Algonquin Township Road District Credit Card Pays $289 for Meals at Hooters in Brookfield, Wisconsin

The data released recently from the American Express Credit Card of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller includes items more recent than the two 2008 airline tickets for non-township employees and the purchase of women’s clothing.

Consider, for instance, this credit card statement from March, 2016.

Among the purchases is $288.92 from a Hooters restaurant in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Interior of Hooters in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

See for yourself:

= = = = =
Women’s clothing tomorrow.


Algonquin Township Road District Credit Card Pays $289 for Meals at Hooters in Brookfield, Wisconsin — 73 Comments

  1. Cal, Are you making this up?

    It’s hard to believe a highway department would need or be served by spending a penny at Hooters.

    How many crummy burgers can you get for $289?

    Perhaps exam of the bill might tell us how many beers were bought on the public dime, who was entertained other than the public that now finds this amusing?

    Do you have the reciept?

  2. This bill relates to going to the Construction expo held in that area.

  3. The amount of money spent by the Township Road District on food is ridiculous.

    How is all that food on all the expense reports justified as a reasonable and customary expense to serving the public.

  4. One of the purposes of the township is assistance for the needy yet the township road district is buying lots of food for its employees.

    And submitting credit card expenses for all sorts of food for its employees, much of it purchased locally.

    Who needs the food more, well paid employees or those in need.


    Once again this is a reason to include credit card statements in board agenda packets.

    And a reason to make board agenda packets searchable and allow copy from the agenda packet and paste to another document, to consolidate information.

    And post the board agenda packet for the public, the board, and the administration to read prior to the meeting.

    And to indefinitely archive the agenda packet on the government website (no shredding the evidence).

    And of course to do all that, the Township would need board agenda packets, which they have not posted on their website, which leads one to wonder if they even exist (many boards don’t have board agenda packets).

    Which leads one to wonder if or how the board members received these credit card statements prior to the meetings.


    Emailed pdf?

  5. Nob, If it “relates” to the construction expo who was Bob buying for and what did they eat.

    You seem to know much about this and other expenses.

    Perhaps you have a copy of the register reciept.

    Can you tell us how many beers if any were purchased?

  6. 1 – Purse
    2 – Disneyland
    3 – Blouses
    4 – Cashmere Sweatets
    5 – Mindcraft video game
    6 – Airline Tickets for relatives
    7 – Another Purse/tote bag
    8 – Gift cards
    9 – More sweaters
    10 – Hooters

    Sounds like fun?

    I’m running for Highway Commissioner!

  7. Bob appears to have bought a large brunch that same day in Fox River Grove too.

  8. This exceeds IRS per diem limit for meals and incidental expenses, and therefore should the excess amount not show up on employee’s W2 astaxable income?

  9. Why did he spend $299.00 on home security?

    How is that something we as taxpayers have to pay?

  10. Have you ever seen a Hooters girls calendar ?

    I’ll bet Bobby boy has !

  11. Nob, do you really think taxpayers should pay close to $300 for a trip to Hooters?

    Where’s the outrage from the hard Left “feminists” for the misogyny?


  12. I don’t think we should have to pay three hundred for his home security blink camera. Why is no one talking about that?

  13. Interesting how there is actually an attempt by a ‘swamp critter’ to justify a Road Commission not only attending a construction expo out of township / out of state but eating at Hooters?

    I have held public office and NEVER did the taxpayers pay for my meals while I was attending events.

    Holding an elected office comes with an understanding that you are ‘serving’ the taxpayer, not ‘screwing’ the taxpayers.

    In this state the unions already the taxpayer quite adequately.

  14. Read the article called Algonquin Township part 4 and see how the taxpayers are funding these bogus expenses.

  15. The license might allow a government to use Blink for Home at the government site for government purposes (the website states it can be used by businesses).

    If it is a permissible use, questions then include:

    – Which products were purchased, for what purpose.


    There can be legitimate meal reimbursements for elected government officials.

    It just seems in general the Algonquin Township Road District AMEX card was used liberally for questionable purposes.

    Take this Hooters Example.

    First of all, it is Hooters.

    Nothing against Hooters, but is that really an appropriate place for a taxpayer funded meal.

    Second, the expense was $289 in Brookfield, WI.

    How many Township employees were included in that $289 expense?

    1 employee = $289 each.

    2 employees = $144 each.

    3 employees = $96 each.

    4 employees = $72 each.

    5 employees = $58 each.

    6 employees = $48 each.

    7 employees = $41 each.

    8 employees = $36 each.

    9 employees = 29 each.

    What, did the almost the entire Road District go to Hooters in Brookfield for a meal?

