GOP Recommends Either Dave Stieper or Ralph Sasso to Replace Andrew Gasser on County Board

A press release from McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado:

County Board Vacancy District 1

Sandra Salgado

The McHenry County Republican Party is excited to announce our two candidate nominees for the County Board vacancy in District 1.

Mr. Gasser served the citizens of McHenry County with Republican integrity and values and his service to the public in this role has been greatly appreciated.

McHenry County Republicans look forward to seeing Mr. Gasser bring those same virtues to his new role in Algonquin Township with much success.

After the McHenry County Republican Central Committee interviewed several candidates who expressed interest in filing the position of McHenry County Board member in District 1.

We are bringing forward David Stieper and Ralph Sesso to the McHenry County Board Chairman for consideration and anticipate the appointment of one of these excellent candidates at the June 2017 McHenry County Board meeting.

Each of these individuals will represent the same conservative values as outgoing Board member Andrew Gasser and will serve as leaders within the Republican Party.

Both Mr. Stieper and Mr. Sesso have strong business background and will work with the County Board and County Board Chairman to reduce the size of government, be good stewards of tax payer dollars and be active members within the McHenry County Republican Party.

We look forward to the Chairman of the County Board bringing forth one of these gentlemen at the June board meeting for appointment as there is a need to give this district full representation in a timely fashion.

McHenry County Residents in District 1 deserve to have the Republican nominee seated to begin work on their behalf as soon as possible.

Below is information on both Republican Party nominees:

Ralph Sesso

Ralph Sasso

Ralph founded Redwood Partners in 1998 after personally participating in over 150 mutual to stock conversions. He has been an active investor in financial institutions for over 20 years.

He is the editor of UP Your ROE, a book he compiled with the help of 9 subject matter experts on how banks can improve their equity.

Mr. Sesso has his extensive business experience having founded a variety of real estate ventures and businesses beginning in 1976.

Through the interviewing of hundreds of bank executives over a period of 17 years Ralph has developed a unique understanding of banks and thrifts.

Mr. Sesso holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Illinois University, a CFP and advises several family offices on both financial institutions and complex financial matters.

David Stieper

David Stieper

Since 2014, David served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Village of Barrington Hills. From 2005 through 2011, he served on the Plan Commission for the Village of Barrington Hills.

From 2009-2011 he was Chairman of the Barrington Hills Plan Commission.

As a Plan Commission member he updated the Village’s Comprehensive Plan and instituted various new procedures and standards for applications of subdivision and development.

Currently, he is active in assisting the update and overhaul of the Village’s zoning code.

= = = = =
Stieper also ran in the Republican Primary Election for County Board in 2014.

He had what I thought was the best mailing of the year:

McHenry County Board candidate David Stieper used the image of a gravy train to symbolize his opposition to County Board members getting pensions and health insurance for the $21,000 part-time positions.

Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller has expressed his desired to replace Gasser, sending a letter and resume to those who have the final say, the 23 members of the McHenry County Board.

Board Chairman Jack Franks, who has attended the Miller wine and cheese fundraiser numerous times has been thought to want to offer Miller as his nominee to replace Gasser


GOP Recommends Either Dave Stieper or Ralph Sasso to Replace Andrew Gasser on County Board — 10 Comments

  1. Oh I don’t think Franks will be saying that he wants a Miller on the board out loud after what’s coming out. (If he has half a brain)

  2. Either would be OK, although I lean to Sesso given his background in the real world.

    One appointee who should never be is Bob “Disneyland” Miller! He tried to make Algonquin his very own Fantasyland of Corruption, now wants the taxpayers to cover his and his once high-paid wive/ex-Township “secretary” medical insurance.

  3. Cal, I believe you are remiss in not disclosing David Stieper’s curriculum vitae.

    He earned his undergraduate degree from Lake Forest College, his MBA from Illinois Benedictine University and his Juris Doctorate from Kent College of Law.

    He has been practicing law for 27 years in the disciplines of business related activities including advisory services.

    County residents should be pleased to have two qualified individuals who have stepped up to the plate for consideration as a McHenry County Board Member!

  4. I published the press release sent by the GOP.

    Feel free to add additional information.

    Stieper could also send a letter with his resume and reason for wanting to serve on the Board to all the members, just as Bob Miller did. Bob mentioned in his letter that he was going to call each of them as well.

    I would be pleased to publish those, as I did Bob’s.

  5. I don’t see our watered down/homogenized MCGOP ever getting behind a guy like Dave Steiper.

    Though they absolutely should!

    Dave is not exactly the “go softly into that good night” type of pseudo-Republican that seems to be so prevalent nowadays…

    Dave does not capitulate!

    Dave is a no-nonsense, “take the bull by the horns” type who will call people out and hold them accountable…

    Dave Steiper is a true Republican.

    A Ronald Reagan type.

    And that doesn’t seem to be too popular in our local Republican party…

    But, no doubt he would be a Rock Star on that County Board!

  6. Re: “I don’t see our watered down/homogenized MCGOP ever getting behind a guy like Dave Steiper”

    But they did!

  7. Will Mr. Serwatka now call his ‘friend’ the “round mound” and tell him to select Mr. Steiper?

  8. Do applicants have to swear a Loyalty Oath to The Little Liar?

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