Jack Franks Aims to Abolish McHenry County Coroner and Hand Control to Lake County

State Rep. Jack Franks and Sheriff Keith Nygren mingle before the ceremonies inaugurating the 22nd Judicial Circuit, legislation whose separation from Lake County Franks sponsored

According to an article in the Champaign News-Gazette by Jim Dey, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks wants to hand over the McHenry County Coroner’s duties to the Lake County Coroner.

Strangely (and inaccurately), Franks claims credit in the article for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio’s campaign to eliminate his office by merging it with that of the McHenry County Clerk.

A referendum to accomplish that merger was put on the March Primary Election ballot on Tuesday by the McHenry County Board.

Perhaps Franks forgets that he sponsored the bill that split the McHenry County judicial system from the Lake-McHenry County circuit, which the largerLake County dominated.

McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski let me know that my informing her of Franks’ idea was the first she had heard of the idea.

A physician and a Republican, Majewski has run unopposed twice.


Jack Franks Aims to Abolish McHenry County Coroner and Hand Control to Lake County — 46 Comments

  1. With all the murders and deaths in McHenry County, I think we are best served by our own Coroner.

    This is weird.

    Maybe Franks knows Majewski is honorable and won’t play sick games like Nygren did with coroner Lantz.

    We all know Tirio ran his campaign of abolishment before Franks even announced he was running for County Board Chair!

    (after his lie that he ‘definitely was not running for County Board Chair’ of course)

    Nice try, Franks.

    He’s a piece of ____work.

    Leave it to Cal to call him out though!

  2. The News Gazette

    by Jim Dey

    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    “‘I’m looking to get rid of the county recorder’s office.”

    “Just a couple days after Franks made that comment, a board committee voted unanimously to ask voters in the March 2018 primary if they support merging the recorder’s office with the county clerk.

    Working with Franks on the proposal is the current recorder, Republican Joe Tirio, who also was elected in November 2016 on a pledge of doing away with the office.”



    The News Gazette is based in Champaign, Illinois.

  3. What happened to the cliché of undesirable, evil big government? 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. What happened to the appointment of a replacement for Gasser?

    The “round mound” following the marching orders of Madigan?

  5. Time for the McHenry County GOP to VET primary candidates.

  6. We now have interminable highway closures when there is a traffic fatality or even a thought that there may be one.

    Yup! Increase the closure time by eliminating our coroner and placing the job under the office of someone in Waukegan!

  7. “I’m looking to get rid of the county recorder’s office. Same with the coroner, too. Maybe share one with Lake County,” said Franks, a Democrat elected chairman of the McHenry County Board in November.”

    Strangely and literally, Cal finds a way to misquote or misconstrue everything Franks says.

  8. Sunshine blogger, we trust your journalism. Your pension is the only one worth funding in this state. Are you recycling your horrendous cat on Saturday? 2018, is that you? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. Way to go Franks!

    Taking a ride on Joe’s coat tails trying to make himself look good.

    Joe has done everything he said he would do.

    He hasn’t hired any friends or relatives and is eliminating the office.

    We need more elected officials like him.

    Franks can’t hold a candle to him.

    His campaign promises are empty ones.

    He’s nothing more than a career politician looking to line his own pockets.

    Let’s waste taxpayer dollars for all the cops to sit there at the scene waiting for a Coroner from Lake County to show up.


    There’s other offices that can be eliminated that would actually save taxpayer dollars.

  10. Sunshine blogger, another death threat. Please contact the authorities and get to the bottom of this as you usually do. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Moderate, the quote was taken verbatim from cited article. What is you r objection?

    “I’m looking to get rid of the county recorder’s office. Same with the coroner, too. Maybe share one with Lake County,” said Franks, a Democrat elected chairman of the McHenry County Board in November.

  12. Below is pasted email I wrote to author of cited article.

    It is important for citizens to let journalists know when they are disseminating half truths.

    I hope others will do so also.

    Please correct factual inaccuracy in Franks story.

    Franks is claiming credit for elimination of Recorder of Deeds position ( through merger with County Clerk).

