Jack Franks’ Plan to Cut County Taxes by 10%

Here are the numbers in McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ plan to cut taxes by 10%:

Jack Franks says he will “CUT Property Taxes NOW 10%.”

Unlike the message received from his campaign, however–Cut 10–if the County Board passes this proposal, a homeowner’s taxes will only be cut 1%.


Jack Franks’ Plan to Cut County Taxes by 10% — 9 Comments

  1. Can he show me one union that has offered to reduce their contract by ten percent?

  2. If you cut the Social Security fund isn’t that like not making payments like the General Assembly does to the pension funds?
    Cutting funds for roads in the long run could cost us more.
    Cutting funds for bridges when many are bordering on failure, is that logical?

  3. How much has Jack cutting out of his department?

    Now there is a good question.

  4. Questioning, would you volunteer to have your wages cut, especially if the non union employees and management didn’t have to?
    Has anyone even asked the employees to consider wage cuts or even freezing wages for a few years?
    Quite a few issues ago I suggested a 5% reduction in the pension funds instead of taxing retirement income.
    I’d be willing to participate in that reduction, but when I asked Cal if he would, a great silence occurred.
    Volunteerism is almost a dead thing in this country sadly!

  5. You could come to the Nunda Township Hall this morning and help give away food.

  6. Need more information.

    Are these scheduled bond payments that are to be cut?

    If so, then there is a planned bond refunding which would change the existing debt service schedule?

    If so, is it in conjunction with the bond issue for the Route 23 & I-90 interchange?

    What is the estimated bond issue, and interest, and timing, for the county portion of the Route 23 and I-90 interchange?

    The county should present taxpayers with easy to read consolidated information about the current annual debt service schedule, itemizing principal, interest, and total annually, for the life of existing bonds.

    The county should present taxpayers with easy to read information about pension and OPEB unfunded liabilities.

    Without full disclosure of those items it is easy to trick the taxpayer into an unsustainable tax cut.

  7. What about all the County Departments?

    No one has any excess in their Budgets?

    It really should be Cut 20!

  8. This would only be for one year. If your taxes are 7,000 next year you may get charged $70 less. Then watch it go right back up!

    Fierabras, is right. Franks, You’ve tripled the cost of your office!

    Get rid of your two illegal patronage hires, NOW!

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