Algonquin Township Road District Pays for Two American Airline Tickets to New Orleans

A document made public recently shows two airline tickets were purchased to fly from O’Hare Airport to New Orleans.

Plane near O’Hare Airport.

How was the bill paid?

Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Road District credit card paid for the air fares in the summer of 2008.

You can see the bill below:

A page from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s Road District credit card statement from July 2008.

It is labeled,

“Purchase of airline tickets for Rebecca Lee and grandchild.”


Algonquin Township Road District Pays for Two American Airline Tickets to New Orleans — 41 Comments

  1. Unbelievable that anyone (I don’t care if they ARE family!) can still try to defend these grifters.

  2. McHenry County Blog

    Algonquin Township Republicans Select Leaders

    February 24, 2010

    “Rebecca Lee, daughter of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and County Board Member Anna May Miller, was elected to head the organization.

    Her grandfather and great-grandfather also serve as township highway commissioner.”

    – typo in that last sentence, should be served, not serve.

  3. McHenry County Blog

    Algonquin Township Trustee Candidate Rachael Lawrence Statement

    February 9, 2017

    “As I researched the topic myself, I was appalled to learn that not only is Mr. Miller the THIRD generation in succession to hold his position, he has also three additional familial employees being compensated well above the comparable average salaries.

    When I asked Mr. Miller directly who he wanted to replace him when he inevitably retires, he answered, ‘Derek Lee, my son in law,’ lining up yet a FOURTH generation family member to take the throne, so to speak.”

  4. Unbelievable…:and they keep defending Miller as some great honorable man!!!!

  5. Oh boy and the Miller supporters refuse to believe this guys a rat.

    Wonder what tangible asset he gave them to want to go down with his sinking ship.

    Goes to show Miller = Democrat, and they hate Andrew just for being a Conservative.

    They DO know that the Alg. Township taxpayers will also be paying for Millers atty, don’t they?

    What a bunch of low lives.

  6. where does it say on that ticket invoice grand child, cal?

    It doesn’t .

    Isn’t this libel?

    I see the first name of the second passenger was blacked out before you published it, did you do that or your pal Gasser?

    Could it be that first name was the husband of Rebecca?

    and could it be that he was going to that yearly convention they go to with their wives along with everyother highway commissioner and wives, hmmmm?

    could it be you just don’t want to be honest about it cal?

    mor are you being used by your pal gasser?

    whichever I suspect Miller’s lawyer is sitting back just giving you enough rope to get yourself in real trouble.

    Knock knock, who is there?

    why it’s the process server come calling cal!!

  7. Once again, a good government board policy:

    – Implement board agenda packets that are searchable, and allow copy and paste (copy from the packet to another document for consolidation purposes).

    Include credit card statements in the board agenda packet.

    A board agenda packet is one pdf document, containing all the documents to be discussed at the board meeting.

    Board agenda packets should be posted a minimum of 48 hours prior to the board meeting.

    Board agenda packets benefit everyone (board members, administration, public) because:

    – All documents to be discussed at the board meeting are in one consolidated document.

    – Everyone has access to the documents.

    If that had been the case, perhaps a board member, a citizen, or another administrator would have questioned the expense.

    It is much easier to scan or search in a pdf, than shuffle through a big packet of paper (and the public does not have access to all the paper documents unless they submit a FOIA, and given the 5 day allowable response time, the meeting can occur before the FOIA request is fulfilled).

    This is a big problem in many units of local government, in particular, school districts.

    Municipalities are more likely to have board agenda packets than school districts.


    Another aspect is, were multiple approvals required to expense the plane tickets?

    Perhaps in addition to the Township Road Commissioner, the Ex-Officio Township Road District Clerk, who has historically been the Township Clerk (the Road District historically did not have its own Clerk).

  8. My sunshine blogger’s honesty and brave journalism being questioned again. A sad day for journalism and investigative reporting. One day our grand kids will read about Purse-gate in American christian history books and we will have only one person to thank: Our sunshine blogger. 2018, was that you? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. “doodie”/anonymous coward- you’ll notice the airfare total on the page; $2250. We’re missing somes pages, that’s all.

    Small world; I’ve met Rebecca and her husband; nice people.

    These expenditures also do not surprise me.

    Not to libel anyone, but I’m pretty sure Derek was still driving a truck for the township in ’08- and Rebecca was working full time for a law firm in Woodstock.

    Even if she represented the township as counsel, it would be hard to imagine what they were doing in New Orleans on township business.

    Again, not surprising.

    I have a neighbor- a retired Nunda worker- who used Nunda township equipment to put in his pool.

    He’s offered to bring over the township’s tub grinder to chop up old lumber a branches, and a front loader to remove some limbs from the trees on our fenceline.

    The VIP Program, he calls it.

    I asked him what the State’s Attorney office would think of this.

    He doesn’t talk to me much anymore.

    Of course, the Nunda VIP weekend equipment check out by current and former employees may be perfectly legal.

    Who knows.

  10. Cal give us where it says grandchild?

    Blacking out Derek’s name is that the game?

    A quick search results:

    Public works professionals from around the globe will converge in the New Orleans Morial Convention Center for the 2008 American Public Works Association (APWA) International Public Works Congress and Exposition, to be held Aug. 17-20.

    Often referred to as “The Best Show in Public Works,” the congress promises to deliver four days of compelling educational programming, workshops and professional networking.

