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  1. Another glorious morning in beautiful McHenry county. Our flowers continue to blossom, our landscape show beautiful green, little league teams duke it out in friendly competition of our national past-time across our baseball diamonds, birds sing beautiful late spring songs, and above all this, our sunshine blog, McHenry county’s pride, continues its mission of enlightening us on rumors, purse-gate, dubious Jack Franks’ plots to run for state-wide office, and how undesirable it would be to pay workers a prevailing wage. At least we get a Jesus sign which reminds us all of the core philosophical mission and values of this fanatical, libertarian, compassionate conservative blog; it is all about Jesus and his message of hope and comfort for humanity. Or not? Happy pride month to all my Mchenry county compassionate conservative brothers and sisters. See an immigrant? Thank an immigrant! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. It is quite evident that the posted return guarantee of the Bumper Sticker is fully functional.
    Florida Guy

  3. Angel? Get up to speed you nitwit. Franks ALREADY had a state-wide office. He stepped down to lowly McHenry County to be the chairman of the BORED. Just more proof that EVERYTHING you say is falderal.

  4. Angel, how much have you donated to the poor?

    What actions are you personally taking, how many illegal immigrants do you house?

    Do you have a door and lock in your home?

    If so why?

    Remember hypocrisy is a sin.

  5. The six Illinois statewide elected offices are the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, Attorney General, and Secretary of State.

    Meaning voters across the state vote for those offices.

    The 118 State Representatives and 59 State Senators making up the 177 member Illinois General Assembly are each elected to a specific district, not statewide.

    Thus the State Representatives and State Senators are not considered to be statewide offices.

  6. Please understand personal attacks are worthless. Stop trying to bully out different opinions from our sunshine blog. If I was, perhaps, a libertarian, or a fiscally responsible, compassionate conservative republican, I would probably be considered a perfect Jesus follower by some folks; but that is not the most important issue. Under no circumstances I will abdicate my obligation to defend immigrants against vicious attacks from very confused people who dare to scapegoat them for the problems our county, state, and country face today and vomit their worst racist and prejudiced attitudes against them from the comfortable protection of anonymity. Whether you like it or not, it is our obligation as members of a civilized society that calls itself “christian” to respect and welcome the immigrant, regardless of immigration status. That was, after all, the opinion of that Galilean named Jesus mentioned in the bumper sticker posted by our sunshine blogger. “I was a stranger and you invited me in.” The command is crystal clear and the name of this biblical passage is “The final judgment.” 2018, is that you knocking at the door? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. **Angel? Get up to speed you nitwit. Franks ALREADY had a state-wide office. He stepped down to lowly McHenry County to be the chairman of the BORED. Just more proof that EVERYTHING you say is falderal.**

    LOL – No, Jack Franks has never held a statewide office.

    Absolutely no one considers a State Rep office a statewide office.

    Okay… thats not quite true.

    Absolutely no one – other than Cindy – considers a State Rep office a statewide office.

    #nitwit #facts #falderal

  8. Statewide refers to the boundaries of the office.

    A district by definition is not statewide.

    A district is a defined area within a state.

    The territory of a district, is within that district’s boundaries.

    The territory of a statewide office, is the entire state.

  9. Mark, you moron. The point being that he got to do things that affected the WHOLE state. I don’t care where his ditrict is or who voted for what. The WHOLE state was effected by his doings! Quit quoting your Google points and use your head to actually THINK.

  10. The ESL teacher poster who apparently was / is a member of the St. Thomas church should pay attention to a Bishop of The Church:

    “In a letter to clergy, Bishop Libasci said the church cannot provide protection from government authorities; that could subject church officials to criminal prosecution and fines for harboring those not in this country legally.

    “We have not designated our churches as ‘sanctuary’ churches in this sense of the word because it creates a false hope to tell individuals living in fear that we can protect them from law enforcement actions,” Libasci wrote.

    “‘Sanctuary’ is not a designation recognized by law and provides no such legal protection.””

    The United States has a history to taking in more refugees and immigratns than any other country.

    That said, the “process” must be a controlled one, not one that is based on lawbreakers.

    If you overstay your visa or enter our country illegally, you are have broken at least one law.

    As such, you should be prosecuted.

  11. My confused compassionate conservative christians, please find out what Jesus the Galilean said about the subject; yes, that fellow you supposedly follow…A clue for you, it is in the Gospel of Matthew…in the meantime, let us pray: Lord Jesus, protect me from your followers, Amen….tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. I don’t remember Jesus saying it is OK to leech off your neighbors, start another family in your new country or lie about your finances to receive free services.

  13. Enough of this useless debate on Jesus and his message! Please send a $243 “recovery seed” donation through our sunshine blogger as part of our compassionate conservative prosperity gospel campaign “Contribute today and get richer tomorrow.” I’ll pick it up when I show up in your church in one of my 3 Ferraris. Let’s bring back our cash-sprinkler Jesus. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. Using popular terms like “snowflake” and “Angel” – make you incomprehensible to a third of potential commentators.

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