyone who suggests that the agreement somehow contributes to your high taxes is just missinformed.

    It was initiated by the employees not Mr. Miller.

    It was done by them to offer some protection to them from a person who has vowed to consolidate them out of their jobs.

  11. The employee handbook, and employee benefits handbook, can be obtained by submitting a FOIA request, requesting an electronic (not paper) copy of those documents.


    Even if everything were equal between the two, an Illinois collective bargaining agreement (cba) changes the employer / employee relationship, compared to an employee handbook.

    That is due to the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, arbitration, mediation, etc.

    The Illinois Public Labor Relations Board websites is a good resource.


    Public education (kindergarten – 12 grade, community college, university) falls under the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA) & Illinois Educational Labor Review Board (IELRB).

    There is thus a separate set of laws for education labor relations in Illinois.


    One would have to read the law to interpret if the collective bargaining agreement was required to be approved by the township board.

    The elected road commissioner is unique in that there is a separate levy for the road district, and the road district itself does not have a board.

    On the other hand, it seems the township board does approve the road district budget.

    One could contact the Liberty Justice Center for an interpretation.

    They may or may not have time to look into the matter.


    The Liberty Justice Center, along with the National Right to Work Legal Foundation, is representing Mark Janus in the Janus v AFSCME case.

    That case resulted from the Rauner Executive Order to prohibit requiring an employee to pay the union as a condition of employment (the unions refer to such fees as “fair share” fees).

    About half the states have laws mandating such fees.


    The case is being appealed to the US Supreme Court.


    Another case regarding fair share fees is Freidrich v California Teachers Association.

    Justice Scalia passed away before a decision was made in that case, resulting in a draw, which meant Freidrich did not prevail.

    Subsequently, Judge Neil Gorsuch, nominated by President Trump, has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

    That makes it more likely Janus will prevail.

  12. Another example of new dynamics resulting from the cba is IUOE Local 150 filing grievances against the Township Road District.

    The grievance process is different after a cba is signed.

  13. this family cares only about its financial gains from our township , we clearly know who put this ridiculous contract together, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    If you think for one minute we (community) will fall for your shenanigans again your wrong, we will stand strong against your tyranny, your bullying ways , and your entire families deceit , stop trying to screw the tax payers you proclaim to respect. we have given you the opportunity to admit ,your wife’s salary , your son-in-law’s salary , and video performance was not excepted, but you stuck to your guns are disrespected the tax payers, how could you possibly ask to be appointed to another government position with all the truths that have come out about you ,a and your crony doings????

    Again your taking bad advice from your other rotten apples’

  14. If an OMA violation compliant is filed and prevails, the bargaining unit can take up the issue again with the elected official in charge of Algonquin Twnshp. at such time as the issue is properly noticed for public review.

  15. Got some addresses of rental homes that have Homestead Exemptions?

  16. Well, as one example which merits investigation, the address given for a winning Woodstock D200 school board candidate was listed as owned by other named individuals taking a homestead exemption.

    Whose responsibility is it to investigate?

  17. I’m sure if assessor offered rewards for successful discovery of property tax fraud, there would be plenty of discovery available.

  18. Could try the County State’s Attorney’s office, County Board of Elections, State Board of Elections, Edgar County Watchdogs, Better Government Association, Illinois Policy Institute, or Citizen’s Advocacy Center (Elmhurst).

    Someone should be able to help.

    It seems like Edgar Count Watchdogs just reads the laws and tries to figure things out themselves.

  19. That’s all I do, read the law and try to figure out by myself.
    but what am I going to do in this case, I have no access to investigate details of private lodging residents like assessors have.
    If taxpayers want to start calling assessor and insist that they investigate or enforce the law, it would benefit all taxpayers.
    otherwise I predict some attorney will make a killing on qui tam litigation.
    One year the lawyer will make big dough (half taxpayer money) but thereafter taxpayers will benefit as tax evasion is rooted out.

  20. No morals, no scruples, no integrity and dumber than a box of hammers – people break laws all the time (Some don’t even know it.). What a terrible world we have become when we have to tattle on others because no one knows all the laws. How many times have you seen trash bins on the street before the “legal” time to put them at the curb? Or seen them days later STILL on the curb? How many of your neighbors have visible trash receptacles? How many people don’t even know, have a clue,or don’t care that there are ordinances against these things? How many times have you seen people walk their dogs or cats but no leash? How many people have you seen talking on their phone or texting while driving? These things are all covered by laws and still there are scoflaws. Yet, you expect land owners to know all the ins and outs of renting and taxation laws. Good luck with that.

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