    At the congress, attendees have many opportunities to learn about pressing public works issues and concerns.

    They’ll take home cutting-edge content and solutions that they can put to work in their own agencies.

  11. One reason to black out the name on the credit card statement is if the grandchild’s name was listed.

    No clue if that was the case.

    Would like to see the document labeled, “Purchase of airline tickets for Rebecca Lee and grandchild.”


    Some open questions:

    The tickets were purchased on July 30, 2008 for travel on July 30, 2008 (a one day round trip ticket)?

    But the trip was delayed? (the July 31 & August 1 transactions on the credit card statement).

    What were American Airline Classes SA & N1 in July 2008?

    Nowhere in the township’s records is there a justification for the ticket purchase?

    Why would two people need to go to New Orleans for township business?

    Any additional expenses on the August 2008 statement for meals, transit / car rental / taxi, etc.?

  12. I assume the blacked out name is that of the grandchild.

    I have quoted the title over the document.

    The only other Lee I know is Derek, who spoke at last night’s Algonquin Township Board Meeting.

  13. The date of departure was listed as July 30, not August 17 – 20.

    Why would Rebecca Lee, who was not a township employee?, be a justified township expense to that conference?

    The township attends the APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition annually?

  14. Cal, you’re writing and publishing articles based on assumptions and not factual information?

    That’s a slippery slope.

  15. When you are that immoral that you actually take a defense against disgusting grifters (Remember thou shalt not steal; or thou shalt not lie?) you are a complete waste of a human brain. A moron. An idiot. People that are that Hell-bent on destruction are sickening snowflakes that will lead to the degradation of all. How dare you sacrifice good people with your condescending offensive world view?

  16. Sure doesn’t look like the scratched of name starts with a D if you zoom in. so Nob, if it’s true what you say, they would have been there for 18 days ahead of convention? Easy to look at the time cards for that week and see if he was working. That voice last night of the board meeting sounded real similar to the voice in that old shotgun township video too!

  17. the plot thickens,obstruction, theft,ect,ect,ect what a nice wholesome family.

  18. Was not referencing the two were done in conjunction.

    The plane tickets are in 2008.

    The Disney tickets were in 2012.

    Just that if plane tickets were allegedly purchased for the daughter and grandson, maybe the Disney tickets were also….have no clue if that is in fact the case.

  19. Corruption to the max.

    Understand the people have spoken and voted you out.

    Move on!

  20. I believe lawyers are obligated to black out the names of minor children.

    It’s done to protect minors from being thrust into adult litigation.

  21. My apologizes for my earlier comment.

    I was trying to read off my cell and my glasses have a problem with the reflective coating.

    Now on my computer and with other glasses I can see I was wrong, or the Lee’s went really really early.

    Doubtful, sorry.

  22. I’m not sure, but believe that even if township paid for non essential personnel travel expenses to a conference ( wives, kids, secretaries) there would have to be taxes withheld (recorded inW2s) as these are taxable fringe benefits?

    Also, if the class of tickets (SA) represent first class the differential price is a taxable fringe benefit?

    Also, if airline miles (or cash back) benefits are accrued for employee being reimbursed, those are considered taxable fringe benefits?

  23. I find it interesting that all of these expenses seem to be legitimate bills that where properly submitted and approved by several township boards and somebody seems to be able to place their hands on all of the records Andy says are missing .

    I googled the dates of some of those expenses and found they coincide with APWA Conferences the problem here on this site is everyone jumping to conclusions based on Cals half truths and hype.

  24. Fed up – can you explain how a township board has the power to override the Illinois Constitution?

    As a learned man I’m sure you know the Illinois constitution prohibits use of public money for non-public purposes.

  25. So Fed up, looks like the dates where Aug 17-20.

    Why did the family leave July 30?

    Get your head out of the sand!

  26. His hear isn’t in the sand.

    Rather he needs a window for a belly button!

  27. Mouseketeer

    First, I’m not a man.

    Secondly, if they were there on official business it’s a policy issue if the township pays for significant others to travel with them.

    Lastly, I don’t even understand that last comment.

    Joe S

    There are also travel delay charges.

    Could those be for changing the flight?

    I don’t know for sure but maybe?

  28. Fed up-

    no policy can be made that conflicts with the constitution.

    This is basic 8th grade stuff.

    If we the people make a change to the constitution to allow that policy great.

    But no board or Highway Commissioner can override the constitution.

    It’s the supreme law. Get your head around that.

    I know it’s tough.

    Since, I wasn’t clear before to the point you could actually understand, let me help you out.

    Joe said get your head out of the sand.

    But it appears your head is so far up the orifice you use to defacate that you need a window for a belly button so you can see where you’re going.

    And that destination is a creek filled with your own excrement.

  29. Mouseketeer
    Looks like CVS wasn’t able to get your script filled. Take a deep breath, your meds should be ready for pickup in the morning.

  30. It could be that the grandchild is underage and could not be disclosed to the public.

  31. I’m trying to swallow the idea that an Algonquin Township employee might “need” to fly first class to a conference in New Orleans and bring along a relative.

    It doesn’t sit well.

    If there was some sort of municipal education to be obtained, (and that is one big “IF”) I bet there’s a class in the area they could have gone to for the price of a Metra ticket.

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