Althoff Seeks Balanced Balance

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

Lawmakers head to Springfield, Sen. Althoff calls for a truly balanced budget

Pam Althoff

Springfield, IL… State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) releases the following statement ahead of returning to Springfield for special session:

“With schools fearing they may not open in the fall, the need for a comprehensive balanced budget is as critical as ever. As lawmakers head back to the Capitol for ten consecutive days, it is necessary that we capitalize on that time to truly engage in bipartisanship for the sake of not only students but for the well-being of the entire state.

“The Governor has called us to action and it’s time to finally put an end to the impasse. The citizens of this state deserve a truly balanced budget that caps our out-of-control spending and structural reforms that deliver lasting property tax relief, make structural changes that will attract job creators to create jobs and grow our economy, and improve the way we provide for the future generation through education.

“In the coming days, we will have to make some tough choices, but I hope lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can come together to show the people of Illinois that we have their best interests in mind.”


Althoff Seeks Balanced Balance — 9 Comments

  1. Let me get this straight; an unbalanced political buffoon seeks a balance for a balanced budget.

    Hey Althoff, all these budgets are rigged scams from the beginning!

    Illinois taxation is designed to TAKE from the productive elements of society and REDISTRIBUTE THEIR $$$ to the non-productive.

    Welfare is the biggest scam ……. taxpayers support the 14th fatherless offspring of an indolent mother who’s incentivezed to have more illegitimate kids!

    Now that the tax burdens become ever heavier because the indolent pool grows but the productive pool is shrinking (actually FLEEING) IL, it becomes harder to hide!

  2. RR, Let’s call it what it is, soft Socialism.

    What will happen when the “takers” outnumber the “makers” ?

    Stay tuned, that event horizon has become an unavoidable and inevitable outcome.

  3. Jeanne Ives – State Representative 42nd District

    Special Session Alert – Update from Springfield

    June 21, 2017

    Day 1 of Special Session Underway

    “The Illinois House of Representatives returned to Springfield today for Day 1 of a 10-day special session called by a Proclamation from Governor Bruce Rauner for the purpose of passing a balanced state budget with reform.”

    “A quick point of clarification – when the Governor calls a special session, the General Assembly is bound to consider ONLY those issues which the Governor specifically identifies; in this case, ‘legislation, new or pending, which addresses a balanced budget and structural reforms including but not limited to property tax relief, job creation, worker’s compensation reform, government consolidation, education, term limits, pension reform and spending limitations.’

    However, the Speaker of the House can call the House back into ‘regular session’ where the majority can then do anything they want.

    That is exactly what has happened today.

    Special session adjourned after a mere seven minutes, and we are not in regular session.”

  4. typo in last sentence.

    Special session adjourned after a mere seven minutes, and we are now in regular session.

  5. Here is an overview of some of the fiscal challenges facing the State.

    This is also from State Representative Ive’s website.


    Straight Talk Tour


    Illinois State Senator Michael Connelly


    Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives


    Click on the “down arrow” in the upper right hand corner to download the PowerPoint presentation.

  6. If Althoff worked toward supporting Rauner’s turnaround instead of her support for Madigan and his boy, Franks, we’d could have witnessed some budding prosperity in Il for a change.

    “Asking” for a balanced budget is nothing more than playing it up for a headline and a quote.

    We all know where this useless politician stands.

  7. We all support a balanced balance…remember, this brought to you by our sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. And the unbalanced budget brought to you by the Democrats who run this State.

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