2012 Disneyland Tickets Put on Bob Miller’s Algonquin Township Road District Credit Card

Looking at former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s township American Express credit card statements is getting curiouser and curiouser (with apologies to Lewis Carroll).

First it was an expensive purse found on a credit card statement attached to the suit from current Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

Disneyland castle.

Now, as a result of a Freedom of Information request filed with Algonquin Township, two tickets to Disneyland featuring a Monsters Inc. character, Sully, have appeared.

Page three was not attached to the American Express credit card bill.

Here is the American Express Credit Card statement:

Now we know why Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon mentioned “trips to Disnyland” in Judge Michael Caldwell’s courtroom yesterday much to the surprise of Miller attorney Thomas Gooch.

Somewhere I read about a case in which a mayor of some city near Peoria used his city credit card to gamble on the local river boat casino.

I think he ended up losing his pension.


2012 Disneyland Tickets Put on Bob Miller’s Algonquin Township Road District Credit Card — 40 Comments

  1. This has to be some kind of joke, I am in shock.

    What is going to be the next discovery, that the people of the Algonquin Township paid for their F-ing underwear?

  2. Cal – I think it was the Pekin mayor who used his town credit card but paid it off right away with no interest and was convicted of a felony for each time he misused his card.

  3. Now, losing his pension would be a real kick in the teeth!

  4. Losing his pension should be the least of his worries.

    Many of the charges on that statement seem bogus.

    This is well into felony territory.

    Take his pension, lock him up, and make him pay restitution.

    Btw, I surely hope the clerk is in the indictment as they signed off on this.

  5. Is there a status on emails regarding union negotiation?

    Will this become a federal issue for credibility due to past accommodations the McHenry County legal system has provided to the Miller family in the past?

  6. People who work in the private sector would be fired and also prosecuted for doing such.

    I wonder how long this goes back.

    I think a audit of the personal expenses should go through out Miller’s entire time of service and he should pay back the county plus interest in addition to losing his pension and all benefits.

  7. Who is following up on the aspect of taxable fringe benefits: in the case of improperly classified ‘expenses’, how much is owed to IRS and by whom?

  8. This is just the pinnacle of the iceberg’s tip.

    Donna Shafer is another township supervisor that should be investigated!

    They are ALL So CORRUPT.

    nd the ‘judicial system’ here is part of the bigger problem.

    Judge Slimiel is example no 1

  9. Can’t get over this, this family has portrayed the role of good citizens all the while filling their pockets, friens,families,neighbors,and all associated with these people should be careful not to allow them to draw you into to this mess

  10. I knew a gentleman who used to exchange his business first class tickets for coach and keep the difference.

    He was prosecuted for tax evasion for not reporting it.

    He escaped jail time but was heavily fined, had to pay it all the taxes and did extensive community service.

    The point is that there may be some similarities here.

  11. More and more to come!

    Now we know why The Miller “gang” fought so hard!

    Remember, if you supported and voted for The Miller Machine, you are also at fault!!

    We have been hearing about this for years!

    Now it is proven! Shame on the voters for letting this trash in!

  12. Who is countersigning the approval to authorize cutting the check to pay the AMEX bill?

    It looks like they are going to need a forensic audit performed if this isn’t turned over to the criminal justice system.

  13. Sickening!!!! But that’s why Miller lost. Too many people got wise to his deceptive wiles at our expense.

    Start investing Nunda, Grafton and McHenry Townships for more of the same sleaziness!

    Townships are parasites:

    “Series of arrests in Metro East: Illinois’ Metro East area was also in the spotlight for corruption this year, as eight public officials were arrested on corruption charges. Those arrested included an East St. Louis councilwoman, two East St. Louis Township trustees and a St. Clair County Board of Review member. The charges include official misconduct, bribery, forgery and using public resources for personal gain.

    The East. St. Louis Township supervisor was also arrested and pleaded guilty to wire fraud for using the township credit card to pay for personal expenses, including a trip to Las Vegas.”