    There is no hotel on the AMEX card, so apparently it was a day trip.

  16. Re: “In this state the unions already ——— the taxpayer quite adequately.”

    You probably know what word is missing.

  17. these people need to be incarcerated , this behavior is unacceptable, and just plain criminal

  18. Here is another oddity about the credit card statement.

    There are two restaurant expenses for Thursday, January 28, 2016.

    Brunch Cafe Fox River Grove IL for $188.

    Hooters Brookfield WI for $289.

    How is that possible?

    $477 in restaurant purchases in one day in two states?

    Perhaps one transaction didn’t post until the following day, but it is a restaurant, so how likely is that.

    Maybe the township will provided the taxpayers with an explanation someday.

  19. Nice he took all the employees to breakfast and lunch before the annual equipment seminars and export, bet it a as a hoot, doing all that hooting while looking at the hooter, least the taxpayers can do for guys who keep the roads open at all hours, bully for him and all his guys, good show!

  20. One other point.

    January is snow season.

    Why would a township go to a construction expo or travel anywhere during the winter, when their most critical job in the winter is snow plowing?

    They looked at the forecast and saw it was not going to snow?

  21. There was already in place a pay premium for night shift?

    Time and a half?

    So now the insinuation is taxpayers footed a restaurant bill(s) for all employees in exchange for employees doing their agreed upon customary job?

    How many cities, townships, and state snow plow crews receive such a perk?

    Time to get all credit card statements in board agenda packets, make it a state law.

  22. A forensic audit would show if a receipt backed up the statement.

    Most government units will NOT pay from a statement – actual receipts are required.

  23. At this point does anyone believe that Bob’s credit card use was ever subject to any scrutiny?

    And so what if they approved of this nonsense.

  24. Everyone’s, not just Miller’s,credit cards should be looked into.

    Wow that would be one heck of an article.

  25. Is this the alleged show?

    CONEX 2016 (Construction, Municipal and Landscape Expo)

    Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park

    West Allis, WI

    January 27, 2016, 9AM – 5PM

    January 28, 2016, 9AM – 4PM

    Here is a description of that show from a company.


    CONEX has subsequently been re-branded as WCMLE (Wisconsin Construction Municipal and Landscape Expo).

  26. Present staff is 10 plus the Commissioner.

    So at tad over $26 each.

    No beer has ever bought on that credit card as far as I know.

    I wouldn’t have gone there but I’m not young like most of them are.

    Even going to Denny’s at this time in history would be criticized, as is Brunch Cafe.

    Things have change, not all politician’s have.

    Years ago there were Christmas parties with free booze.

    Police stumbling out to go on duty.

    We’re not in Kansas anymore.

  27. Mark’s 5:00 p.m.comment:

    Maybe they should be given speeding tickets for hot-footing it from Fox River Grover to West Allis just to eat on our dime.

  28. Years ago we didn’t have the salary hikes, fringe benefit hikes, pension benefit hikes, and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, that vary depending on when one started, and the compounded effects have indebted taxpayers and hiked taxes.

    Work fewer years for a bigger pension and eat free food while those in need struggle.

    Years ago we had government employees driving rusty dinged up government vehicles; now they have leather and air conditioning and just recently traded in vehicles just a few years old.

    But its never enough.

    Now the hard working public servant wants to look at Hooters and hoot and holler on the taxpayer dime too.

  29. They went to some sort of equipment expo when they should have been getting the twnshp’ equipment up to date!

    Did you hear all those violations the new commissioner had to make right?!

    So much for experience!

    Sounds like Boobie Boy got really lax and really cocky!

  30. The dates are the same on the credit cards because some actual purchase date is different than the actual purchase. R

    epeated behavior by a township that has systematically abused its duty to the taxpayers.

    See Algonquin Township, part 4.

  31. If this was the same expo that Mark posted the link to, then there was no reason for the employees to attend unless they are decision makers for the Road District.

    The Wisconsin Construction, Municipal & Landscape Expo will take place at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wisconsin.

    Known as CONEX for more than 20 years, WCMLE will continue the tradition of serving thousands of buyers that include contractors, landscapers, nurserymen, municipal and public works officials, owners, property managers and other decision makers.

  32. The pension connection again…this is getting very entertaining again…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  33. To Mark’s years ago post:

    Maybe that’s why we have such grifters running for office these days.

    It’s a gravy train that never stops.

    It is sickening!

  34. The pension connection is taxpayer problem #1.

    Illinois public sector pensions are a taxpayer nightmare.

  35. Going to Hooters speaks volumes when it’s done at taxpayer expense.

  36. Nob, obviously you were or are a Township employee.

    Have you ever worked at a private company?

