Hultgren Reacts to Congressional Shooting

Congressman Randy Hultgren isn’t old enough to remember the 1954 shooting from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives, but I am.

That unsuccessful assassination attempt wounded five congressmen and I still remember that they were Puerto Rican nationalists.

This time the assailant was a volunteer for Leftest Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Here is Congressman Hultgren’s statement:

Hultgren Statement on Alexandria Shooting

Washington, DC —U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) released a statement following the Alexandria, VA shooting targeting Members of Congress:

Randy Hultgren

“Today Democrats and Republicans came together in the U.S. Capitol to pray for our colleagues, staff, U.S. Capitol Police and all affected by this senseless and tragic shooting in Alexandria.

“Our prayers go out to Whip Scalise and his family, and the families of the staffers and police officers injured by the actions of this disturbed gunman.

“I am deeply appreciative of the professionalism of local law enforcement and the U.S. Capitol Police, and their commitment to public safety.

“Without their presence and quick action at the baseball field, this attack could have been much worse.

“We are still learning the motivations of the shooter.

“Regardless of his motivations, I strongly defend freedom of speech, and that will never include someone using violence to promote their political beliefs.

“Peaceful resistance has always been a part of our country’s fabric.

“In this heightened time of tension and emotion, any and all encouragement by fringe groups to carry out violent behavior and attacks must cease.

“It’s time to put aside malice and pursue peaceful disagreement and civil discourse.”


Hultgren Reacts to Congressional Shooting — 5 Comments

  1. Maybe now Randy will put his support behind reciprocal concealed carry!

    One of the Congressional ball players has already stated he will start to carry to practice!

    Thank God Scalise was there with two armed officers!!!

  2. Has anyone heard any remarks from Mark Kirk ?

    Why does the Chicago media not reach out to him for a statement ?

    Is he still alive ?

    Is Tammy Duckworth holding him against his will at some secret location ?

    What is up with that guy ?

  3. They are doing a Gabby Giffords replay. Deep state is very active.

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