Body Found in CL Pond

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Death Investigation

Today, June 19, 2017, the Crystal Lake Police Department responded to a report of a body in a retention pond located in the 4400 block of the Northwest Highway.

Pond between D’Andrea’s and the shopping area containing Home Depot.

Upon arrival, officers confirmed a person was in the retention pond and that this person was deceased.

Crystal Lake detectives and officers immediately began an investigation in order to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of this individual.

We are working in conjunction with the McHenry County Coroner’s Office.

This investigation remains active.

We have no reason to believe a threat to the public exists.

If appropriate, additional information, as it is developed, will be released.

= = = = =
A press release from McHenry Coroner Anne Majewski:


Body Found in CL Pond — 12 Comments

  1. CL is getting to be a very strange place as of late, but that’s not gonna stop me
    from enjoying the fine dining at ATC.

    Kippy is the best server there.

  2. I haven’t been in that place for decades; since the loud mouthed teenagers took over the place.

    Was one of my favorite places until that discouraged us.

  3. You read it first here in the sunshine blog, the shining city of the journalism hill…not really. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. It’s the pond behind D’Andrea’s.

    Southeast corner of the Route 14 / Route 31 intersection.

    West of Sands Road.

    In the Home Depot / Office Depot / PetSmart / PepBoys / former HH Gregg shopping plaza.

  5. One of the ponds from the old Twin Ponds golf course, Crystal Lake.

    No threat?

    Yeah right, the person wanted that fate.

    Stop with the Bull Sh!+, CL Police and Co Sheriff.

    You know the. Linty is turning into a cess pool.

    Hey on that note, I hear the “old Walrus” (Nygren) is back and buying property in Huntley.

    There goes THAT neighborhood!

  6. Once again, nob is an idiot. (The only one that didn’t know exactly where this pond was, but gave his stupid opinion to confuse others.)

  7. Cindy in case you don’t remember the original description was around the movie theater and Around the Clock.
    Since I looked on my cell with no picture, I referenced the closest pond.
    Abe and Your comment is proof Cal changed the description, Luv.
    You went out of your way to comment on me, that is name calling Hun!

  8. I did NOT name call. I pointed out the truth. I discussed your suggestion with someone else and it clouded the issue. THAT is why I came back to point out that you were an idiot. You lead us on a wild goose chase. My mistake. I actually read your post! (And the original story said Office Max. Which, would be next to the trailer park. Right where the pictue shows.) Hun this!

  9. Your opinion of your actions are flawed, you are waltzing for political gain.
    The receiver not the giver determines if it’s name calling, you know that of course.
    My mean OLD pal just has to vent, right Luv.

  10. IDIOT! How stupid are you? I just explained to you how I became an idiot because I actually told someone that …”well, the nob said”… That makes the the BIGGER idiot because I already knew you to be an idiot!

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