Bob Wilbrandt vs. Mary McClellan for Countywide Circuit Court Judge

About a week and a half ago I received the following letter from appointed Circuit Court Judge Bob Wilbrandt.

Judge Robert Wilbrandt Running for Circuit Court Judge

In his letter, Wilbrandt lets me know as a Republican Precinct Committeeman that he is running to keep his appointed seat in next spring’s Republican Party Primary.

Robert Wilbrandt

He tells how he has been a Judge in McHenry County for about eleven years, how he grew up in Crystal Lake, went to Central High School and Northwestern University Law School.

He has served as McHenry County Public Defender after years of private practice.

And how he believes in “judicial restraint and in interpreting laws with the meaning they were originally given.”

He pledges to enforce laws “fairly, firmly, and efficiently.”

And today, McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan announced her intention to run for the same job.

McClellan has served on the McHenry County Board and applied to be appointed Associate Judge at least once.

She put the following on Facebook:

Mary Elizabeth McClellan Announces her Candidacy for Circuit Court Judge

Mary E. McClellan, McHenry County Clerk, has announced that she will be running for the vacant seat of Circuit Court Judge Maureen McIntyre in the March 20, 2018 election and will not be seeking a second term of office as County Clerk.

“It has always been my dream as a young girl to someday be a judge,” said Mary E. McClellan. “It is nice to know we can dream, but to actually achieve them as well is special.”

Her vision for the Clerk’s office was an 8 year plan; however, she was able to update the office within a 4 year time period.

Mary McClellan

“I have spent the last 2 1/2 years serving as the McHenry County Clerk where there have been significant changes in the law as it applies to elections,” she said.

“I have brought the office into the 21st century with fresh ideas and all within budget. This included a new voter registration system, new vital records systems with upgrades to Assumed Name Registration, Notary Public and electronic filing of Statement of Economic Interest filings. These efficiencies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to McHenry County taxpayers.”

She has always been very concerned about the community and believes there are solutions available that will enhance fiscal responsibility. She has a strong belief in representing the residents, and puts them before her own interests. She follows the law and upholds the Constitution of the United States and the Illinois Constitution above all else. She has experience in small business budgets as well as multimillion dollar budgets. She has experience managing large groups of people and is a proven successful leader.

“I am running for Circuit Court Judge to guarantee equal access to justice for all citizens,” she said.

After law school, McClellan worked for the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s office, and then moved into private practice where she defended civil rights cases for the Sheriff of Cook County and other municipalities.

She returned to public service in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and served six years handling complex litigation, civil rights, enforcement of zoning and building, election law, and labor and employment.

She has personally tried many bench trials and jury trials. She has 13 years’ experience practicing law and five years as a paralegal for SNR Denton during law school.

“Public service continues to be an important part of my life and I look forward to serving the citizens of McHenry County,” she said. “As an attorney I have had many opportunities to lead initiatives, provide input to a balanced budget, and interact with the community in different venues.”

Anyone who knows Mary E. McClellan will tell you she is enthusiastic and dedicated.

“I would like to give the Citizens of McHenry County my very best. I would appreciate the opportunity to provide the citizens of McHenry County my dedication and support as their Circuit Court Judge,” she said.


Bob Wilbrandt vs. Mary McClellan for Countywide Circuit Court Judge — 34 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see what lawyers slither out to run for this seat.

    Could be the most entertaining race of the spring.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    One guess who she would hire as bailiff…

  3. She gets sanctioned by a federal judge for misconduct, royally screws up her first election as County Clerk, hires her husband for a government job, and now she wants people to vote her in as a judge?

    She must think we are all nuts.

  4. Why does that second spiel, remind me of Alice’s stories, in the back to front world of Looking-Glass-Land?

  5. Shouldn’t the headline read Bob Wilbrandt vs Mary McClellan?

  6. The primary election is scheduled to be held on March 20, 2018, which is a little under nine months from today.

    McHenry County is the 22nd Judicial Circuit (it is a one county circuit), which is in the 2nd Appellate Court Judicial District.

    There are 24 judicial circuits and 5 appellate court districts in Illinois.

  7. So let me get this straight.

    A clerk who already has a history of wrong doing in Cook county costing taxpayers money, openly hires her husband, who then has a complaint claiming sexual harassment filed against him, goes on to conduct the worst election snafu in recent history, claims credit for an electronic county board voting system that switches votes and doesn’t work properly, sets up e-filing for Economic Intrest forms that has problems right off the bat, and now wants to be a Circuit court judge?

    I think I need an aspirin.

  8. I am always amazed and even entertained by McHenry county politics…..

    M.M. knows she will never be reelected as Clerk so she will try to run for another office….

    Shw should run like to Florida or somewhere far away…

    Wilbrandt has my support

  9. That’s surprising that she’s running for judge.

    I’ve heard nothing but negative things about her (and seemingly well deserved, my town’s ballots for aldermen were given to people in the wrong districts, etc).

    Hopefully Judge Wilbrandt wins; I’ll be voting for him come March 20th.

  10. Running for judge is somewhat different then running for any other office.

    It will be interesting to observe how many campaign laws are broken by McClellan.

    Watch closely and inform your friends, neighbors, relatives.

    You know the NWH will likely not print anything negative about her.

  11. McClellan, you are a piece of work .

    This is like Hillary running for the Ethics Commission .

    The only votes you might get are from relatives and friends you plan on hiring.


  12. WOW I guess Tirio’s announcement for a fundraiser really did have McClellan crapping in her pants!

    Wilbrandt is appointed right now and not what Id call ‘great’.

    McClusterfnck will be a disaster!

    We need an honorable and dedicated person with a good reputation for position of Judge!

    What about Steve Cuda?

