The Intimidation Phase of Campaigns

Campaigns can be divided into various phases.

Probably the first is the recruitment phase.

That is going on now.

Movers and shakers are trying to get people to run for office.

With the sharply personal attacks during the last two campaigns, I suspect that is pretty difficult.

A second phase is where candidates or potential candidates try to convince other candidates not to run.

Think of this as two animals with antlers butting heads.

Paul Serwatka and Allen Skillicorn in a “head butting” moment at a 2015 Joe Walsh gathering. Both candidates filed for office, but Serwatka withdrew his candidacy a couple of weeks before the election when he concluded that having three conservative candidates on the ballot would allow union-backed Carolyn Schofield.

In the wild there is pretty much always a winner.

Not so in the political arena.

In any event, one could say that the race for McHenry County Clerk was in the intimidation phase over the last couple of months.

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio seemed to be preparing an announcement of a run for County Clerk, the office into which his own would be folded should county voters approve the referendum upon which he based his successful 2016 Republican Primary Election campaign.

Such an announcement has not been made, but Tirio has announced a $65 fundraiser for mid-July.

Joe Tirio’s July 15th fundraising invitation.

That was posted on McHenry County Blog last Sunday.

By mid-week, McHenry County Clerk had announced that she was not running for re-election.

Instead, she announced that she was running for the countywide vacancy for Judge.

That’s a job which pays a whole lot more than Clerk, so maybe she wasn’t intimidated.

Maybe she just wanted a bigger pay check and the added job security that a six-year term would bring.


The Intimidation Phase of Campaigns — 26 Comments

  1. No, it was the intimidation that drove out the occultist McClelland out of the race ….. but the Wilbrandt surrogates will be sure to hype her very serious and public condemnation by the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals just last year.

    If they don’t they’re even dumber than their candy-date.

  2. Judge is a bigger paycheck than County Clerk.

    But, is it a bigger paycheck than County Clerk plus whatever she’s paying her husband to be the best, gosh darn, electronic voting tech in the county?

  3. Tirio is getting a bigger pay check than he ever did before.

    Oh he said he wanted to eliminate the recorder and put himself out of a job but what he wanted and we shall see is the clerks office and the pay check that goes with it.

    He closed down the Monarch office in Woodstock obviously because he now has an income on the tax payers back.

  4. What Makes You the Expert?

    Could it be Your Big Loose To Rosemary Kurtz or you would still be Milking that Taxpayer Funded Government Cow.

    Oh, Wait He still Is!

  5. Oh that’s right Tirio and his minions all complain about government jobs and then once they get in the job is good because they now are living off the government cheese.

    He promised he would be getting rid of his job not changing his job

  6. He ran on nepotism but yet they all fall under prey to patronage hiring which is worse than nepotism.

  7. I hope someone else runs for Clerk that is as qualified as McClellan she has done an outstanding job updating the Clerk’s office.

  8. Ever notice how the liberal progressives never can spell? Or have a complete thought that makes sense in a sentence? Run on sentences just like their mouths. The big loose. Hearty har-har. (I hope Cal has something to take for that loose stuff.)

  9. Joe Tirio scares the crap right out of the ‘Pinko Left’ as they march round and round wearing their pink pussy hats, or sneaking over to this blog to wince and moan.


    Because he means what he says, and says what he means.

    Then he does it!

    Rare in today’s politics.

    McHenry County got lucky for once.

    Maybe lighting will strike twice.

  10. Rickey you are either related to tirio or jealous or both.

    Get a life

  11. Josey, his campaign promise was to abolish the Recorder’s office.

    The referendum to do exactly that will be voted on by the PEOPLE and will probably win BIGLY.

  12. Realvoter, your claims, even if true, are totally irrelevant.

    Tirio promised to eliminate the county’s cost of a Recorder (Pay/Pension/Benefits) by merging.

    Promise kept – in record time, saving the county money.

    A very rare thing in politics!

    Stand4Crap, are you drinking your lunch again with all your unintelligible gobbeldy goo?

    ‘Loose to Kurtz and cow, still is?’

    Go sleep it off.

  13. Pretty sure monarch senior care is just a franchise.

    Nothing but a front for the campaign, Looks good, sounds Good-Not Good!

    Nothing that involves medical caregiver a doctor, nurse or licensed CNA Pretty Sure its a dying Business anyway.

    Besides Karen Tirio spends way Too Much Time Posting on this Blog to actually have a real Job, then again Joe Landed this Great job with the county now he can pay the Bills, LOL

  14. Compare Swartka, Silicorn, and Tirio with ALgonquin Township and Ill take the three of them in a heartbeat!

    These three guys are all about good government.

  15. says they started their business since 2009.

    Eight years isn’t a front for a campaign just won six months ago.

    Get real.

    You are obsessed with this guy.

    (and/or his wife)

  16. The old hippies really have an issue with candidates like Trio.

    Good man, kept his promise and intimidates the cockroaches

  17. Intimidation?

    More like hogs wrestling for the best spot at the trough

  18. Old Hippies Like Cal?

    Leeching from the Taxpayer Funded Trough??

    You Got that right!

    I wanna be just like that sunshine blogger (NOT!)

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