    I’ve worked at a few, a couple of which involved a lot of travel I never had a budget that would allow me $30 a meal.

    And if I had an expense over $200, I had to have it approved specifically by the big boss.

    You don’t just whip out your card and buy a $300 meal.

    Unless you work for Algonquin Township apparently.

  37. And why are there so many charges to Around the Clock?

    That place is less than 2 miles from the offices.

    Did nobody ever being their dang lunch to work??

  38. No one cares except you wackos aND the Jesus squad quoting comic book scripture, get a life it’s Saturday night

    I’m going out you wacky jobs can imagine some more and quote verses from the world’s best novel

  39. Doodie if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have commented on your Saturday night.

  40. Is Doodie really Dorthy????

    I think the voters care!!!!

    That’s why Bobs home on his couch crying and Gassers in office.

    Don’t choke in that beer!

  41. new too the area and hope things change, criminal are criminals even if the daughter AKA attorney Rebeca lee has benefited from these expenses she should be criminally charged , and disbarred from ever practicing law again, it sounds like she has giving some very bad advice, and looking at her facebook post she obviously a heavy drinker, word to the wise a drunk attorney will set you a drift

  42. At my first meeting as Greenwood Township trustee last month credit card purchase receipts were not provided when discussing approval of Township bills.

    Only the card statement was provided.

    You can bet I will be asking for the receipts at tomorrow night’s meeting!

    That night I was more concerned about the $300,000 loan the Highway Commissioner was requesting trustees approve–without ANY documentation on what repairs the money would be funding.

  43. Why are the newspapers that cover McHenry County not reporting on all this ethically and legally questionable spending?

    Plane tickets, clothing, huge restaurant bills, etc… this is now beyond a one off scenario or someone making an honest mistake.

    There are some very serious questions that need answers, and we’ve heard nothing from either the DH or the NWH.

  44. KH. Maybe Northwest Herald has the news spoon fed to them.

    Makes you wonder if they actually reported what Bob was doing, would Bob’s kingdom have extended to Disneyland!

    Cal can you tell us where we can find the source documents?

  45. While so many appreciate the work of McHenry County Blog exposing these things I am extremely disappointed in the new Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

    He is failing to communicate directly to the people with what he is finding in the township offices.

    Mr. Gasser was Mr. Transparency on the McHenry County Board.

    This is not arguable.

    Andrew did a lot but it is just my opinion that now that Gasser is “sitting the seat” (his words) he is just collecting a check.

    Our local papers are not covering this story at all.

    This tells us that either they do not care or do not feel the story of Algonquin Township is worthy of press.

    The bottom line is that I have been a proponent of Mr. Gasser and his work on the county board but I am not impressed with his first 30 days.

    You are failing Mr. Gasser.

  46. Lorax, first of all, the previous Alg Twnshp hey commish failed you.

    He also failed All who endorsed him, his workers, and the taxpayers!

    He also failed all the citizens he worked for and failed to provide the new incoming commissioner by not providing ANY records.

    This now had to be a lawsuit.

    Andrew Gasser isn’t at liberty to reveal his findings or the investigator’s findings without going thru proper protocol.

  47. Lorax, first of all, the previous Alg Twnshp hwy commish failed you.

    He also failed All who endorsed him, his workers, and the taxpayers!

    He also failed all the citizens he worked for and failed to provide the new incoming commissioner, by not providing ANY records whatsoever so he had to sue Miller for them!

    This is now An unneeded lawsuit.

    Andrew Gasser isn’t at liberty to reveal his findings or the investigator’s findings without going thru proper protocol.

    I believe he’s providing what he is able to when he is able to.

    I would worry more about why the NWHerald is choosing to look the other way.

  48. And furthermore, sabotaging an incoming elected official is ‘official misconduct’ whereas not providing records is specifically mentioned in the law.

    Miller and Klan have that to worry about in addition to all the blatant misuse of taxpayers dollars.

    No jury is going to go light on a public official using his govt expense account as their personal playground.

    None of this may have ever been investigated if sabotage wasn’t evident by the obvious misconduct by not providing normal and necessary records.

  49. Despite legal actions being taken against several current and former Algonquin Township officials, the current board of trustees has not been provided ANY of the documents filed.

    As a result, I obtained from the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s office a copy of the latest 69-page (amended) complaint filed.

    Hopefully this will answer some of our questions as to why an injunction to preserve records was requested/entered.

    Please note: all parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and this is a civil complaint.

    No criminal charges have been filed as of this writing.

    The full document can be viewed by clicking the link below or on my name above.

