County’s Federal Lobbyist Talking to Staff Wednesday

Although they are not subject to the Open Meetings Act, taxpayer-paid staff will talk with McHenry County’s taxpayer-paid Federal lobbyist starting at 9 AM tomorrow.

It would seem appropriate for the taxpayers themselves to be able to hear what the taxpayer-paid staff want the taxpayer-paid lobbying firm to convey to the Federal government, don’t you think?

The schedule follows for the Conference Room B meetings in the Administrative Building north of the County Jail.

  • 9 – McHenry County Sheriff
  • 10 – McHenry County Clerk
  • 10:30 – Emergency Management Services
  • 11 – Department of Planning & Development
  • Long Lunch Break
  • 2:30 – Workforce Investment Board
  • 3:30 – Department of Public Health

If you attend any of these sessions–or are denied the ability to attend–please send details.


County’s Federal Lobbyist Talking to Staff Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s what Franks’ scat-lobbyist does Leeeeeery:

    1) Laughs with the little liar Jacko Franks about how dumb the taxpaying nitwits of McHenry County are! (Over the martinis)

    2)Laughs with little liar Jacko Franks about how spineless and sheeplike the McHenry County Board is (although there a few exceptions on the Bd) (Over Lobster Boiche hors d’oevres)

    3) Stabs secretly-taken photos of Chuck Wheeler, Col. Wilcox, Cal Skinner, and Joe Tirio with huge Buck knife, shouting “Dead!” after each stab (just like Jacko’s idol, tiny dancer Rahm Emmanuel did) (Over Escargot a la Franks) (Hey, that ain’t kosher!)

    4) Unfolds map of McHenry County to figure out where to send next shipment of 1000 of Chicago West Side ‘relocatees’ to McHenry County on Section 8 housing vouchers for voting purposes. (Over Cepes a la Bordelaise)

    5) Laughs about the “Big Game Plan” to have Franks ultimately appointed High Commissar of Illinois, and just where to erect the huge re-education center for the few conservatives, Christians, landowners who stayed in N. Illinois way beyond the prudent period for getting the hell out ….. it’s SW. of Hebron, BTW (Over English watercress and Cucumber Sorbet w/ pickled pear and dainty sea-horse brille)

    6.) Congratulate themselves over being nearly a year early in emasculating the People of McHenry County (Phase I of Franks Takeover Scheme, Plan A completed! Bravo!!!) (Over Tutti Frutti, w/ Brian Sager Lord Mayor of Woodstock and LGBTQFris Plenipotentary joing late … a bad ascot day!)

  2. And exactly who is the lobbyist?

    Someone from Alexander, Borovicka, & O’Shea of Chicago?

    Sean O’Shea, Michael Alexander, or John Borovicka?

  3. Truth2Power why have you twice now in a few days posted anti-Semitic content. Also, Cal, why do you allow anti-Semitic posts, but remove posts that don’t fit your agenda? Isn’t your first wife Jewish and your daughter Jewish? Remove the posts, unless of course Cal is also anti Semitic.

  4. It is called sunshine censorship; a mix of freedom of character assassination and conspiracy theories nonsense. And we love it! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Oh I get it, criticism of Jack Franks or Emanuel is ipso facto anti-semitic

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