Local 150 Union Supporters Pack Algonquin Township Meeting

Supporters of Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers lined the Algonquin Township property prior to the Board meeting.

Members and supporters of Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers filled the Algonquin Township Board meeting room Wednesday night.

Local 150 deployed two inflatable rats for the meeting. They had disappeared 8 PM. It appeared that it had rained.

Those attending and driving past the township building on Route 14 could not help but notice that they were mightily displeased with newly-elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

Part of the crowd of Local 150 supporters, including prominent Democrats, attending the meeting.

Gasser fired a couple of highly-paid employees including two sons-in-law of the previous Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

Another view of the crowd at the Algonquin Township Board meeting on June 13, 2017.

They and their union, Local 150, contend they were protected by a union bargaining agreement signed by former Road Commissioner Bob Miller after he was defeated in the Republican Primary election by less than 150 votes.

Two McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies were in the room. Another was outside.

The contract covered the last few weeks of Miller’s term, all of Gasser’s and the start of the next occupant of the office.

A union employee solicits speakers.

Approval of bills, which one, Trustee Melissa Victor, said she only saw 1-15 minutes before the 7 o’clock meeting began, went pretty smoothly.

An audience member (Tim Shepherd, I believe) asks a question.

The only exception was a successful effort by Trustee David Chapman to make certain that re-cycling assistant and security man Dwight Moore would be paid in monthly increments for the contract signed by Miller before he left office.

Next came public comments, which was limited to three minutes each for the eight who spoke.

First up was Tim Shepherd, who wondered why the Trustees were worried about one man’s continued employment, but not the three others who were let go by Gasser.

Robert Paddock

Local 150 official Bob Paddock decried “the disregard of employee rights.”

He said, that Algonquin Township had “become an embarrassment of the entire county.”

Paddock further criticized the engagement of outside counsel.

“What’s going on here?

“Don’t embarrass Algonquin Township with your games of political favor.”

Applause followed each of the union supporting speakers.

Derek Lee

Derek Lee complained that Gasser “fired me, Andrew and Nick.

“We each have more experience that he has.

“We also have a valid contract.”

He complained that legal fees “will end up costing us more dollars in the long run.”

One of Township Clerk Karen Lukasik’s attorneys, Mark Gummerson stated that the Clerk had been “denied access to the records of the Supervisor and the Highway Commissioner.”

He asked for acknowledgement that such access would be provided.

There was no response.

“It is our position if we have to go to court we will to maintain the integrity of this township,” he concluded.

Nick Chirikos

Nick Chirikos, a former Democratic Party member of the County Board, one of whom Gasser let go and whom Gasser unseated, spoke next.

He said he was “proud to have been selected by Bob Miller as an employee of this township.”

Continuing, he said, “The days of Algonquin Township’s meetings being small and insignificant are over.

“The actions of Mr. Gasser have ignited a firestorm of legal [action] against Algonquin Township.

“It breaks my heart.”

He asked people to look about the property and they would see that everything visible was the result of “the lifelong service and dedication of Mr. Bob Miller and his father before him.”

[I would add that his grandfather deserves recognition as well.]

“Mr. Miller has always been elected to do what he did,” Chirikos concluded.

Dan McLaughlin, an employee of the Chicago Regional Union of Carpenters spoke next about his “three brothers “who had been discharged with no explanation, no recourse.

“I’m quite appalled.

“It’s a downright shame.”

He, as well as others noted that Gasser was not in the meeting room, “hiding,” as he and audience members said.

“Elections do have consequences.”

That was his last line.

Former Township Trustee Larry Emery praised the beginning of video streaming of the meeting, as well as putting the Supervisor in charge of property security.

He urged the Board to develop a four-year plan and a cash flow analysis.

Kerri Barber

Kerri Barber, an unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate for the McHenry County Board, was next at the podium.

She criticized the Memorial Day re-cycling program.

She said she was at the Township property when five employees were fired.

“That is against the law.

“Look at what you have done now.

“And I am not paying for it out of the township budget.”

Wearing a pink tee shirt Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser entered from the overflow room to give his report.