    Anyone have him on speed dial?

  13. Does anybody still read that stinking fishwrap!??

    Hip Hooray for Tirio …he scared off the witch!!!

  14. Wilbrandt was seen in the parking lot of the Government center in the late Spring of 2014, actually in tears, blubbering about not being invited to some barbecue put on by the McHenry/Lake Counties’ Salt Water Aquarium Hobbyists’ Guild.

    He went through half a box of kleenex, keening about ‘the indignity and shame of it all!” before somebody called him on his cellphone and told him the barbecue wasn’t until late August, and the invites hadn’t even been mailed yet.

  15. Well I’ll be damned, it looks like Mary McHellen’s jimmies have been rustled.

  16. I read this article again because I am struggling with Mary McHellen’s decision to run for the vacant seat of Circuit Court Judge.

    She must really believe that the people of McHenry County are idiots to even consider voting for her in any capacity of government in this county, especially a judge.

    Mary McHellen had a chance to show us all her ability, and in my opinion, she failed terribly.

    Can we please move on with qualified candidates that their goal is to improve our government, not turn it upside down like the Miller family did.

  17. McClellan has done more for McHenry County than the politicians in office now.

    You should stop by the Clerks Office and see what wonderful things she has done.

    Not to mention she is highly qualified to be a judge with her background

  18. I do wish she had not banned photographing candidates filing petitions.




    THIS COST COOK COUNTY OVER $100,000 and I believe she was fined $35,000 ! When she was a lawyer for Cook County State’s Atty’s office she was slapped with a rare sanction and fined for withholding evidence!
    See article here:

    You can read the actual court doc. here:


    Oh and then there’s this: She told everyone that her opponent for County Clerk, Nick Provenzano would hire his spouse. (which he would have, but….)

    What was HER first order of business when she got elected?

    She hired her out of work truck driving, floor spitting husband to be head of technology!!!

    THEY royally screwed up the election and our county was the laughing stock of the state for not having our results in til 21 days later!!!

    She was Missing in Action the next day, Probably ‘lawyering up’.


    Oh and then a couple of months later she reclassified her (out of work truck driving, floor spitting) husband who she gave a job he was NOT qualified for and raised his pay! (raising her pay- get it?)

    That’s why nepotism should be banned!

    THIS COST THE COUNTY paying a guy over his worth because he wasn’t qualified for the first pay he was getting but because she wanted him to make more money at taxpayers expense, he got a hefty bump in pay only a couple of months later.

    So now she has an out of work truck driving, floor spitting SKIRT CHASING Husband harassing ladies in her office and he has a Sexual Harassment Complaint against him!


    He’s apparently not the only one in the family that acts out inappropriately! The Clerk herself is being sued by a worker for assault!


    She worked closely with Franks to get Electronic Voting for the County Board when No One Asked For This!

    THS COST THE COUNTY by wasting $26,000!

    This hogwash is right up both their alleys.

    We find out it doesn’t save time, it requires technical worker$ to be on hand because the damn things don’t work, and GUESS WHAT?


    Just like the machines were flipping votes in the past 4 elections!

    Thankfully Thorsen was paying attention and yelled out – ‘Hey I didn’t vote that way!’

    It was quickly flipped back!

    SO I SEE, SHE WAS ABLE TO CHANGE HIS VOTE to how he actually voted within a second!

    What makes anyone think she wasn’t the one flipping his vote to begin with!?!?

    Now she’s thinks she’s in the position to run for JUDGE?

    She is going to Judge other people???

    Holy Hell, People, Wake up and get this evil, disastrous woman out of Government!

  20. Gotta a clue you certainly seem like you can quote Cal’s blog well.

    Most of what you post is without any truth just because someone sues someone does not mean it is true.

    We still live in America where you are innocent until proven guilty.

    So the fact that you site to Cal’s post as if gospel is without merit and shows what a dupe you are.

    As to the site about the election and saying it was her husband is another lie we all know it was a vendor and Mary McClellan stood up and made it right it was not about her husband as your profess here.

    Again you seem to have an agenda you must be friends with another candidate that is running.

  21. Articles are posted from multiple sources such as: The Chicago Trib, NWHerald, Cal’s blog and a court doc.

    Don’t try to deflect the controversy by painting the poster of the information as a friend to Wilbrandt.

    I notice you could only attempt to defend ONE of the several controversies by pointing the finger at The Vendor, However you haven’t posted any articles or court docs proving that what you’re saying is true.

    If there were any, I would think you’d be quick to provide documentation.

    How did McClellan stand up and make the election right??

    By not showing up to work the next day til after lunch when she knew there were critical problems?

    How did she ‘stand up and make it right’ when people all over the county were complaining that their votes were flipped?

    How did she ‘stand up and make it right’ when election judges, poll watchers and citizens called her office complaining?

    I didn’t get the memo or see the article on how our Clerk, County and States Atty sued the vendor for wrong doing?

    What is McCLELLAN and FRANKS doing about the vote flipping on the County Board with their new ELECTRONIC VOTING – FAIL?

  22. Does anyone with two brain cells think McClellan can be a serious contender?

    She should disappear for a few years and come back when the voters suffer their usual amnesia.

    Or move back to Crook County where they expect and condone her brand of politician.

    I’m sure this news will entice other Candidates to throw their hats in the ring!

  23. Is there a law about how many times someone can run for office?

    It is time to get this woman off the public dole, sort of like my new puppy, she leaves a mess anytime you’re not looking.

    Federal sanctions of over $35,000, hires her unqualified, unemployed truck driving husband who gets sued for putting moves on a poll worker, rarely has been seen in a courtroom and yet she wants to be a judge.

    It would be like Trump right here in McHenry County.

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