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Lawyers were in Court Monday in the criminal case against Kim Zinke, who was latest employed by the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.

You can read the court order below:


Latest in Kim Zinke Trial — 8 Comments

  1. I am curious, who is paying for Kim’s high powered Attorneys, with political ties in Lake County?

  2. Provigil is a controlled substance, Kim.

    Where was your Rx?

    Where were the pills you were entrusted to safeguard as evidence?

    Where is your decency?

  3. This case should be watched . . . see if it disappears into never never land.


    Is he doing this within his “Official Capacity ” or as a character witness for Zinke ?

    Something doesn’t smell right

  5. Motion to dismiss, you have got to be kidding.

    This case should be in the news more !!!!!

    They figure ” out of sight, out of mind”

  6. Voter, you are right, someone should be watching this case.

    Her Lawyers are really expensive and why Doug Zeit, his wife is an judge in Lake County.

  7. Backus was subpoenaed by the defense attorneys.

    He had to appear and testify.

    Based in the motion being dismissed, I think it’s clear whatever help the defense was hoping for didn’t happen.

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