Joe Tirio Sets July 15th Fundraiser

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds has scheduled a fundraiser for Saturday, July 15th at d’Andrea’s in Crystal Lake.

It will be to celebrate the County Board’s putting his referendum to abolish the Recorder’s Office by folding its duties into that of the County Clerk.

Joe Tirio’s July 15th fundraising invitation.


Joe Tirio Sets July 15th Fundraiser — 23 Comments

  1. Any discount for senior citizen progressives? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Why is he having a “fundraiser” when he’s getting rid of his own elected office?

  3. I do agree with Robert Williams comment above.

    Why does Joe require a fundraising event, since he will not be running for re-election once he closes down the Recorder Office?

    Is he planning on running for a different board to shut down in 2018?

    If he is planning on running, what other office or body needs to be closed?

  4. All I know is that this sunshine blog will never be closed…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. He helps other Conservative candidates And/or the possibility of running for something else.

    The county board district could use new blood.

    Is he in Althoff’s state senate district?

    Maybe he’s going to run for Leadership of the party?

  6. Joe should keep running for office.

    He scares the big spender leftists.

    His taxpayer centered approach befuddles them.

    For example there are at least 10 more county board members than necessary.

    That alone would mean at least 10 more elections.

    Can he volunteer as one of Frank patronage employees?

    He could then eliminate those jobs as well.

    Amazing how progressives, especially the old tired hippies on these comment boards who want all of us to pay more yet don’t cut an extra check themselves.

  7. Joe for County Clerk!!!!!

    Jessie’s job is reserved for the round mound.

    Joe isn’t political enough for Jessie’s job- that’s a job for a professional politician.

    It would put a crimp in Illinois politics.

  8. Let him run for anything but to moderate our sunshine blog. We need to educate this and future generations about purse-gate, republican fundraisers, shotguns, and horrendous cats. We simply do not have the luxury of letting him shut down this sunshine blog. Just imagine the catastrophic consequences of losing such an outlet of illustrious discussion of civic matters and public participation in the governmental process…or so our sunshine blogger’s compassionate conservative fairy tale makes us believe. 2018, we need you over here please…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. I guess he will announce update us on the Consolidation Celebration and announce what he’s planning at the fundraiser.
    Very clever of him, actually.

  10. Sorry I really am sober.

    Just looked at my statement.

    What I meant was:

    “I guess he will update attendees of his fundraiser on the Consolidation and announce what heโ€™s
    planning on running for.

    Very clever of him, actually.”

  11. Clever? Deceptive at Best!

    Asking people for $65.00 only to Hood Wink Them?

    I Call that deception.

    It doesn’t cost any money to consolidate the recorders office into the clerks office.

  12. Will the “round mound” be there like he was at the Prim function?

    Or will the “round mound” continue to support Local 150’s McClellan who apparently has moved election judge training from government buildings to the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn with taxpayer funded breakfast included?

  13. Franks shows up at EVERY function.

    Likes to be seen and that way he can assess the support for the Rep. candidates.

    DO NOT think that by showing up at the functions, he is supportive of that candidate or that he and the candidate have a relationship.

  14. Stand for truth funny name given you are finding fault with a politician who told the truth when he ran.

    Seems your upset your government gravy train is threatened.

    Come on board with us if your user name is true. Lots of fat in our government. Time to slice and dice on Joes momenteum.

    Even big spender Franks sees the tide based of course on his words only. Feanks actions to date with his patronage hires tell us something different but hey I’m an optimist by nature. Maybe he will read the tea leaves. Can you?

  15. Stand4Crap, (the clusterfnck that is the Mary McClellan Camp) Tirio never said his plan cost any money to consolidate the recorders office into the clerks office.. That’s the whole point. He’s SAVING TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!!

    A concept that isn’t within your radar!

    Careful you’re fear is showing.

    Could it be you fear he’ll be running against YOU?

    Tirio states it’s in celebration of his plan being put forth.

    Where is the deception?

    Maybe he has other plans to reveal that he wants to share with the public.

    Mailers may be needed?

    Ads may needed (and unlike McClellan, he doesn’t campaign with taxpayers’ dollars)

    McClellan, had a fundraiser and still hasn’t officially announced a run for re-election for Clerk!

    Was that deceptive???

  16. A ring seat will be well worth the ticket price.

    In the first shot out of the local political cannon, Tirio’s managed to make the mundane, “Verry Interesting….”

    Who the heck cared about the County Recorder race before he came along promising:

    *to get rid of the position and consolidate

    *not hire his wife, family or friends or patronage

    It appears he’s Fulfilled Both promises.

    Several people want him to go in different political directions.

    I’d like to know where he’s intending on going and support him for that!

  17. That’s an odd time and an odd summer day for a fundraiser … but I hope it’s a BIG success.

  18. “deceptive?””hoodwinking?”

    Stand4truth You protest too much & are really trying to discredit one of few honorable guys we have in office.

    If you read the invitation carefully you’d clearly see, there’s no deception.

    The fact that you haven’t picked up on it yet, only tells us that logic, (or politics, or honor) – isn’t really your thing.

    Maybe you could get a lawyer to read it to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just don’t use this one! v

  19. Is Tirio’s wife little Kitty Simonini, all grown up? (of the Algonquin Simonini Restaurant fame?)

  20. Headline in todays NWH:

    “McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan announces run for judge, will not seek second term”

    I guess that meeting with Jack, Mary, and Joe kind of ironed out the issues at hand.

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