  14. At this time in history, God is exposing ALL wickedness. Luke 12:2

  15. Let’s not forget that the dudes from the Fed SS took junkets to Vegas as so called training classes.

    We, including me, were sleeping, but since the economic turn down things have change.

    All gov needs changes, but please lets consider all before doing something that could cost us more in taxation.

  16. Actually, Eric, the union contract does have Alg. Twnshp taxpayers paying for underwear.

    Long underwear, but still, not taxpayers job to provide!

  17. You are an idiot [still], nob.

    You can do nothing about federal.

    You CAN do something about local.

    For you to stand down now with the stupid excuse you are making is really, well stupid.

    Drain your own swamp.

    Clean up your own house.

    THAT is how things get done.

  18. Funny how the Miller supporters can still keep deflecting so much even after this is all coming out!

  19. Joe all the info isn’t out yet and the speculation has gone ramped about what will occur.

    Cindy the off story stuff happens all the time and you’re guilty of it also.

    Why single me out when I was adding to what previous commenters posted?

    We can control all gov by being able to vote on taxation and spending/levies.

    IMO in this case hatters and supporters are going to be disappointed with the results and the lawyers will be smiling big time.

    Waste in gov can be reduced if they know we control the purse strings.

  20. I am not defending the Millers in anyway but in 2012 it was probably legal to purchase the tickets with TWP money, not morally .

    the laws have been changed to put a stop to this kind of abuse .

    I think the IRS should be the one to investigate not some of the local yokels that the Miller’s seem to be friends with.

  21. I didn’t know there were any hatters still alive.

    Is that perhaps why you are mad as a hatter because you don’t understand ethical or moral behavior?

  22. Not enough info yet Luv.

    Once it’s all out I’ll give a honest opinion.

  23. If they bought tickets for the kids that would be bad but if they are there at that conference for what looked like a week and they went and the twp is paying for the whole event and they can’t go home at night, it seems legit for them to see Disneyland and charge to the Township.

    Besides the whole Town Board approved the expenditures.

    Funny how gasser had copies of the tickets so fast after claiming all records were missing, could this have been in the box he mailed to Himself?

    Gee, how did Cal get them so Fast?

    As a matter of fact why did the Township even have the copies of the Tickets?

    Oh, wait, I Know!

    Miller attached the tickets to the payment request for the whole Town board to see AND APPROVE, undoubtedly as part of the conference expenses, ( ever hear of per diems ) so nothing was hidden the expenses were approved in a public meeting.

    End of big deal……..sorry cal.

  24. Actually Cal and Andrew and the tea party whack jobs did win on this one.

    They issued enough libelous statements to prevent Miller’s appointment to the county board.

    Now however it becomes Miller’s turn and the lawyers are gonna feed off all the taxpayers, lots of people getting sued by the injured and libeled on this one, you think your email addresses are safe with Cal when they are after him for money, don’t get on it you folks with nasty pens, see what happens now

    Hey Cal, does a gossip blog like yours get insurance for defamation like a newspaper does?

  25. There are very specific guidelines for per diem, which do not appear to include entertainment . See irs guidelines for Taxable Fringe Benefits.

    I believe the max per diem for identified high cost areas in 2014 was $216.

    Per Diem Reimbursement

    A per diem system is a daily allowance to pay for lodging, meal and incidental expenses
    while traveling on business. The amount of the expenses reimbursed under a per diem
    allowance method will be deemed substantiated without receipts, provided the
    requirements of the regulations are met. Reg §1.62-2(h)(2)(i)(B)

    Federal Per Diem Rate

    Federal per diem rates include separate rates for lodging and for meals and incidental
    expenses (M&IE). These rates apply to employees of the Federal government, and also
    establish the maximum amounts for different geographical areas that can be excluded
    per day for lodging, meals and incidental expenses (M&IE). An annual notice provides
    per diem rates for expenses incurred while traveling away from home. This includes
    alternate per diem rates, including a special transportation industry rate, an incidental
    expenses only rate, and rates for a high-low substantiation method. This notice is
    provided on-line as IRS Publication 1542; see also Revenue Procedure 2011-47 and
    Notice 2013-65 for special rules.