He started out by quoting Mark Twain:

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

He pointed out that this was the first time in fifty years that the Road District was not controlled by the same family.

He assured the public that he was overcoming the challenges.

Andrew Gasser about to give his report to the Algonqin Township Board.

Then he listed problems that had been solved:

  • bringing the fuel pit into EPA compliance

There was heckling from the crowd to which one of three Sheriff’s Deputies on the property said, “Let him talk.”

Continuing, Gasser pointed to

  • reconstruction of East Crystal Lake Avenue and Three Oaks Road were completed on time
  • three trucks without of date inspections
  • one truck without an overweight permit
  • talking about salt for 2017, he said, “We have not found any record for 2017 sale, that a contract was now in place
  • flaggers were not certified, but now they are
  • work zone signage was corrected with the help of County Transportation officials

We overcame these.

Gasser outlined his core values:

  • Integrity first
  • Service before self
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Community always

He revealed that

  • all employees were nwt going to training
  • the front office would be Microsoft certified by the end of the year
  • paint recycling would be re-instituted when the Township became compliant with EPA regulations (55 55 gallon drums and 2,000+ gallon cans are not)
  • mulch distribution continues, as does bush drop-offs

Gasser said that traffic on future recycling days, which will include old TVs, will “snake” through the township property, rather than backing up on Route 14 to Thorton’s gas station.

Gasser concluded by saying,

“We are an awesome team.

“We will not cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.”

Karen Lukasik

Clerk Lukasik said, “Some of the records have not been secured.  Some of the records I am not aware of.

“We’re going to make some changes and make sure the records are secure and safe.”

Trustee Chapman revealed that records going back to the 1960’s were going to be scanned.

Then he asked that a $20,000 legal retainer Gasser submitted be reconsidered.

It had been approved in a previous vote.

It was then that Trustee Victor complained about the lack of time to review the bills to which the

The Clerk said they had been in her office since the day before.

Referring to the $20,000 bill, Supervisor Lutzow said he had seen “no work product.”

Crowd claps after the $20,000 bill is referred to the Executive Session.

Rachael Lawrence reported that she was going to attend a meeting of township youth commissions.

Victor asked for information on the October 14th meeting as well.

Shortly thereafter the Board went into Executive Session, excluding the Clerk and the Road Commissioner.

After the secret meeting, Robert Hanlon was authorized to represent Highway Commissioner Gasser, but the retained was not approved.

One would assume that an itemized bill will be submitted to the next Board meeting.


  • The Prevailing Wage Ordinance passed 4-1 with Rachael Lawrence voting in opposition.
  • The Clerk was named the Freedom of Information Officer with Dorothy Wildeboer, the Highway Department’s Administrative as her Assistant.

A video of the meeting can be found here.  It appears to start about fourteen minutes before the meeting started.

= = = = =
I would offer on suggestion.

How about putting all the bills and backup material on the internet so not only the Trustees, but also the public could examine them before the monthly meetings?

I am told that the live streaming was about ten minutes behind the actual meeting.

Perhaps that problem can be fixed.


Local 150 Union Supporters Pack Algonquin Township Meeting — 55 Comments

  1. Sounded like 150 is scared of Hanlon the way they begged the board not to let Andrew hire him.

  2. Gasser’s report looks like a political stance rather than an actual board update.

    I voted for this man and now I question his motives.

    Why is he pointing the finger rather than doing his job?

    Very disappointed!!!

  3. talking about salt for 3017, he said, “We have not found any record for 2017 sale, that a contract was now in place..REALLY 1000 years in the future and this line ‘three trucks without of date inspections’DOES ANYBODY PROOF READ THE BLOG BEFORE POSTING!

  4. Government employees should not be unionized for reasons that
    Illinois residents have become all to familiar with.

    Namely, holding the taxpayers hostage to the unions wants and demands.

    We can see how well that’s worked out for the taxpayers of this once great state,
    at least those who have not left … yet.

  5. Send the bill for the three Sheriffs to Local 150!!

    Why should the taxpayers fund law enforcement protection for THEIR attempt at intimidation?