  50. Might I suggest that when one is in a law suit or faces the possibility of one, letter the court system make any determination is probably the best course.

  51. The court case number is 17CH435 filed June 15, 2017 in McHenry County Circuit Court.

    A copy of the 69 page “First Amended Complaint for an Accounting as Well as for Injunctive Relief” is located at the Dropbox URL listed in the comment above.

    It is not the best quality, but better than nothing, an the documents Mr. Skinner has been posting are located in that document.

    It can be read online or downloaded by clicking the download button in the upper right hand corner.

    The name of the case is:

    Andrew Gasser, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner (Plaintiff)


    Karen Lukasik, Individually and in her capacity as Algonquin Township Clerk, and

    Anna May Miller, and

    Robert Miller,

    all defendants,

    Karen Lukasik, Cross-Plaintiff,


    Charles A Lutzow Jr., Cross-Defendant, and

    Andrew Gasser, Counter-Defendant.

  52. My company gives me $50 per diem when on a road trip or convention.

    The clothing is the issue.

  53. Fifty dollars per diem when traveling is reasonable.

    But why so many local meals?

    And why are they doing all this traveling- other than to get away from home, blow off some steam?

  54. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the fact that Township are exempt from sales tax, I wonder if the sales tax paid on all those personal items maybe The Illinois Department of revenue should look at that

  55. The stickers on the vehicles you are so worried about….. Stickers need to be renewed every 6 months, so in order to save the township money, they don’t renew the stickers on SNOW PLOW STICKERS IN OFF SEASON, like spring and summer. We renew them in the fall and store the trucks instead. Why pay for a sticker on a truck if its not in use? Why would you use a snow plow truck in the spring/summer?

    So yay for Gasser for finding this, he really outdid Sherlock Holmes this time. I’m sure you are proud of him sweded after he came out to announce all the lies, and hide immediately afterwards.

  56. Let’s examine ALL the crooked townships in the County …. not just Algonquin. McHenry and Nunda are well known rats’ nests. Is there graft in Grafton?? You bet!

  57. From Nob’s comment and Doodie’s comments one wonders if the entire Road District went to breakfast, lunch, and the CONEX trade show on January 28, 2016, as a thank your for your work perk.

    That seems to be the most likely scenario.

    Does government sales tax exempt status apply to restaurant purchases?

  58. The place to start with all the townships and all the units of government is to implement board agenda packets that:

    – are searchable using for instance the find feature in Adobe

    – allow copy from the packet and paste to another document,

    – are posted for public review at least 48 hours prior to the board meeting,

    – include credit card statements and other documents to be discussed at the board meeting.

    – Each board meeting has one pdf for all the documents (pdf is an Adobe document format).

    – The agenda packets are indefinitely archived on the property taxing district website.

    That would be low hanging fruit for transparency reform.

  59. I kept a copy of the full page NorthWorst Herald Bobby Miller endorsements … the one with Prim, Franks and others endorsing the rat …… When Miller gets sent to prison, they’ll have to eat it!

  60. I travel for work extensively and the two companies I have worked for who were very tolerant of expenses both said that eating at places such as Hooters,tilted kilt, twin peaks were no goes and directly in the company policy as it exposed them to a possible HR issue and sexual harassment complaint.

  61. Mark, yes, educational team building!
    Had the weather been bad they wouldn’t have gone.

  62. Serena, so when they are out of date, they would be illegal to drive on the road.

    So wouldn’t it cost more to have the trucks towed or pay a company to come inspect them on the township grounds?

    And get your head out of the sand.

    Those trucks are used all yer round.

    Get your head out of Millers but!!!

  63. 25,000 points in the first three months of the year equals about 100,000 points a year.

    They have a cash value of about one cent per point, or about $1,000 a year.

    How were those rewards spent?

  64. Stop the madness!

    Just send the Miller Family to North Korea ….. they know what to do with petty thieves, and big ones like them!

  65. I want to back up OWH’s position.

    I work for a very large private company and travel extensively for work.

    My complany allowed me $95 per diem for meals, which is certainly not cheap.

    But like OWH mentioned, Hooters, Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, etc, are no-gos…it runs risks of sexual harassment and is excessively unprofessional.

    I also have to provide receipts for anything I expense, and while company is fairly lenient, it must be work-related. Charging cords for my company laptop/iPad that I may also use for personal is ok.

    Charging a nice handbag for the wife is a terminal violation.

    I’m absolutely furious about this.

  66. Pull up the expense and hotel costs for the village of Lake in the hills elected officials conference at the IML conference last fall.

    My bet a minimum of a $5,000 bill for just the hotel rooms in downtown Chicago because the taxpayers are paying the bill.

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