Signs of Hanky Panky at the Algonquin Township Road District – Part 1

This is the back of the quite sizable Algonquin Township Road District property.  Lanes are marked to show recyclers where people

Took a tour with newly-elected Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser Sunday and found some interesting indication that the state law prohibiting the use of public property for political purposes may have been violated.

Remember when I was trying to get rid of yard sign wire?

Skinner yard sign wire offered to future candidates.

Someone picked it up off the street after I set it out for the recycling truck.

Guess what I found in what the highway employees call the “Long Building?”

The same wire.

Some of the yard sign wire found at the Algonquin Township Highway Department is used (in the background); some is still in the boxes (in the foreground).

I guess I could have taken my used wire over to the Algonquin Township property, instead of asking for future candidates who might have been able to make use of it.

A close-up of more yard sign wire was found near the northeast corner of the same Road District building.

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More tomorrow.


Signs of Hanky Panky at the Algonquin Township Road District – Part 1 — 21 Comments

  1. I wonder if those old signs are on the old township credit card too?

  2. I know of another township that campaigns out of it’s govt. owned buildings and offices.

    I didn’t think it was right.

    I’ll be watching this story.

    Thanks, Cal.

  3. Sunshine blogger, please run for governor again. It is now or never. We need somebody to stand up to Madigan once and for all. With regards, to this sunshine blog, I volunteer to moderate it with non-stop cat stories…and shotguns too. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Not surprising.

    Any sign of the emails and notes detailing the union contract
    Negotiations in the building?

    Still waiting to see how that transpired so quickly

  5. WOW, you’ve busted this wide open. Stakes for signage that are similar to your stakes. You really informed the community. What’s next, are you going to tell us our taxes are too high without a solution? McSweeney would love that.

  6. Angel: your no angel.

    There is no explosion at the end of your countdown.

    The only clock that has wound down is Bob’s!

  7. Yard sign-gate, no question about it. Did you find any missing cats in the “Long Building?” Check also the Meow building. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. This is evidence of MICKEY MOUSE Stuff!

    More Insane Conduct (M.I.C.)

    Keeping Everyone Young (K.E.Y.)

    Mischief, Obviously, Under-investigation, Scrutiny, Everyday


  9. I’ve heard people saying they saw Bobbys employees putting up and taking down his campaign signs.

    Is that illegal?

    If it ain’t, it damn well should be.

  10. How bout when their timecards go missing?

    I tell you what, im starting to understand why Gasser needed to file that lawsuit.

    I would bet my breakfast this Ryan Green was a Bobby hire too and knows just what I’m talking about and more.

  11. Yard Sale type wire temp signs are used by gov agencies as needed to inform residents of short term changes in activities.

    MCCD and Cary PD use them for controlled burns.

    Cary PW when hydrants will be flushed.

    Small signs are used for lots of different types of road repair work or maint.

    It’s not surprising that those that think they know so much, actually don’t.

  12. The employees are in defence mode.

    When people imply they are doing wrong they feel the need to reply.

    Your hate for the Millers and drain the swamp deal are over the top and touching them.

    Unionization has been the direct result.

    Are you Happy Now?

  13. Nob you must be Chuck Lutzo as when I walked thru these buildings a year ago I saw that Lutzo kept his signs there.

    You should pay for storage or store them at your own expense not the taxpayer.

  14. Not surprising from someone who made his own rules.

    Sort of like Miller’s buddy and political ally Mayor Kownick bringing campaign photographers into Village Hall, shame on them..

  15. Nob, speaking of unionization, where are the detailed months long negotiation details?

    It couldn’t be the union deal was negotiated after his loss to protect his nepotism hires?

    If that were the case your cause and effect on why the union would be bunk.

    We both know it is but trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyone know process for FOIA for these negotiations?

    If so please respond so I can follow through.

    The impact on my taxes to continue to pay patronage employees demands it.

  16. The lawsuit claims there was no record of any negotiations or any emails at all with 150.

    But by a miracle the Miller clan claims there was a final signed agreement with in 15 days.

    Something smells rotten.

  17. Come on Nob… know those weren’t used for what you say.

    You must be a Miller family member.

  18. Chuck is deep into all the records problem and ya he had signs there from his run for clerk.

    Unionization was about protecting all the employees, which of course includes the sun in laws.

    I believe after the primary was when actions were first taken.

    There has been talk going on for a least 4 years in the three biggest townships.

    Elections mean something.

    Ya they do.

    To date I’ve never seen or heard of any gov employees on the clock doing political election work locally, this county.

    I have seen candidates leave them out in the ROW and gov dudes pick them up.

    Waste of $$$$ IMO, old fashioned and look like hell all over the place.

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