  6. These people have been beguiled. Glad I was not there. I cannot stomach stupid people.

  7. Thanks Local 150; this proves that Gasser is the right man and how corrupt unions are there days.

    I knew that, but always like to be reconfirmed.

    Your mascot fits you almost perfectly.

    Union rats will do anything to take your hard earned money.

    Too bad actual rats are hard working; union workers are now like sloths.

  8. If the office employees really need more computer training they should get it, but I wouldn’t waste time or money on getting certified, and I certainly wouldn’t spend money on certification prep courses.

    The certification exams don’t really measure competency-passing them generally requires nothing more than memorizing a bunch of obscure factoids, many of which will be forgotten shortly after the test is taken.


  9. I wonder why Andrew does not wear a shirt emblazoned with his name and the Township Highway Department logo?

  10. Remember when the deal with public sector unions was that they ensure a high quality workforce?

    Drawing the line in the sand over Chirikos and two nepotism beneficiaries shows how useless and corrupt unions are.

  11. Tim is still a Miller puppet after all these years.

    Chirikos was just a FU hire by Bob, guy has zero experience.

    Miller lost, move on.

    People spoke

  12. In a previous professional life, I worked with management on union-based contract negotiations.

    Unions can and are tough to work with at times.

    But, we all could get to an agreement after time.

    That being said, what Gasser did was purely political, and the firing will not stand under scrutiny- union or no union.

    Add to this Gasser putting his legal retainer fees before the Board which is going to be a real test for the Board.

    Gasser’s request for his representation could be costly.

    However, the real cost will be the employee/management relationship that may be destroyed by Gasser’s grandstanding.

    Cal’s post seems to brush over the Gasser request for legal coverage and the real cost to this look-at-me move by Gasser.

    One and done is my prediction.

  13. Iys not a political stunt.

    Anyone who followed the election knew what his plan was.

    Getting rid of nepotism was part of his platform.

    Easy to just play the spin doctor

  14. I don’t even see this as Gasser’s legal fees.

    These are fees that we the people need to back him on because MILLER is the bad guy here.

    That is who cost you legal fees.

    Without a grifter family of crooks, none of this would have been necessary.

  15. Those inflatable sunshine bloggers were out of bounds; sad day for the sunshine blog. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. Cal, do you know whether the township will be paying for Miller’s attorneys fees?

    If so, the current Hwy Commissioner is entitled to coverage.

    For all the ‘experience ‘ the Millers and their minions claimed, they sure had plenty of Red Tagable offenses!!!

    So glad that the new commissioner is a quick study (or surrounds himself with the right people) to reveal
    all the offenses and oversights and get them corrected, proving fresh eyes were needed and safety was at risk.

  17. The desire for change, Drain the Swamp, went to far and was handled poorly.

    Bob lost because of anti long serving, anti township, and of course anti nepotism.

    So be it, but as a person that counts on Twh services the inexperience of the new leadership is troubling.

    Regular employees hired legally doing their job shouldn’t be effected by politics.

    Even non union employees shouldn’t be let go without cause.

    Whoever is advising him on Drain the Swamp should bare the costs of going over the top with this without cause nonsense.

  18. lol Cindy!!

    It’s just another but hurt Miller puppet who doesn’t want the truth out!

  19. Joe S. Perhaps you should read the previous comments I made that I want all the info about Miller.

    All at once, so we can evaluate the whole deal.

    If anybody is not being transparent it’s either or both Cal who isn’t received it yey or Andrew who
    is holding it back for political gain.

  20. What the hell is Gasser wearing, neon pink T-shirt, Really

  21. Cindy, Andrew knows me, and your assumptions are just that, ass umptions.

    Say why not tell us how the Mossad who you claim runs the country, is effectively causing this all to happen?

  22. Take notice McHenry County Pols.

    Courage and Leadership is the stuff Andy is made of.

  23. You are so stupid you don’t even know what Mossad is. Why would I explain anything to a mugwump like you!

  24. I do not know who is paying Tom Gooch’s fees. Gooch is representing Bob Miller.

  25. why are we being distracted from the criminal on goings of the the miller clan?????

    can you people really in your hearts believe they are good or ever have been for this township?????