    Lodging includes only the cost of the lodging itself. Room tax and energy surcharges
    are not considered part of the lodging cost. Reg §1.162-2(a); RR 2011-47
    M&IE includes meals, tips and fees for food and luggage-handling services.
    An employer is not required to reduce the M&IE even if meals are provided in-kind to
    the employee, if the employer reasonably believes that the M&IE will be incurred.
    Employers may use lower per diem rates than the Federal rates. The accountable plan
    rules apply in the same manner in these cases. If a rate higher than the Federal rate is
    used, the excess is taxable as wages.

  26. And it seems odd that the township board would need to approve per diems but not a union contract obligating future budgets?

  27. “Doodie” = Anna May Miller?!

    All this preposterous justification of the unjustifiable!

    Maybe the Miller mopes should all move to Panama.

    Algonquin is no longer a banana republic fit for their familial, dynastic plucking.

    Millers please leave.

    Find a non-extraditable place to flee to.


    The Comoros?


    Get out and stay out!

  28. Anyone who is arguing that tickets to Disneyworld when you’re in Orlando to attend a conference needs to go work on the private sector.

    A $200 perdiem is unheard of.

    If you’re attending a conference at a hotel, most of your good and beverages would be covered either by the conference or exhibitors.

    And if not $60 a meal is ridiculous.

  29. On top of that, if the conference is going on, you should be attending it. If it’s over, go home.

    You don’t get to tack on a day to go to Disneyworld and if you do, YOU need to pay for the ticket, your food and your hotel room.

    And don’t get me started on the designer purses and gift gards.

  30. I’m thinking Doodie is Millers attorney.

    He’s on another group saying the same nonsense.

  31. Be interesting to see if there is more of this skullduggery.

    Sorry Cindy, not sure if that is spelled right.

  32. This is just one more reason that this entire layer of government should be eliminated.

    The whole township system is corrupt and is another entity that sucks money from the taxpayers.

    I for one will OUT of this state as so many others due to the incredible waste, fraud, and severe taxation.

    Only 32 months until retirement and we’re gone!

  33. That attitude punishes those who stay to fight/cannot afford to leave.

    If you took time to voice that opinion, why not take a little more time and participate in meaningful efforts to fight back/ fight to defend those being destroyed by a few bad actors in this corrupted system?

  34. Use this as an example of why:

    – Credit card statements should be included in board agenda packets

    – Board agenda packets should be posted at least 48 hours prior to board meetings

    Also, board agenda packets should be searchable and allow copy and paste (copy from the packet and paste to another document to consolidate information.

    – A taxpayer watchdog should scan the agenda packet prior to the board meeting.


    Disneyland (this expense) is in California.

    Disney World is in Florida.


    The Township Clerk is historically the Ex-Officio clerk of the Road District.

    Not sure if that was the case for this particular credit card approval, as there is no printed name under the signature (nor was there a slot for printed name – a flaw of the form).

    The Township Clerk at the time was Marc Munaretto.


    Will be interesting to the story for the the ticket purchase on the township credit card.

    Was it a travel expense, reward, reimbursed by someone personally, etc.


    The general IRS rule for a business expense is that it is ordinary and necessary.

    Disney tickets fail both of those criteria.

    How would one justify to taxpayers that Disney tickets are an ordinary or necessary expense.

  35. The whole story will take time to come out.

    I was told the “purse” or tote is still at the township not taken as personal property.

    Who removed the records and why?

    That’s the real story here.

    Until some proof of payment by the township is linked to the charge on the card I withhold judgement.

  36. LOL, Mark, for pointing out the difference between the two Disneys.

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