    This is an inaccuracy which will further harm McHenry County taxpayers.

    Joe Tirio won election as Recorder on the promise that he would eliminate his own job of Recorder.

    Joe Tirio is honest man fighting for our County’s survival in conditions of 4% effective property tax rates.

    It is offensive to hear a career Illinois politician claim credit for Joe Tirio’s work.

    Also ironic: Joe Tirio’s other focus is anti-nepotism; his campaign website was Iwonthiremywife.com

    In contrast, the new County board chair immediately forced unlisted hiring of two of his campaign workers for nonexistent jobs classifications, in violation of county code and salary administration policy.

  13. Talk about taking advantage of low hanging fruit!

    Saying ‘you’re going to do’ something you know Someone else (Tirio) is doing anyway.

    Typical lazy politician.

    All while he nearly triples the cost of his elected office!? “Doctor heal thyself!”

  14. So how do we “tax” share with Lake County?

    Or will a new portion be added to our tax bill for Lake County, too?

  15. Perhaps Cal believes we should expand government? Maybe 35 board members? How about bigger government, higher taxes, and additional units?

    Oh? You say you DON’T want that?

    Great, let’s start consolidating. Eliminate the recorder and coroner. Save taxpayer $$.

  16. Without saying so directly, the story leaves the casual reader with the impression Jack Franks was the main person behind the county board voting unanimously to put a question on the March 20, 2018 ballot to merge the McHenry County Recorder office with the McHenry County Clerk office.

    How would a reporter from Champaign County know otherwise, unless they checked the Jack Franks story with Joe Tirio, or did some further research on their own.

    Not surprisingly, the main Jack Franks cheerleader on the blog sees no problem with the story as written.


    Displaying the Jack Franks political campaign brand at the McHenry County booth at the March 25, 2016 McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo was along the same theme.

    In that case it was exposing the Jack Franks political brand courtesy of taxpayers on people not dialed into the political landscape in McHenry County.


    How was it that a Champaign County reporter decided to write a story about the McHenry County Board Chair?

    Did the reporter reach out to Jack Franks?

    Did Jack Franks reach out to the reporter?

    Who is the person in the County assisting Jack Franks with messaging to the public?

  17. Moderate you are missing the point.

    McHenry County desperately needs people with the integrity and honesty of Joe Tirio.

    He would not seek out credit for himself.

    When people disseminate misinformation about who is responsible for the “Erase the Recorder ” campaign idea (despite myriads of time-stamped proof that it originated with Joe Tirio),and ignore the fact that all the specific details of how to carry that out have been worked out by Joe Tirio, they are attacking my future chance of survival in this corrupt, overtaxed County.

    I will make a point to contact every reporter and editor who prints anything to the effect that anyone other than Joe Tirio is behind Erase the Recorder position.

    I hope other citizens will follow suit.

    Of course it would be easier if Franks would stop implying otherwise, and Moderate and her ilk would stop trying to halt the political progress of an incorruptible human officeholder like Joe Tirio.

  18. Here is a clarification in the first sentence in the 10:15AM comment.

    Without saying so directly, the story leaves the casual reader with the impression Jack Franks was the main person behind the county board COMMITTEE voting unanimously to put a question on the March 20, 2018 ballot to merge the McHenry County Recorder office with the McHenry County Clerk office.


    History of McHenry County Board actions regarding Consolidating the County Recorder office with the County Clerk Office:

    Friday, June 9, 2017 – Ad Hoc Committee on Governmental Consolidation votes 6-0 to place a question on the March 20, 2018 ballot to consolidate the McHenry County Recorder office into the McHenry County Clerk office.

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017 – Full County Board, as part of the consent agenda, approved placing a question on the March 20, 2018 ballot to consolidate the County Recorder office into the County Clerk office.

    If approved by voters, the County Recorder office would cease to exist on December 1, 2020.


