McSweeney Points to Pork in “Compromise” Bill

From State Rep. David McSweeney:

I was shocked to see Senator Bill Brady’s recently filed SB 2216 [see more examples than listed below], which is described as “FY 18 Member Initiatives.” Special earmarks lead to wasteful spending and potentially corruption. I strongly oppose special insider earmarks.

Apparently, the Illinois piggy bank is not broken.

As we’ve seen from the $2.4 million Springfield Cellini warehouse deal, a lot of money is being wasted by Illinois bureaucrats.

Before items in SB 2216 are appropriated or reappropriated (some items appears to be a few years old and are likely the result of Governor Quinn’s Illinois Jobs Now plan), the Legislative Audit Commission should do a full review and investigation of every earmark in the bill.
Every member who has requested an earmark in the bill should be identified and required to testify at a public hearing.
I can’t wait to hear the explanation for the following items:
  • $19,700 to the City of Morrison for renovations to the Farmers’ Market Facility;
  • $25.000 to  Elk Grove Townsh‎ip for street sign improvements:
  • $31,923 to the Preservation and Conservation Association of Champaign for renovations to the Harwood Solon House:
  • $65,000 to the Institute for Puerto Rican Arts & Culture for construction of a “world class museum and Fine Arts Center.”
  • $18,750 to the Village of Royal Lakes for “costs associated with capital improvements to Royal Lakes Community Center and gym.”
  • $245,000 to St. Charles for new construction and/or infrastructure improvements.
The massive $5 billion tax increase in the Brady “Capitol Compromise” is a compromise between government bureaucrats and politicians.
Raising the income tax rate by 32% and imposing harmful new services taxes will kill jobs and hurt Illinois families.
We need to focus on reforming pension and Medicaid.
It would also be very helpful if the Governor would meet with President Trump soon to discuss ways that we can work with the federal government to reform the expensive Illinois Medicaid‎ Program


McSweeney Points to Pork in “Compromise” Bill — 3 Comments

  1. Not positive but I think EG township only maintains one mile of road.

    I think I read that in a Bob Anderson letter several years ago.

  2. Re: “Governor would meet with President Trump”

    I do not believe Mrs. Rauner would permit that meeting!

    Re: “reform the expensive Illinois Medicaid‎ Program”

    How about we start by not permitting Medicaid coverage for illegal aliens?

    Rauner MUST veto the “TRUST” Act if he wants any Republicans to support him next year.

  3. Senate Bill 2216 in the 100th General Assembly does not address the biggest problem in the state, pensions.

    The state pension unfunded liability (taxpayer IOU to the pension fund) continues to grow every year.

    The state pension funds are TRS, SURS, SERS, GARS, AND JRS.

    The unfunded liability for those 5 pensions funds is over 3x annual state revenues.

    To illustrate a point, let’s say the unfunded liability equals three times annual state revenues.

    Thus, if the state spent all its revenues (income tax, sales taxes, etc.) on funding pensions and nothing else for 3 years, the pensions would be 100% funded, if all the actual projections were met or exceeded.

    Illinois is a nationwide leader in underfunded pensions.

    Illinois is a fiscal train wreck.

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