    And for Pete sake Mr. D Lee preaching about his qualifications, if they were so top notch he would be working and providing for his family, instead trying to jump back on the gravy train for a free ride.

    free rides are over in this township, and for all the other free riders in the past, your about to be served.

  26. I covered the meeting in a chronological fashion.

    I did not wait out the secret part of the meeting, preferring to get to bed at a decent hour after writing the article.

  27. Not when bed time is approaching.

    I count on citizen editors like you to find typos.

  28. Supervisor Lutzow voted for prevailing wages.

    Supervisor Lutzow was endorsed by Sheriff Prim, a pro-life group, and Walsh Freedom.

    Walsh Freedom also made endorsements of Rob and Tim Parrish in Nunda Township.

    I spoke to someone on the phone at Nunda who told me they unanimously approved of prevailing wages.

    Need to start thinking about what, if anything, these endorsements mean…

  29. Prevailing wage is the law in the land of Lincoln and many other states.

    Any vote against is symbolic at best and at risk of losing MFT and other state and federal funds at worst.

    Also could be a bad idea with all the 150 honchos present.

    A vote against would not change the law in Algonquin Township.

  30. Prevailing wage ordinances are BS.

    Legalized blackmail to extend the reach of their union to ensure that people mowing lawns are overpaid so that Union bosses can collect their dues and live high on the hog.

    The Board violated the law if they did not approve payment of the legal bill and are putting themselves at risk of legal action by the Highway Commissioner.

    Only way they could deny approval is if the bill was illegal or if there was no line item in the budget for approval.

    Township law sucks and it is NOT crafted to be government closest to the people.

    The behavior of the attendees and many of the board members and the clerk last night was childish at best.

    Lunatic fringe.

  31. Have new people been hired to fill fired personnel slots?

    If not, have services suffered without these employee expenditures?

  32. The Millers just can’t deal with reality.

    The days of plucking the taxpayer are O V E R!

    These union rats should be banished to N. Korea where’d they have to do some actual work.

    I blame Prim … he supported the Miller gang.

  33. If you have evidence of a knife attack you should call the sheriff.

    Not funny at all…

  34. Goonie?

    Are you a moron?

    It is indicating being stabbed in the back.

    A well-worn euphemism for getting screwed.

    What cry babies this generation has turned out!

  35. Gasser is getting what he deserves and that is attacked for being a moron.

    He lives in Mommy’s basement and collects government cheese and now lives off the fat of algonquin township and he does nothing to earn a penny other than be a blow hard with nothing to say but garbage.

    Garbage in garbage out.

  36. Susan, no one has been hired yet.

    Yes some services have been cut.

    Recycling and Senior Bus transportation are the most noticeable.

    Part of Andrew’s platform was not to cut services.

    Andrew lile many others want to get rid of townships, but they have no known plan as to how those on townships roads will receive any services.

    Team Anderson also has no known plan.

    You are one of the few candidates that are truely honest and transparent.

  37. When I was giving blood in Crystal Lake, I saw the Algonquin Township Senior Bus sitting out front for the better part of an hour, having brought someone to Heartland Blood Center.

  38. Cut and eliminate are two different ideas Cal.

    A older women told me she wasn’t able to get her normal ride because of zero response to her call/message.

    Another women said approximately the same thing.

    I guess the game technique is not communicating in a timely manor.

  39. I just looked closer at the photos Gasser the Rat in space he is blowing out hot air hahahahahahahaha

  40. We pay, but only areas where supplemental tax dollars are given to Pace receive Pace service.

  41. But I didn’t think that Pace payment was channeled through township road commission, but rather township supervisor?

  42. There is some kind of intergovernmental agreement between Pace and the townships that supply Senior bus service.

    Searching it may work.

  43. It is the Highway commissioner that receives the grant money to provide the pace service therefore this is Gasser’s responsibility and neglect of the elderly

  44. Are the detailed negotiations for the rushed through union contract going be released or were they on a napkin or worse yet handled only through personal email accounts?

    Maybe the 150 can produce them?

    Glad to see the rat inflatable, good use of union dues and a reminder that public service unions are a vermin to the taxpayer.

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