    Daily Herald

    June 22, 2017 12:07AM

    McHenry County Board Approves March Referendum to Eliminate Recorder’s Office

    by Kevin Craver


  19. Thank you sunshine blogger. Your quick censorship of comments you do not like is impressive. Equally impressive is when you allow compassionate conservative irresponsible character assassination of progressive commenters. We admire you and your brilliant work of journalism. 2018, how much longer are we supposed to wait? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. This is the way I see thing

    Joe Tirio is going to run for County Clerk Office

    Once elected he going to oversee two office with one pay saving tax payer money

    Then he is going to run for County Board Chair and eliminate three pay checks

    Keep a watchful eye out

  21. Franks needs a genuine win if he’s going to run for Secretary of State.

    Do you blame him? He hasn’t had a win!

    *He’s hired two illegal hires, costing the taxpayers more than any other Board Chairman McH Co has ever had.

    *The electronic voting is looking really bad for him (and McClellan as it’s flipping votes and NOT saving any time)

    *and there is another issue that will backfire that I won’t go into right now.

    These two things will backfire on him so he’ll try to steal credit as he will need a percieved win somewhere.

    As far as the Coroner elimination thing, sticking his big honker into another’s elected office is going to scare off other elected officials.

    Franks looks like a loser and a bully and he’s a board chair that says “do as I say, not as I do.”

    Now if he did what Tirio is doing by eliminating his OWN job and saving money in his OWN elected office, well he’d be a hero with everyone.

    That’s not the case with Franks tho.

  22. Maybe the General Assembly should just put McHenry County back with Lake County the way it was before McHenry was split off.

    Then we could get rid of all sorts of offices, including a County Board Chairman.


    How about we have Jack Propose that so you can suddenly become an opponent to it?

  24. Lake County went for Lying Hillary in the last election.

    I for one want no part of any of that.

    Keep McHenry Republican Strong.

    Lying Jack Franks is just a bump in the political road.

  25. McH co is 29th, Lake co is 28th. Combine and we’re that much closer to the top 10.

  26. Truthful tronald dump, that’s who we need…”nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  27. Who needs health care? Walk into Centegra, tell them you don’t have insurance or money and get treated.

    When they ask for money, just refuse.

    You can’t do that? You have to pay your co-pay and your very high deductible?

    Tough to be a citizen.

  28. Yeah just ask him, he’ll tell you. He clearly spends more time in front of the mirror than you do, Mary!

    With comments like yours, people may start to believe you have an open marriage or a crush on lyingJackFranks.


  29. You’re so right, stand4truth.

    The Walrus doesn’t look nearly as fat as he normally does when he’s standing next to Jack.

    It’s magic!!

  30. I warned you when this all started. This is about Agenda 21. They are pushing you into one controlling entity. Small step, but nontheless, still going there.

  31. Compassionate conservative conspiracy theories (alternative facts to my McHenry county brothers and sisters) make this sunshine blog impossible to pass by. 2018, over here please! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  32. Cindy,
    I wonder- how do you balance the two ideas of liberals executing agenda 21 but being entirely incompetent at doing anything substantive. Do you see the contradiction?
    Bonus points if your answer doesn’t have include the words idiot or stupid.

  33. Sunshine blogger, before you delete the previous comment, please reprimand this commenter who is unable to understand the spirit of this sunshine blog. Of course, agenda 21 will be implemented right after operation “Pizza-Gate 666” because both require infinitely minuscule intellect to be executed by the evil spirited left; so miniscule that is capable of going under the radar of the highly minded intellectualism displayed daily on this sunshine blog, the pride of McHenry county. Both operations, when successfully implemented by the communists left, will bring about the complete triumph of compassionate conservative libertarianism in this great United States of the Milky Way…2018, over here please! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  34. Moderete? You fool. I never said any of that. You once again try to put words in others’ mouths.

  35. And once again, the progressive fool Angel talks like a sausage. Wake up fool.

  36. None of that needs to be said; we just know it. From pizza-gate all the way to extraterrestrials taking over beautiful McHenry county…Grammar queen, please explain me what is exactly a moderete? Our sunshine blog, the pride of McHenry county and compassionate conservatism…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  37. Next we’ll be seeing headlines to eliminate the Auditors Office.

    Another unnecessary department that can save taxpayer dollars.

    Much less important office than the Coroners Office and save more money.

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